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Jimmy Jett
Windowless #airplanes lined with OLED displays look amazing! ...Can't wait to play Doom on one. -
Holy Crap Monkeys! Fragment of Amelia Earhart’s plane identified. -
We get it. Any greyscale old photo of a kid in an halloween costume is a little creepy. Now stop posting them!
Drinking Martinis and watching Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Is this the modern version of "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo"?
Our new #kitten. #Caturday
A Twitter #Bootstrap theme to make webpages look like they are from the 1980s. -
Collect $10 or $15 worth of free Red Bull if you've bought one in the last 12 years! -
#KIA sent me a "3 year anniversary" gift! Earbuds and a wide angle camera lens. #CustomerAppreciation
Colon Michigan is the #Magic capitol of the world! Colon has 1 stop light and 3 magic shops. - via @verge
Guardians of the Galaxy #soundtrack on #vinyl
These song lyrics keep dancing in my head. “ #Freemium killed the video game…”
I watched ONE Iggy Azealia video and #YouTube now thinks I’m a teenage girl.
To succeed in life is to not fail. To epic fail online is to succeed. #fortune #fortunecookie #truth
I challenge all my warm beers to the ice bucket challenge. Get ready, little guys.
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I’ve spent half my life unsubscribing from #twitter emails. #badexample.
Back for more Corpse Reviver 2 at the #Libertine #Indianapolis #Absinthe #Cocktail
Also, partaking of a Corpse Reviver 2 at the #Libertine in #Indianapolis
Have you ever accidentally ordered bacon at midnight? You will and the #Libertine will bring it to you.
#cheers #libertine #cocktail #absinthe #Hipstamatic #Oggl #Americana #BlankoFreedom13
Corpse Reviver 2 at The Libertine in #Indianapolis. #Absinthe #Cocktail
That's not a celebrity you're following on Twitter, it's an assistant
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#Boeing is building a laser cannon that uses an #Xbox controller. - #awesome @WIRED
Windows: “Nope no new driver. That one you have from 1975 is still current”
Why does #Windows still even pretend to be able to update device drivers?
Hess Auto is encouraging people to bug others with Hess dealer plaques on their cars. As if those things weren’t annoying enough. #QuincyIL
CNN "Tech Analyst" thinks 4Chan is a person. Also if your "password is 'password', change the s to $." -
Check out this terminal emulator which mimics a cathode display. - #ubuntu #linux #GitHub
Just had a #dream where my CEO and Snoop Dogg were census takers. They came to my house and asked what my chief export was. #wha
XBMC has changed its name. - #ItsAboutTime
Gorgeous day for a picnic. Can you name all the bands we've invited? Here's a hint:
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Possibly the worst TV commercial ever! -
Track #cats of the world. And possibly your own with "I Know Where Your Cat Lives" -
#VINIQ A fusion of premium #Vodka, #Moscato and natural fruit flavors.
Just watched a YouTube video for 20 seconds before I realized it was in a language I couldn’t understand.
MTV Predicts The End Of #Vinyl Records -
New EA subscription service lets you pay for games forever instead of just once
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Why streaming could be local radio’s salvation | Fox News - via @FoxNews
The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl's Comeback.-
We Want The Airwaves: The WFNX Story -
My #LinkedIn profile is old. But I’m afraid to update it for fear LinkedIn will spam everyone I know. Social shouldn’t work this way.
Scientists develop a material so dark that you can't see it! -
Who, Exactly, Is Fueling the Vinyl-Records Renaissance? - The Atlantic -
Why do social networks think they need more than one app? They don’t need more than one website to get the job done? #StopPhoneClutter
Very envious of those of you who managed to pull off a 4 day weekend.
Just found a bitcoin on the ground! Said no-one ever!
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#Lambrusco #Wine #Hipstamatic #Oggl #Yoona #Blanko일