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Ah Ah Ahhh, What You a Know About bobby_shmurda 🔫🔫 Forgot To Post Thi#AboutAWeekAgogo
#Taurus take great care and attention when it comes to love and is good at fulfilling someone's needs.
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Anything you can do a #Taurus has already done it better.
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Many people fall in love with a #Taurus. They cant help it. The #Taurus is beautiful and charming.
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A #Taurus has a reliable and dependable personality, they are the people who get things done!
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Some People Are Just Way Too Sensitive Over Insignificant Things #GetAGrip
@kendricklamar: ASCAP. I appreciate it.” @ASCAP Yes Thank You For Always Being Prompt With All My Publishing Needs.
They Be Copying Us Since Day One
And When The industry Crash, I'll Survive Like @kanyewest
Real Rappers Are Hard To Find, Like A Remote
When A Person With Bath Breath Is Trynna Talk To You. 😹😹
D_j's I want you to make this record the bigis Records in the country let's make it number 1 thank you
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All I Want Is Loyalty Over Anything, It's The Hardest Thing To Find. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Loyalty Is Always Hard To Find, Especially Here In La, But I Stay Loyal And Blessed. 🙏
My Knowledge Ain't Free, Pay Me If You Want to Learn.
Lol 🔫 Paparazzi 📷💥
I Hate When People Try To Impress Me With Their Shitty Vocals.
#tbt @Unif Event At The Standard Downtown Rooftop. #CatWang #BeenTrill #RonysPhotobooth #Unif #SummerVibes ⛅️🏊
Lol People Be Doing This All The Time.
The Other Night For @SouljaBoy's Bday. #DbaMondays #Souljaboy #Sodmg #WeMadeIt 🔊🎶🎵🎶🎬
Hot/Crazy Matrix. Hilarious And Pretty Accurate, U Definitely Want To Stay Out That Danger Zone… #WSHH via @WORLDSTAR