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Jim Carrey
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Gratitude is the place where all dreams come true. You have to get there before they do. Happy Thanksgiving! ;^)
American Embassy In Paris. Playing airplane on the bed Lindberg slept in after his historic transatlantic flight. ;^)
The things u accomplished will never really feed u because there never has or will be a u to feed. #alljustforfun ;^)
I wish you all freedom from self concern. ;^)
Great thing about my life. I get to meet my big heroes. Today, Bette Midler, an angel among us. ;^}
I crashed hard after our big night in London but Puppet Jeff Daniels can't get enough. ;^)
@JimCarrey Coming to the movie theater or as we say in Dublin, The Picture House: retweet?
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In the dressing room getting ready to mix it up with American Treasure David Letterman. I love this man! ;^[]
I love bein' prt of the cuckoo kaleidoscape that is NY! C 'D+D To'. You'll never eat a hotdog the same way again. 8^>
A haunting we will go! My demons meet their demons...tonight on Saturday Night Live! 8^¥
Hey folks, check out my buddy Cary Elwes's book about the making of 'The Princess Bride'. A true comedy classic. ;^}
I’m on a stamp along side all my Canadian comedy heroes! This is big. I feel like the guy who invented poutine! ;^D
Saw Lady Gaga dress up like a vegetable and give birth to a parsnip last night! Worth the 3hr wait. Oo la la! :^•
Someday I'm gonna be a stap. ;^•
With a raunchy throat I croked a reading n 2 songs at the White House yesterday. Met Pres n 1st Lady. Cool folks. ;^)
@dav232: A new favourite, thanks @JimCarrey 😊�” I'm so glad. Much love. ;^)
@JimCarrey read it 2 my 5 yr old niece lastnight!-enjoyed it & tried 2 read along-some Roland faces after-great time
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