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Jimmy Tatro
The boys @taolasvegas
Me and Rod Stewart!
Director Paul Greenberg recording some VOs #comingmonday
Josh Shaw lied about how he got injured!? That's CRAZY! No one else on Earth has done that EVER!
This guy is so mad he's not Scott Disick
In case you guys missed the video where @DeStorm knocked me the fuck out a couple months ago, here it is again…
Time Warner Cable is like that girl at school who's famous for sucking a ton of dick but for some reason everyone is still down
Excuse me, fuckface, you're blocking an entire lane and there's already traffic.
I just offended so many 12 year old girls with that last tweet
5th Harmony is like that group of hot girls that got way too confident in their 8th grade talent show performance
They're just completely out of ideas at this point
Happy bday @kobebryant, sorry I couldn't be there this year
Whenever @JimmyTatro comes over, he notifies me by sending a picture of himself at the front door.
Retweeted by Jimmy Tatro
"Oh nice little liquor cabinet you got here and uh (opens cabinet) oh...nice...bong" -my dad checking out my new place
"Are you two sisters or is your mom just really hot?" #pickuplinesthatworkeverytime
I recently purchased "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants" #throwbackthursday
I feel like the Ebola ice bucket challenge would've been a better idea right now
Car Rides With Jimmy and Christian…
Happy birthday to the one and only Mike Degarmo aka Lemon Versace aka @dizzler23 #probablykeyed #definitelypeaking
I can't believe Circuit City went out of business
Killin the selfie game (part 5). She had been going at it for a solid 5 minutes before I snapped this
@kyleWherbert: tables are chill but I also like to hold it down on the dance floor” that's so #tight
This lady at the gas station watched me watch her pull the classic "drive off while the gas pump is still in" maneuver. Gave her a thumbs up
I ran up and was like "damn am I too late?" And she said "no I'm gonna let you go" and drove off while I stood there in awe, ticketless.
A parking enforcement lady just let me off without giving me a ticket... I need to go buy a lottery ticket right now.
Killin the selfie game part 5. This was at vidcon over a month ago but it needs to be made known that this kid actually paid money for a selfie taking device
Killin the selfie game part 4. As you can see she's making sure to include the fountain AND her boobs but I bet she said nothing about that and just hashtagged "#earlymorningworkout!"
"28 People That Have Been In Movies Before That You Would See and Go 'Where Do I Know That Person From?!'" #probablyonbuzzfeed
"12 Things That Have Literally Happened Before" #probablyonbuzzfeed
He gave me the "you're really waking me up from my mid shift nap to buy Funyuns at 12am?" look
NEW VIDEO! 50 Shades of Grey Parody!…
This is what every Monday looks like
It's a little known fact, but Rihanna wrote the song "Love the Way You Lie" mid-game on the 8th hole of a golf course in late 2009
Well son, it all started when I was 34 weeks deep in your mom's instagram and accidentally double tapped a photo at 2am...
"I just hope they don't give me like a Nissan Sentra or something" I said, an hour before driving off the rental car lot in a Nissan Sentra.
Parody of this trailer coming out tomorrow…
It's one of those "buy new boxers to avoid doing laundry" type weeks
If the bumpers aren't touching, you can always get closer #LAparkjobs
Car dealers are all stage 5 clingers
You can't tell me this paint chip in the sink doesn't look exactly like George Karl
Well that looked way more fun in my head