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James Cameron
I took the #IceBucketChallenge like a Man! Now it is your turn @Schwarzenegger @TomArnold and Jim Gianopulos.…
Come meet the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER at NYC's American Museum of Natural History this Monday 8/4 during museum hours.
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Remember us? In anticipation of the release of DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D on Aug. 8, the sub will be leaving Woods Hole for NYC this weekend.
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30 minutes until tonight's all new episode of @YEARSofLIVING. Critics are calling the show a must-see… #YearsProject
Harrison Ford here. Taking over Jim's account to let you know I'll be on Reddit at 12pm ET tomorrow to take your questions. @YEARSofLIVING
My AMA is live on Reddit now. Let's talk.…
Thanks to @PaulGAllen for his courage and leadership on climate change, and for his stalwart support of @YEARSofLIVING. #YEARSProject
Excited to announce that I will be doing an AMA on Reddit this Saturday, April 12, at 12 p.m. EST. Looking forward to chatting with you all.
The real victims of climate change: people. Watch the trailer for "Years of Living Dangerously": #ActOnClimate
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It’s time for people to face the fact that our world is at risk. Tune in to @YEARSofLIVING and take a stand. #YEARSProject
A huge thanks to @kellanlutz for gracing the carpet in our sustainable tuxedo for @RedCarpetGreenD - an honour!
My incredible wife @suzymusing is bringing sustainability to fashion--on the red carpet and off. Join her:
Help design the sustainable fashion future. @RedCarpetGreenD is in its 5th yr. Get involved at… #oscars #sustainable
The President challenged Americans to work together to fight the biggest threat to our future--climate change. Bravo! #ActOnClimate
We all have a stake in urgent action RT@BarackObama We owe it to our kids to do smthng re climate change.Tune in Tues
There is no climate debate; climate change is unambiguous, real & urgent to address. The choices we make now ensure our future or disable it
Thanks to @WHOImedia, our engineers, and the @DeepseaAmerica team for a great #DEEPSEACHALLENGER reception today
For those of you who haven't yet followed @DeepseaAmerica, watch this video and get with the program.
We just launched our @DeepseaAmerica website. Chk out our mission at Next up: Dallas' @PerotMuseum. Join in frm 10-2
Rolling through AZ, reminded that #DEEPSEACHALLENGER reached a depth of over 35k feet - six times as deep as the Grand Canyon!
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Join #DEEPSEACHALLENGER on its educational adventure across America. Follow us @DeepseaAmerica on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates
Gearing up to speak at @DeepseaAmerica launch in LA today at 1:30. I hear there'll be a marching band. For more info
It dove deeper than Everest is high. Come check out the sub Saturday, June 1 at @casciencecenter #deepseachallenge…
Back to writing AVTR 2,3. Thanks for checking out @RedCarpetGreenD
2 days left to help set a sustainable trend. Check out my wife's eco-design contest @RedCarpetGreenD @suzymusing
Some talk the talk re environment but my wife @suzymusing walks the walk-on the red carpet. Enter her Oscar contest now
Phase One expedition is over after 13 dives. Sub is great and team is tired. Heading home. Scientists at work now analyzing the results.
Pic from sub co-designer Ron Allum's recent @DeepChallenge dive- he dove like a champ- to 3,600+ ft #deepseachallenge
Sub co-designer Ron Allum made his first @DeepChallenge dive today. 3,600 ft & he dove the sub like a champ. Awesome pix! #deepseachallenge
It's right to go frm @DeepChallenge dives to the #Titanic3D premiere b/c the same driving force inspired both, my fascination w/deep #oceans
It's been 40+ hrs of highs & literal lows. I'll return to diving soon, but now time to focus on the launch of #Titanic3D
Incredible that 7yrs ago a research trip to Challenger Deep was impossible.Our #deepseachallenge team built a sub for a new exploration era
Back from trip to deepest pl on Earth -#oceans hadal zone.Puts a new spin on "to hell and back". Good to see the sunshine. #deepseachallenge
Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge
Thx for support of science&exploration.When explorers go to hostile realms-space or sea-we live or die by our machines.…
I only tweet when I have something worth saying. Today is the culmination of a 7 yr project. It's finally dive day. Follow us @DeepChallenge
Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight. Instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.
I'm at #CinemaCon today, talking about the NEXT revolution in digital cinema – high frame-rates. It’s incredible.
I wasn't in Brazil for fun. I was there to help tribal people fight the dams that are going to destroy their homes and forest.
Arnold @Schwarzenegger and I were hanging out in the rainforest with my indigenous friends. They gave us both war clubs (watch yr ass).
Tom, now you know why I cancelled lunch. RT @TomArnold: Good luck in the brazillian rainforest guys @JimCameron and @Schwarzenegger
Sorry I've been away. I've been head-down writing Avatar 2 & 3 but had to leave Pandora for the real Pandora RT @KrissOnYT: TWEET SOMETHING!
I know you're always ready for an adventure, anytime anywhere. And this was for a good cause RT @Schwarzenegger: Landing on the Xingu River
If you missed it live, here's a link to my underwater #Sanctum interview w/ @ijustine: #virginmobilelive