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Jenn Nicole
I'm glad I know people who do cool shit.
1,2 30's comin for you
Cheapness. Can't fuck with that.
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You want your lady in more seductive lingerie? Make a suggestion to go get some. You go with her and you PAY.
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Beyoncé takes shits too. Just in case y'all forgot.
Doritos and 7eleven are plotting my demise!
@JNicole1 on the outside they see a pretty little kitty, but on the inside lies a noble Lion.
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"Eternal people get eternal things. Temporary people get temporary things." -@RichFebruary
Photo: They sho ain’t, Steve.
Photo: #leoseason 😼🌞 Self-satisfied#Leosos are proud of themselves. They always carry an#pridede
Social Media Management Intern needed for Chicago startup! #Fashion #Marketing #Media…
Photo: Guy: what kind of #Indian do you have in you? Me: 16” Remy #traintales #hair #weave #hairstory
Crashed a rooftop party at The Met and got #photobomb by an old lady #partycrasher #wefancy
Watching the Macy's fireworks first hand and I still don't get he appeal of them. #unimpressed
"Romeo oh Romeo can thou telleth me if i am thy bae, or naw?" #thingsyounhearinNY
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Chicago ✈️NYC
This "Botched" show on @eonline is my new fav (after True Blood). I should have stayed on the med track.
National White Association
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I'm so horrible at packing. I really am.
Why You Suck as a Consumer
Lollapalooza Recap: ASOS Rocked with a little Salt-n-Pepa
Photo: mel-alicia: #dlatinosmagazine July 2014 #model @cinthya_model #hair and #makeup by @muageancarlasp...
i’m an open book, i’ve just glued some of the pages together.
@lifeXniq: @JNicole1 whats good boo :D it's almost turn up time!” 🔄⬆️ 🍸🎉#NYC#July4thuly4th
Photo: Once a year I have a moment of #thirst. Ladies and gay men, If you needed further proof that there...
Photo: Happy birthday to this #pretty girl!! @KatherineKol my Asian sister, you’re a #beautiful person with...
"Love is not enough. Love has never been enough and will never be enough"
Photo: mel-alicia: One of my faves with all of my favourite people. Cover story for Freque Magazine 2013...
I can still crip walk. In heels. So fuck you.
Turn up for what?!???!!
Photo: With my fav, at my fav, with my fav. My homie @bougiebadass came to visit me! #boston girl in...
With my fav, at my fav, with my fav. My homie bougiebadass came to visit me! #boston girl in…
Photo: My #newfriends let me run wild in the store for their clothing line, selfies happened. @iridiumlife...
The bad part about being so numb is there will come a time when you want to feel something, but you won't know how.
Photo: Yesterday, a random stranger threw colored baby powder in my face at 9am. And it was awesome!...
#tbt when you hang out with your glamorous #notsister @JNicole1 and realize she looks just like her…
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Photo: Nah Cody, we good. Lol Picking tinder boos for my girl and we found this “winner”. #tinder #oc...