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Thousand of shoppers evacuated from #Westfield #Stratford after 'bomb scare' at shopping centre
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FaceTime with my favourite @Els_minshull 😘�
here a cunt, there a cunt, everywhere a cunt cunt 🎶
can't cope with this agg 😏
surprise surprise 😔
George's best friend is round! Play date 😂 rest for me though 😴#workworkworkk
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shattered is an understatement 😴
get me to Florida 😁
can't sleep, won't sleep.
what is going on'
in the pub and I hear a burp and I look at these guys and thought it was them and burst out laughing and it was @emmagifford 😂😂😂😭
when a guy calls you baby 😂😷
I seriously want this bed 😍
11:11 make a wish!
perfect evening 👌
Ahhhhhhh 😍😁
So I'm in bed feeling poorly and Georgie is keeping me company watching 101 Dalmatians! X
I can barely keep my eyes open 😳
I'm so silly sometimes 😱
the last place I wanna be is work today 😏 Can't be bothered...
Saturday night in! What's happening!
Maderia, Morocco, Lanzarote, Tenerife and now Florida in under a month I am definitely within the best job for job perks! Loving life 🌍👌
so work are sending me to Florida in less than a month! Cannot wait 😀✋🌍
beauty comes from within and you pal are about as arrogant as they get! #ignorance #prettyface #uglypersonality #nothanks
I've got an amazing idea for an app!
London celebrations with the girlies! 💛
A little drunk in LANDAN
We had a lovely back massage today which Laura was having a lovely relaxing calm one! While mine was…
Two bottles down! A couple more to go 🙈
BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! 🌏🌎🌍 so happy! 😀
feeling so cold 😔
bore off ✋
I need to go watch shopping ⌚️🎉
when u show up and someone is wearing the same thing that u are
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clean slate 💭
Winter Season Cold nights. ❄️ Halloween. 🎃 Scary movies. 👻 Sweatpants/hoodie weather. 🌌 Bon fires. 🔥 Hot chocolate. ☕️ Football season. ⚽️
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life is so good 👌💛
I've just seen the biggest spider I've ever seen in my whole life right in front of me 😭 it was the size of my palm!