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John Nack
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“Dad-O, giants aren’t real,” Henry informs me, “except for that one on your ‘OBEY’ shirt. *He* was real.”
Nackblog: Check out Red Giant Universe: Looks like a neat community/subscription system for visual effects mav...
Downside of being my son: Minimal practice throwing balls, jumping rope, wooing chicks. Upside: Using “auto-defenestrate” during Lego play.
Who did the closing credit design for Captain America Winter Soldier? I need to know. Help me out!
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Would hipsters not go mental for this wearable technology? (@superamit, you guys would sell a *ton*!)
DESIGNERS: stop what you are doing right now and learn about Generator. MIND BLOWN…
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So awesome: Iconic albums and logos remade entirely with BICYCLE PARTS by Jenny Beatty
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Nackblog: Shattering photography at 10,000,000 fps: Fascinating footage of a ball breaking glass: And no, I sw...
10 crucial lessons from history's greatest graphic designers:
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Chris Ware's tale of penny 'Heads or Tails' is, as always, incredible work - via the always excellent @thefoxisblack…
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"It is better to aim at perfection and miss it than to aim at imperfection and hit it." —TJ Watson, Sr:
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“Madness? This… is… Jenga!!”
Nackblog: A spherical 360º bike ride captured via six GoPros: Why do I feel like I’ve just been dropped into a...
Finn asked what my initials are. “HMFIC,” I replied.
Did some nerd tune the electric motor sound of my desk to precisely match the opening horns in “Jump Around”? Nah, I’m just mentally ill.
Nackblog: Typographical projection in reverse: Hard to describe, easy to perceive, rather cool: [Vimeo]
Another day, another excellent coworker shirt #Rocktopus
Henry's preschool amigos charmingly debate, in Spanish, the dietary habits of sharks:
Branding meeting at Dropbox must've taken 45 seconds: "So this gallery…" *plays Mad Men clip* "Meeting adjourned." #imaginethemeeting
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Nackblog: John Butterill’s Virtual Photo Walks: Fascinating: Virtual Photo Walks mission is to allow isolated ...