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John Nack
photoshop photography 11,708 followers
37,000 ft., return flight (Pt. 2)
Nackblog: The LIX 3D printing pen draws in air: Bizarre team presentation style notwithstanding (were these gu...
Nackblog: Tell animated stories ridiculously easily with Adobe Voice: I’m really pleased to see that Adobe has...
This should end well… “Air Force officer proposes robot fighter with minimal human control.”…
Germany, known for fine cylinders
Don't forget: Apple already makes crappy earphones!
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Web design nerdery: I love this simple nav bar interaction:… (Bonus: Hasselhoff!)
Seriously, Germany? I thought Norm MacDonald was kidding...
"Never approach a goat from the front, a horse from behind, and a fool from either side." ~ Yiddish Proverb
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Captivating Satellite Images of Earth via @Yatzer
Nackblog: “Ze tiger dreams only of death”: Classic illustration gets a dark twist as German director Werner He...
I swear a little German bird outside the window is tweeting, “PRD, PRD!” Hell yeah, hallucination-inducing jetlag.
Nackblog: Vote now for kids’ Google Doodles: Having gotten my publishing start as a kid via Cricket Magazine’s...
Training saves time; therefore “Being too busy to train is the moral equivalent of being too hungry to eat.” — @bhorowitz
Fascinating, if slightly gross, macro photography: "A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25x"… via @Colossal
Nackblog: Field Notes Shelterwood: Though it veers a bit close to fetishizing materials, I found this short fi...
Nackblog: Former Photoshop chief “establishes Photoshop-free zone”: I’m so pleased to see that my longtime bos...
"My life's been a circle of violence & degradation as long as I can remember."
A 3D printer for makeup…?… Eh, Paradox of Choice much?
@jnack Another technology solution to the “problem” of art.
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