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Jim Carrey
In the dressing room getting ready to mix it up with American Treasure David Letterman. I love this man! ;^[]
I love bein' prt of the cuckoo kaleidoscape that is NY! C 'D+D To'. You'll never eat a hotdog the same way again. 8^>
A haunting we will go! My demons meet their demons...tonight on Saturday Night Live! 8^¥
Hey folks, check out my buddy Cary Elwes's book about the making of 'The Princess Bride'. A true comedy classic. ;^}
I’m on a stamp along side all my Canadian comedy heroes! This is big. I feel like the guy who invented poutine! ;^D
Saw Lady Gaga dress up like a vegetable and give birth to a parsnip last night! Worth the 3hr wait. Oo la la! :^•
Someday I'm gonna be a stap. ;^•
Don't worry. It won't help. ;^)
With a raunchy throat I croked a reading n 2 songs at the White House yesterday. Met Pres n 1st Lady. Cool folks. ;^)
Bringin' my #BOING to the White House monday. Gonna read How Roland Rolls at the Easter Egg Roll. S'nice! #FLOTUS ;^}
You are under my control. After you read this twt I comand you to look up move around eat things and make sounds. Resistance is futile! ?8^]
This means nothing. ;^P
#Boing is freedom from concern. B=FFC ?;^[}
The answer is to stop asking the question. Be done. ;^]
An individual can't be enlightened. How do I know that? I don't, because there's no me. This message has been sent to no one by nothing. B^•
This is a fun dream. Too bad we have sleep through most of it. ?B^{o}
You are also the space outside your body. Everything, seen and unseen. There's no exterior and btw... you look so great from this angle. ;^)
... now you don't. ?B^-
My motto? Time spent laughing at yourself is time well spent. Embrace your #BOING ~8^}
Guess I started a face tape trend.Makes ppl look like a Francis Bacon painting.Keep the nose holes clear kids!… (8^¥)
There's so much love. ;^)
No doubt, there are reasons for your worries, no one could dispute, but that doesn't make them any less useless. It's ok to let them go. ;^)
There r no chics, no bitches, no soulless g-stringed vaginas without feelings 2 consider. That's a dream, a drunken fantasy. Sorry guys. ;^]
Fear is gone. I'm home, for now. I hope he has forgotten where I live. ;^)
U can lose your limbs and still be whole but if u think you're different than a Russian or better than an Arab u truly are an amputee. ;^}
You can be American, Canadian, Isreali, or Iranian but no man can put a border around who you really are. #BOING has no boundries! ;^D
Never let your mind and your ego fill you with the fear of failure and turn you against your playful heart. Always follow your #BOING ;^D
My birthday is Jan 17th. You all have me confused with some other transient manifestation. But #spankyoukindly, anyway. ;^)
#BOING is the all pervasive unending unfathomable absolute,the unified field of energy that gives rise to all relative forms.Wholeness! ;^D
Heaven is always ready and waiting for you, wherever you are. Embrace your #BOING ;^)
Aliveness itself is eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, and feeling through something known as Jim Carrey. It's fun for me to watch. ;^)
I am free from concern at this moment. No fear. No yearning. No I. Just a relative expressions of the unifed field. Infinite #BOING ;^}
Everything bad that happens to us is the universe trying to blow up our defenses until all that's left is who we are, which is nothing. ;^)
We may live on after we die but our personalities will not. How do I know that? I don't. ;^)
Got to playfight with the Dalai Lama today. What a lucky love filled life I have. What a sweet soul he is. ;^}
Watching these Olympics is so inspiring n emotional, if there was a sobbing like a baby event I would take the gold. S'beautiful man! ;_^}
Olympic figure skating was exquisite, yesterday. There's something about a beautiful woman and her gay companion that is just so right! ;^D
No one really knows anything. How do I know that? I don't. 8^•
I'm still not sensing my 1ness with the flowers but there's a giant beanstalk in my pants. This Miracle Grow is amazing! ;^[}
I am not yet feeling a sense of 1ness with the flower arrangement so I've decided to eat a bag of Miracle Grow. Don't try this at home. ;^•
I ws gonna do something exciting today but then I decided to stay home n stare at a flower arrangement until I become 1 with it. Woohoo. ;^}