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Jim Jones
Tommrow we in Denver all white party at #beta u dont wanna miss it bring ur dancin shoes woord #vamplife
West va whts up I'm out here #vamplife tonight meet e here
Tonight me @sodrewski @ciphasounds nj #ClubMansion it's a long weekend might as well party
The lil girls was on Pudy at th sneaker store @mellomagic123 lol lol paparazzi lol lol
I'm wit th plug aka th bday boy @gbny123 #feetpieces @mellomagic123
Rp my bro @darealnpreem this is a good one lol me: wht u just said lol
We hustled for this #Shit #Facts #vamplife #miamivamps #vlRecords #vampbeverage #sakpaselifestyle #cl #mdr #official #ten99
Stop everything is a #RealNigga #bday happy bday to my brother from another mother #IndianGee th #Plug @gbny123 from th jones family we appreciate u and everything uve done not to many like u left enjoy this day to th fullest u deserve it this thing is ours is much deeper thn sneakers is wht people
[New Music] Ice "Billion" Berg- Hella Plays In Motion Remix (Feat @jimjonescapo)…
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@IceBerg305: [New Music] Ice "Billion" Berg- Hella Plays In Motion Remix (Feat @jimjonescapo)…” ⛽️🔥
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Laudie – Stripper Bop (Remix) ft. Kevin Gates & Jim Jones (@LaudieOnDaTrack @Kevin_Gates @jimjonescapo)
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Bring some money wit u don't just come and stare show love make it rain make it drizzle do wht u need to change th weather #suesday tonight meet me at #sues #vamplife
#suesday is today meet me at #sues close this summer off right #WeGotAction #vamplife
Yal make sure u check out my fellow #miamiVamp @iceberg305 #HellaPlaysInMotion Vmix ft @jimjonescapo #vamplife
Guess who was vampin wit me at work today he's not a full vamper so I'm cutting my shift early tht smile is wht I do it for its not about me it's about him
Respect mine or else it can get different real different #vamplife
Racin to th millions #Mdr
#sues tues #suesday tommoro we go stupid hAvent been home all summer so This is my welcome home party lol bx hm bk yo meet me there n who else wanna have some fun bring some money wit u lol
I can show y'all better tht I can tell y'all we all can do liquor but wht about th kids who like to vamp this is just th beginin of th #VampBeverage empire distributed by @toppopsoda
Thts how I'm on it today fuck niggaz n I ain't never hard to find
This nigga here is th real culture vulture n a thief fuck faggot lol back to my day
WaterSports @zoeydollazzz #chico1 #miamiVamps #PoolPartyVideo
Watch them ni$$as thts close to u make sure they do wht they supposed to do :they say if it aint broke don't try to fix it but when it do break sometimes its better to leave it broke cause it won't neve be th same anyway. With tht being said time to hit th streets enjoy this beautiful Sunday #vampli
When u start to cut th people off tht r against u then u can focus more on th people who's wit u I promise it won't b as many as u thought
*New Video* YD @THEREALYD “My Ni66az” Ft @YoungBreedCCC @TomG_8thirteen @BILLYBLUE305 @IceBerg305 @GUNPLAYMMG
We #litt tonight for @travmbb @BdayBash th #DipSet way @thejuelzsantana will b in th buildin we goin #Stupid meet us at #Litt
#vamplife studio in Vegas work don't stop me n @philthyrichfod at it again #VLrecords
Coming Soon. #Vampumentary Directed by @Soto3o5 Produced by @Luccibagz Executive Producer @JimJonesCapo #VampingInMiami #VampLife #MiamiVamps #SakPaseLifeStyle #LightWorks #JimJonesVampLife HipHop
@kingice got tht Ice #vamplife
No pages dam if u aint got my beeper # tht means u aint really down lol
Work don't stop fell asleep in Miami woke up in Vegas #Agenda #vamplife #ladyvamp #booth come through we at #H20
Can lie I miss this guy sent him on a vacation n I been workin all summer but when I get back home this week me n him gonna do th things we like to do so if I call my phone n it's straight to vm either we on a flight or we don't wanna b bothered lol love u Pudy
New website back up n runnin back to this #milliondollarRace #MDR @mdr_jose
My point of view we brang #Harlem to Miami #ebc whts up
Thnks to th good people over at @iphonerepairmia got my phone back poppin I was list for a minute
Pool party video today runnin slightly late so I still might can get on th yacht
Now meet me there #office #falls Sw 87th ave #vamplife #trustory
Tonight we at #TheOffice #Falls #miami #87ave @zoeydollazzz n th #miamiVamps will be in th buildin #truStory #vamplife
#Onyx rip #Nando s/o @ab_ent