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Joani Plenty
YOU. ARE. KIDDING. ME. What next...John Snow gets mauled by a dire wolf? C'mon! 2 eps left. #GameofThrones #tvtag
Get your old ass outta the ring! HEY! Somebody blow the ram horn thingie so we can get ready... #GameofThrones #tvtag
Lets get it ON! ...and in THIS corner, the badass, clever imp... #GameofThrones #tvtag
OMG! Is she trying to be her mother? For the love of bacon, Sansa has lost her mind! #GameofThrones #tvtag
Just got today's #GameofThrones sticker. Get yours in the next 3h:49m. #tvtag #GameofThrones
Ann B. Davis, Alice on 'Brady Bunch,' dead at 88 after falling and hitting her head. :( via @6abc…
Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper co-owner killed in plane crash! via @6abc…
The data stream that has been fueling your feelings tapers off... More for Pisces
Oldie but GOODIE! <3 #Creed ♫ With Arms Wide Open – Creed… #NowPlaying
Psshhtt, don't sleep on @marilynmanson! U have NO idea how good his music is. *and he……
Your physical stamina can pack quite a punch today. Although y... More for Pisces
NBA cancels Clippers ownership termination hearing; Board of governors to vote on Ballmer deal.
Miss u too W.S.!! Let's chat tonight! xoxo @StephanieWiand
Well, then let me just say WELL DONE right now, booski! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more about it. Hope all is well w/u! xo @JoshSabarra
Now I can't get that song out of my head!! Happy Fri.! xo *watchin' the ships roll in...then I watch 'em roll away again* @BryanMMoore
I love people on #socialmedia ... so much good can happen here. Remember that :)
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No matter what stands in your way keep pushing for what you believe in. Believe in your ideas, your dreams and in yourself!
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Focusing on talent over orientation! @TheColorAgentTalent; services for LGBT artists! @TheEllenShow @DailyDimmick @BryanMMoore
Someone might not approve of what you are doing, but you have ... More for Pisces
You got it, suga!! #Bacon is universal for fun time anytime! @TheChattyMomma