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Jaimee Lewis
You never fucking ask me what's wrong, yet I'm the asshole
I guess she's sleeping on my belly
A day in the life of Sam.
Homemade cheese bread with pesto, baked shrimp, Orange peppers, mushrooms, cheddar and broscito πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Œ
While out on their bike ride with Andy, syliss had a wipe out and they didn't have any band aids or anything like that so a passing dominos car stopped and a nice lady helped out with her first aid kit. Well syliss was dead set on having his mom and they were way far from home so she took our addres
Fishin at sombre ;$
Andy: I should call in sick eeruyday.. There's not much right with me. ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Jeeze Andy
Got up at 7 to finish Amaraie's birthday party cards 😁
Sleeping in the tent with Amaraie tonight πŸ˜πŸ˜†
Lil bro is moving out today 😨
National security and bed πŸ‘Œ
Donnneee for the summer πŸ‘Œβ˜€οΈ
This is Dunkin. Our baby blue jay with a broken wing<3 he's very cuddly lol
Snapchat: jaimeeskye
He's sitting infront of my chip bowl so it's easier for him to steal the chips out of my hand instead of begging for them -_-. He opens his mouth everytime I reach or the bowl.
Uzo Aduba<3 honestly my fave actress ;$ #crazyeyes
Oh god this is too much 😭😭 @jeyyounit11 @jakefoushee
Really gotta get my front camera fixed :/ πŸ˜‘
It's a good day 😏
I am sooooooooo done with today.
When people ruin your mood πŸ‘
@aaroncarter just followed me nbd o.O 😳😳😳
Greatest moment of life .
I've got one less problem without ya. 😏
I need this in hot pink with white interior. Pronto. 😨
From yesterday. Day 6: Words.. #junechallenge
Day 4 : Facebook #junechallenge
From yesterday. Day 3 : Flowers #junechallenge
The simplest things amuse us so so much..
Day 2 : summer song #junechallenge
From yesterday. Day 1: Lockscreen #junechallenge
Let's see if I can actually do it this time πŸ˜’
One day something's gonna happen to me... And you'll be one sorry son of a bitch. Fucking dick
Sams teaching class today. Aha xD
Ratchets i tell ya πŸ‘Œ
People who need to party EVERY weekend to have a social life :S πŸ‘Ž
All i need is a good friend....
'Only someone with true talent can take a bunch of scribbles, and turn them into something wonderful.'
Reset my bbm no contacts, add er up.