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Jim Lee
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Oh and Superman Unchained #9 is 32 pages of art and story. No ads! #praisetheLuthor @Ssnyder1835 @Sinccolor @dyfl
Finished the cover tonite to the next project I am working on! Superman Unchained the finale out Nov 5! Ssnyder1835
Throwback to SEMA 2012 with @JimLee for the "We Can Be Heroes" charity campaign. #tbt #sema #DCComics #wecanbeheroes
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Artist @JimLee's behind many comic book bestsellers. In our #redcouchinterview, we talk superheroes, stories and CGI
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Thanks @CBCebulski! Looking forward to it. It's been 5 years since I was last there. You gonna be in town too?
Wow!->@joehahnLP intense feature debut! “@MallMovie: Still haven't seen #MallMovie?Stream it rt now on Google Play
Seeing how it's been a Grayson week--a small sketch for @CohenJoakim #nightwing #DCComics #absolutehush
An old statue design of Batman & Robin (after Carmine Infantino). No rendering to make forms clearer to sculptor.
Join me in supportin @vivianbang innovative film project @1day in life of LA rideshare driver told by 10 directors…
No matter how much you pledge-WOULD you? If we get 1000 backers we have a sponsor to fund us!
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And here's my pencil layout for the Nightwing bust! #dccollectibles
Here’s the Nightwing bust I designed for #DCCollectibles sculpted by James Shoop!
Always interested in meeting artists from all walks of life #laurenhughes @ucsantabarbara
To be clear...that illo "was to" accompany said interview. Never approved so never completed!
A layout for an illo to accompany a RollingStone(?) interview of @TheRealStanLee by @ThatKevinSmith @stan's DC work
People ask if there are any regrets-Here are 4 layouts for a Jonah Hex cover I never drew for @jpalmiotti #DCComics
Yrs later I got to work w/@TheRealStanLee on his reimagining of WonderWoman-here is the unpublished cvr I redrew
The time @TheRealStanLee wrote Marvel editor-in-chief #tomdefalco about a certain X-Men comic #1989 #chrisclaremont
@JimLee @DavidAyerMovies after seeing Fury, the suicide squad film is one of my most anticipated films now.
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Best (& fastest) driver I know-- star of my universe--my lovely & fearless @Joke2far #happy5th!…
Celebrating our 5th wedding anniv launch-controlling 991 turbos at @CarsWithoutLimi school in Alabama…
Don't be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value. -Arthur Miller, playwright and essayist (1915-2005)
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@VertigoWillD @JimLee people in the USA still have time to pre-order! Thanks so much for the support Jim
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A contribution to a jam mural I did for charity at @NY_Comic_Con #guesswhatIdrew✏️
Check out comic book artist Gary Frank's drawing of #gotham's Det. James Gordon. More here:*^
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@JimLee thanks Jim! I'm really proud of this book. Hope that people order it & spread the word!
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Read more about THE KITCHEN here:… or just follow @VertigoWillD who shepherds the innovative series :)
Just read adv copy of THE KITCHEN from @vertigo_comics. 70s twisted crime drama by @olliemasters w/stark gutpunching imagery by @mingdoyle
Justice League: Origin by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee FREE in the iTunes Store right now! @JimLee @geoffjohns
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Just sitting back and seeing the scintillating colors stream by as colorist @Sinccolor brings it on home!
Read final script by @Ssnyder1835 on Superman Unchained 9 & greatly satisfied (& relieved) w/our combined efforts-Loved the finale!
Saw FURY by @DavidAyerMovies last night w/great anticipation & was on the proverbial edge of my seat the entire time. Brutal yet poignant!
Happy Friday! Time to let your guard down and take flight! 😃
.@jodipicoult on how she writes, gender inequality in the literary world, & her new book #LeavingTime @CBSThisMorning
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I had a great time talking Scorpion, Batman and Injustice with @JimLee in the @DCComics offices!…
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First DC movie after Batman vs Superman will be Suicide Squad
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"Wonder Woman" movie coming in 2017!
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2nd DC movie in 2017: Justice League
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2018 DC Movies: The Flash starring Ezra Miller and Aquaman starring Jason Momoa
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2019 DC Movies: Shazam (with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) and Justice League 2
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Other DC movies in the works: Cyborg, a Green Lantern reboot, and new stand-alone Superman and Batman movies
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