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Jimmy Tatro
We're festive as fuck #pumpkinsondeck
When you realize your roommate has probably been boning your girlfriend
When you're trying to flex but your horn just completely kills your swag
My roommate just quit his 9-5 so it looks like my days of working at home naked are coming to an end
@jjordanhatesyou: @JimmyTatro yeah backwards robes are a great investment” yeah they fucking are.
Snuggies are underrated
First 100 people to tweet me screenshots of their purchased Boulder tickets get on the meet and greet list…
Holy shit...stopped by my parents house and found a binder of old sub par basketball recruiting letters #suchatbt #shattereddreams #wasntmeanttobe
If you haven't seen the movie Contagion yet, I wouldn't recommend watching it now
I'm looking for an assistant named Barbara.
ESPN: The nosy nagging stepmom that athletes didn't ask for
ESPN is getting worse than Vine
Unless Frank Gore drops 55 points in the second half it's looking like my New England Tatriots are gonna fall from 1st place #heartbroken
"Peaceful" ©TatroPhotography
Good thing I had Joe "I'm gonna randomly put up 32 fucking points" Flacco on my bench this week. Fuck
Every USC quarterback looks exactly the same
Do these Instagram girls hit up their friends like "hey I'm headed to the gym, can you come with me and film my ass while I work out?"?
Karate is way more amusing than you'd think
#blessed #fitness #motivate #inspire
But I do have the solution. So stay tuned
I wanted to put out my iPhone 6 Bend Test Solution video today but buying an iPhone 6 turned out to be much harder than I thought
If everyone had to pass an IQ test in order to use the internet, the world would be a better place
Riff Raff's half brother is a huge niners fan
The whitest guy in the world just walked into the bagel store I'm at and asked what type of mayo they have
Boulder, CO! Ima be up in yo city October 23rd. If you're cool you'll be at my show…
I drink body armor because Kobe Bryant drinks body armor
@helloimarielle going HAM with some nunchucks #CRIMEGUY
There's not going to be a video today, I'll put it out next week or earlier. I'm sorry, today was a rough day.
Laron Landry was taking steroids!?!? Yeah no shit, look at the guy
We're playing FIFA and things are definitely getting a little...........messi
#sofuckingartsy #imanartistnow
It's 12:20 pm in the morning, these lawnmowers need to pipe down
Guy in LA:So, wat do u do? Girl in LA:I hav 91k followers on Instagram Guy:Ya, but like wat do u do? Girl:I hav 91k followers on Instagram
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Here's a simple solution to prevent your iPhone 6 from bending; don't try to bend it as hard as you can, idiots.…
It's only a matter of time before Ivy League schools start testing for PEDs like adderall and vyvanse
Fun shoot today #elfismyfavoritemovie
I'm going to post an update video tomorrow to let you guys know what's been good with the videos lately
The San Diego squad came through last night #peaking
Post show meet and greets get weird #itwastheiridea #moms
San Diego #redbullgavemewings
"Yeah let's provide iPads for every single person so no one has to interact". Fuck this airport. Look at how much everyone sucks now. This shit is going way too far (and if you're going to call me a hypocrite for posting this from my phone, suck a dick)
Hey everyone! Look how much people suck now!
The world is getting fucked up