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#Taurus has thought it long before you said it we are the thinkers of the zodiac.
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Castle Adventure Time With The Bestie 🏰
In a nice ass Lincoln driving home from a fun night with @JimmyTracks it's so cozy!
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We In The Lead We Ain't Press For Time
Yes I'm An Audio Engineer, No I Will Not Mix Your Track For Free.
It's All About Quality!
Staring At The Reflection Of My Brain. #Avid #Protools #Eq #Compression #Limiter #Music #Studio #Neumann🎤💻🎼🎬
Good Morning, Thank you God for another day.
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I'm Like A Head Trip To Listen To, Because I'm Only Giving You Things You Joke About With Your Friends Inside Your Living Room, The Only Difference Is I Got The Balls To Say It In Front Of Ya'll And I Don't Got To Be False Or Sugarcoated At All. 💯 ⛲️🏰🎦🎬#GreystoneMansion
Private Events At The #GreystoneMansion. They Filmed #Batman Dark Knight Here And A Bunch Of Other Cool Movies, Found A Hidden Bowling Alley In This North Wing Of The House. #Fountain #Mansion #Art #Beautiful #Neoclassic #Gothic #Architecture #BeverlyHills.
#happy #Halloween. #Vampire
I hate people, I can tolerate my coworkers and @JimmyTracks that's it, the rest of you I don't care about making time for :)
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I Looove #Halloween🎃👻, From All The Events Going On, To The Lights, The Costumes, The Decorations, Pumpkin Patches etc., My Best Friend From San Diego Of 4yrs and I Have A Tradition Of Carving Pumpkins Each Year, Can't Wait Till Our Pumpkin Carving Event This Year 🎃 Here Are Some From The Last Co
Girl I Don't Want Yo Number, Just Follow Me On Instagram. Haha
#Taurus Strengths: Hard-working, honest, brave.
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#Taurus will take their loved one to worlds they have never seen, and then some, and in return want someone that can tame them.
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Real G's Move In Silence Like Lasagna.🍝
Always Remember When You Are #Golden✨ No Wrench Thrown In Your Path Can Stop You. 📣🔑🔓💡🔅 #Lacma #JesusRafaelSoto #Penetrable #Art📢
🎶All Of The Lights 🔲All Of The Lights 🔳
They Don't Make Them Like Kelly Kapowaki Anymore.
This #Analog #Moog #Sounds #Dope AF. #Patchbay #SignalFlow 🎹🔊🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Got To Use The Brand New #ProTools | S6 Control Surface Today, Sooo Sick. #Future #Avid #JimmyTracks #Audio #Engineer #Music #Frequency 🎼🎶🎵🎬
If you are a #Taurus, you have a great deal of passion and loyalty.
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RT if you support Villans LA
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When you realize and understand your full potential, nothing can really stop you. Always strive For what you believe in and you'll be golden
#Taurus treat their friends with respect and affection most others reserve only for family.
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Never get stuck and brainwashed on other people fads or trends, creat your own, you'll be amazed at how many people follow your path.
Everyone is unique in their own way and potentially have the power to change the future,
#Taurus are cool, understanding, and able to work well. They are also artistic.
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Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up.
Obviously My Kitty #BellaDaBaybe Is A Badass. #NativeInstruments #Euphonix #Avid #MacbookPro #Traktor #Jbl #Neumann #CatsOfInstagram
Treat others how you want to be treated. The truth will set you free.
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When you know you are better , You don't need to prove it to anyone. #confidence not cockiness 💯
Life is all about progression . If you are still stuck in your immature ways after a certain age, it's time to reevaluate your life goals.
Just Sitting In The Studio Trynna Get To You Bae
If You Make Music And Don't Know Signal Flow I Probably Don't Trust You.
I'm Always Up-To-Date, While You're Just Too Late.
#Taurus aint perfect but they aint fake either.
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A #Taurus wants nothing more than something real. They can smell bullshit from a mile away.
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