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Jeremy Lin
Happy Birthday @JHarden13 ... props for reppin team USA today!! Its woooooooo lol
Thanks to the SF Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for helping me patch things up with my mom hahah. Fyi she wasnt actually upset when she got pied... #itsfamilytradition #purpleandgold
Happy Birthday to my mom!! Heres one of her many bday gifts we got her this year lollll. At least i got her favorite flavor... #pietothedome #stilltakingnoprisoners #raspberrychocolatecake
Make sure to check out my homie @ajRAFAEL new cover!!
wow so many awesome submissions it was hard to choose only 3! Winners are @freddocamacho,@KDUONG_50, & Martin Yoon. Reply w/ your email addy
5th and Last Day of Fan Appreciation Week!! Upload a photo of artwork created within the past year related to me and please use #JLinArtwork
Many people have said its messed up to dunk on my mom. All i have to say is, she was in the paint...
THANKS for submitting epic videos!! Winners are @andyduong_ @MichaeLaROn7 @OAlvano! Q/A at 6 pm PST on FB for Day 4 of Fan Appreciation Week
Day 3 of Fan Appreciation Week! Who can come up with the best #JLinDunkCam video?!? All submissions will be judged on creativity, execution and post-dunk celebration lol. You MUST use #JLinDunkCam so we can find the video and post by midnight pst today. PLEASE be safe! My video will give you guys a
Congrats to @HelloKevinRoh @_PrincessLena_ and @maryyyyLEE for being the first 3 quiz winners! Pls reply on twitter to me w/ your email thx!
Quiz is tough so heres a hint: Captain Falcons my fav character, Edward Nortons the best antagonist and theres only one A and one B answer!!
"@iAllisonSaenz does this mean we can answer more than once?" yup everyone gets to answer one more time! good luck!!
Everyone can only submit answers ONE time (so please delete multiple submissions otherwise it negates a correct submission)!! Thanks!
Day 2 - Fan Appreciation Wk: Quiz answers MUST include @JLin7 & #jlinquiz. Example: "@JLin7 A B C D A B C #jlinquiz"
For details on day 1 of fan appreciation week go here #lovemyfans
Because I have the best fans ever, Im hoping to show my gratitude in a small way with my 2nd Fan Appreciation Week!!…
My friends @harryshumjr @ajrafael @wongfuphil and @notryanhiga welcomed me to LA ... by teaching me how to go Hollywood! Check out the video at
My friends @HarryShumJr @ajRAFAEL @philipwang @TheRealRyanHiga welcomed me to teaching me how to go Hollywood
Finally home after a whirlwind 3 weeks...campin out in the lab #blueday
Gonna miss hoopin with @chandlerparsons aka 👱 ... now i need to come up with a new pre-game handshake
We dont mess around...gotta stay game ready lollll
new team, new number, new beginnings @lakers
That is my ninja way ... Thanks to EVERYONE who made my Asia tour so amazing!! I seriously have the best fans ever! #naruto #teamrasengan #chakraboost
@JLinGarden: watching the first day of @JLin7 basketball camp, excited!!” thx for supporting me and @stevenovak16!!
Thanks Taiwan for the insaneee airport reception!! Last leg of the Asia trip then off to LA! #threestripes
Sad it never went, or ended, the way I envisioned, but God always has a perfect plan and I'll forever cherish that chapter of my life.
Thank you to @HoustonRockets fans, media, Rockets staff, coaches and teammates for the last 2 years!
Thank you to Houston fans, media, Rockets staff, coaches and teammates for the last 2 years! Sad it never went, or ended, the way I had envisioned it to, but God always has a perfect plan and I'll forever cherish that chapter of my life. Im SO blessed to join the Lakers and cant wait to get started!
Luke 6:29 - If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them
Back in Cali -> Time Change -> Cant Sleep -> Free time -> Good Mood -> Q&A at right now!!
"He may not always rescue us when we want to get out of circumstances, but He is always with us as we walk through them."
Family vacation!! 🏊🎣☀️🌊 #minivanselfie
In honor of BabyLins 22nd birthday, we gave him 2 pies to the face!! #bigbroduties #takenoprisoners @joe_linstagram @jwafan
S/o to @JubileeProject for (virtually) having me at their conference!! #JPCon14 #goofypic
Thanks @jimmykimmel for having me on this years nba mean tweets lol…
What a display of pure basketball...
Thanks @TheRealRyanHiga for having me on the I Dare You episode!!…
Tanks and jeans are the new black!! #linstanation #trendsetters #familyreunion
Everybody follow @PatrickChung23...down-to-earth dude who loves giving back to the community and is a beast on the field!
Everyone be sure to check out talented @HarryShumJr doing the treadmill dance!!…
@AlisonChang2: @JLin7 Will there be Fan Appreciation Week? I have hoped for a year!!” Dont worry i got u! It was postponed bc of logistics
Headed to a wedding with the high school homies @nathanmlui @eleegal29 @clemifornia @emhsiung @oohnatnat!! #bowtieswag #meanmuggin
Theres a spelling bee on ESPN?!? #imnerdybutnotthatnerdy
Happy Birthday to the rook @SiP03 !! Have a good one bro!
@Khouring: @JLin7 GO BACK TO HONG KONG N*GGA U CHINESE PEOPLE RUIN AMERICA” this is wrong on so many levels...
No place like HOME!!! #calikid