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Jim Gaffigan
Congrats to @mattnathanson on his great new song “Headphones”. Just heard it on the radio. Great meeting you at Notes & Words
Two guys who love eat! Me & @JimGaffigan talkin about "Food, A love Story"! Download podcast @
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My desperate attempt to entertain my 2 year old at the airport.
Here's the photo of 2 sticks of butter holding The Jim Gaffigan Food Map you were looking for. #nycomiccon
“Hello? It’s meat again.” Parade Magazine 10/19
My 3 yr old: jack smells like a hotten egg. Me: it's a 'rotten' egg. Him: yeah. He smells like that too.
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Full stand up show + FOOD: A LOVE STORY signings in Dallas, ATLANTA & Long Island
A steakhouse is just a Chuck E Cheese for adults.
Everyone go buy the great new book by the great @Mariobatali . He knows good eats.
Whenever I do photo for building security I strive to be pretty.
Whenever I do photo for building security I strive to be pretty.
I really enjoyed talking with @LouieAnderson on his podcast Have a listen
Don't forget: @JimGaffigan appears in store next TUE 14 Oct. Your chance for a personal one-on-one experience!
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Signing your preordered FOOD: A LOVE STORY because I love you. Thanks for preordering
Inviting me to an event where I have to wear a coat and tie remains one of the cruelest things someone has ever done to me.
NEW YORK CITY – FOOD: A LOVE STORY signing & convo with @Mariobatali 10/20 at Union Square B&N. Reminder here
Taping the @rachelrayshow
Being awake is the hardest part of the day for me.
Why do 3 @nfl greats (@7BOOMERESIASON, @JonRyan9 & @jackmewhort ) look like me but I don’t look like I can open a jar of pickles?
Is there a leather bound collectable autographed version of FOOD:A LOVE STORY available? Yes there is.…
I was paid $500,000 to be the first guest on “Lies” with @saraschaefer1 on @NerdistDotCom & @WNYC
Thanks to the 4,000 people who tweeted me photos of Seattle punter @jonryan9 last night. Yes, if he gained some weight, lost some hair and then bleached it, he would be really good looking.
Big congrats to @imthesmash & @nealdodson on the arrival of Gus! Only 4 more kids to go. #homebirth
A better pic of me and the great @louieanderson
So great hanging with the great @louieanderson
Can staying at @HIExpress really make you smart? @funnyordie and I decided to find out in this new video. #StaySmart
I was passed over for a Nobel Peace Prize AGAIN this year. That thing is rigged obviously.
Paella and pancakes!
SLC Mormons after General Conf today, grab a cup of coffee or a beer and come see me at Abrevanel Hall. I love u.
Listen to the joy. Thank you Ruth and Chris or Chris's Ruth
Just ordered that @JimGaffigan book FOOD: A LOVE STORY personally autographed for our dogs. How many drinks did I have tonight?
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@rachel_a_ayres: Just ordered “Food: A Love Story” for my brother’s birthday. #gaffiganfood” You are a great sister and human!
The writing in the book is better than this tweet.
Until 10/7. You can get an autographed personalized a copy of FOOD: A LOVE STORY for your son, mom, dad or dog here.
Interesting Fact: 90% of all storage units are “kill rooms” for serial killers.
Enjoying a picnic in the park with an advanced copy of my buddy @JimGaffigan 's latest book…
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Thankfully this type of behavior and the Atkins diet are illegal in the great state of Idaho. I reported this immediately to airport security!
Sorry I haven’t told you to preorder FOOD: A LOVE STORY in a day. I got distracted. Go here
I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my anti-emoji tweet with tons of emoji symbols in a tweet. I’m forwarding them to THE FBI!
Just a reminder emoji symbols are for children and cavemen. #HeDidnt #HeDid
INTERESTING FACT: Everyone who flies out of an Idaho airport is given a 30-pound bag of potatoes! #carbs
Don’t forget to watch the very funny @mulaney Sunday on Fox!
Leaving Carb Ground Zero (Idaho) heading to Fry Sauce (SLC).
Morning, all. In studio, caffeinated, & ready to leap upon the news like @JimGaffigan on an enchilada.
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I’m like the Johnny Appleseed of leaving iphone chargers around the country.
NEW JERSEY – Shows in Red Bank & Newark NOW on sale! Complete tour dates here