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Jimmy Tatro
"Yeah let's provide iPads for every single person so no one has to interact". Fuck this airport. Look at how much everyone sucks now. This shit is going way too far (and if you're going to call me a hypocrite for posting this from my phone, suck a dick)
Hey everyone! Look how much people suck now!
The world is getting fucked up
Thank god this restaurant provides an iPad for every person, otherwise they might have to have ACTUAL interactions
The History Channel is a fucking sellout
Philly #yesihadacheesesteakanditwasfuckingamazing
Your snapchats of all of your friends at the bar also filming snapchats really makes your life look terrible
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
This red eye flight hasn't even taken off yet and I'm already about to sock this crying baby in the mouth
Thanks to everyone who came out to LMU tonight! You guys were awesome
Hey restaurants, if your "American cheese" option means you're gonna throw 2 kraft singles on top of my omelette I'd like to know in advance
Thanks for the ride @districtdrive it's been fun
Adam Goldfarb: the best goddamn talent agent in Los Angeles
@iSamOwens: @JimmyTatro haven't got to see a black toilet. Now that I think of it” well feast your eyes on this
Black toilets are SO much doper than white toilets and I have no idea why
Neil deGrasse Tyson is by far my favorite person to follow on twitter
New sketch coming tomorrow! Starring director Paul Greenberg
Hey @TWC remember when I called to order the Mayweather fight and you guys didn't call me back until the 9th round? I do. Fuck you.
Falling asleep on my balcony was so peaceful until I woke up in the morning looking like I walked out of a mosquito's nest
If you're not in the area don't worry. My stand up tour is in the spring, chances are i'll be in your city
If you're in the area, come to my show September 18th in Slippery Rock, PA! @SRUPB Tickets:…
Dad can I be on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? Sure son, but make sure you change your last name and never come home again
If the WNBA wants more (any) viewers they need to just swallow their pride and lower the hoop to 9 feet. Women dunking = people watching
Apple definitely came out with the watch to distract everyone from the fact that the iPhone STILL isn't holographic or clear
I'm pretty pissed I've never had a coffee shop/cafe that all of my friends meet up at every day like sitcom friends do
The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice's contract this afternoon.
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If I start writing my Xmas list now, it'll have a way better chance of getting read by Santa before he gets his influx of mid December mail
Happy birthday to @viccorp #almosthalfwayto50 #keyed
The usual expert advice on HuffPsst Live, this time from @JimmyTatro in "Love Line" with @ChrisChinPierce:
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Here's a little interview I did with @BryanElliott about how I got started…
Or is the store like "hey we noticed you come in here a lot so we printed out a picture of your face for you to sign"?
I'll never understand this. Is it like "Oh you want a signed headshot for your store? No problem, got some in my car"
SportsCenter is getting pretty debatable. And by debatable I mean fucking stupid.
The boys @taolasvegas
Me and Rod Stewart!
Director Paul Greenberg recording some VOs #comingmonday
Josh Shaw lied about how he got injured!? That's CRAZY! No one else on Earth has done that EVER!
This guy is so mad he's not Scott Disick
In case you guys missed the video where @DeStorm knocked me the fuck out a couple months ago, here it is again…
Time Warner Cable is like that girl at school who's famous for sucking a ton of dick but for some reason everyone is still down