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Jimmy Jett
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Waking up in #Vegas.
Dear fellow traveler on #SouthWest 583 seat D17. Please put your shoes back on. You have a problem that is all
Older woman on the plane referred to duct tape as “furnace tape.” Is that a thing?
Hate when I have to get up early, but am not the least bit tired enough to go to sleep at a decent time. I’m so gonna miss my flight.
“It's like saying: “We don’t have an office, because we're not in the construction business.”
Heard worst excuse ever today: "Our company doesn't have an app because were not in the app business."
The UK is finally making it legal to rip a CD on June 1st via @engadget
One Band Have Worked Out a Way to Cheat Spotify. via @NoiseyMusic
It's always a cool #Facebook discovery to learn people from different times and locations in your life know each other. #SmallWorld
#ThatMomentWhen you make a #DoctorWho reference in a company meeting and no one laughs.
Fire trucks, lights on, going down Broadway in opposite directions. What the? #QuincyIL
I wish app developers would figure out how to handle #TwoFactorAuth through Facebook & Google. It's usually very poorly supported.
CDs are obsolete, digital is intangible, but #vinyl has a physical value and sales are on the rise.
There's a woman flossing her teeth in the restaurant.
Just skipped a stop at my fav gas station because there were kids selling stuff by the door. #SorryNotSorry Yes, I have a fav gas station.
Dear people who write email address validation mechanisms: the plus symbol is valid. Repeat, THE PLUS SYMBOL IS VALID. #argh
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#WiiFit needs a way to track calories burned while looking for enough batteries to power all the controllers.
Found a way to get people to stop stealing my note paper thanks to
Anyone else want to make a rule to limit hashtags to three per post? And no hashtags that are sentences?
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If you can't nail Barenaked Ladies "One Week" at Karaoke. Don't even try. #justsayin
I cut the cord over 3 years ago and still get a "Come Back to Dish" letter once a week. #MoveOn #CordCutter
Haven't been able to connect to the iOS #AppStore on #Comcast for 30min. Is it Apples turn to pay the extortion?
Just incase it wasn't #Monday enough for me already. My Lappy decided to help out.