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Jacob Lamb
#TheWalkingDeadSeasonFinale has just finished! I feel an emptyness in heart!
Lying in bed on my phone is so much more comfortable then sitting in a cold computer chair :)
Just hit 5,500 followers! Thanks everyone whether your new or been with me since the beginning! 2 week goal = 10,000 followers!
Movie marathon! What's some good movie series to watch?
I wish i was back there.. more then anything.
Is the cyberwar between the Anons and Lizard Squad still on?
Cannot wait for #GameOfThrones #season5 to start next month!
Two week holiday is here! Twitter goal = reach 10,000 followers in 2 weeks! Possible?
@pw2446302 School and work mostly
@pw2446302 It's quite complicated and hard to explain. I appreciate your concern though!
hmmm what are some good movie to watch? Ant suggestions? :)
Movie marathon on Saturday night? Am i right?
Often the mental pain is worse then the physical pain..
Nero: What are your doing here Jax? Jax: What I should have done when my wife was still alive. - Sons of Anarchy
I feel sad every second of every minute of every hour of every day, why?
Tell me why are we so blind to see That the one's we hurt are you and me
@SonsofAnarchy Ah my favourite quote from all the SOA seasons, Jax has just gone into a blind and broken rage
Im a grenade, one day, I'm going to blow up and obliterate everything around me.
@Antoinetoto32 lel, k cya ant mon have fun in your parents basement!
@Antoinetoto32 whys that? Please give me some of your wisdom ant mon and your amazing username choosing skills!
@Antoinetoto32 I know you are, don't even know Gaben is.. Lel
#sydneysiege is over with atleast 1 hostage killed, one police officer injured and the ISIS gunman killed..
"I don’t have a vision anymore. All I see is what’s right in front of me."
@TKrypt I see you're point but things are much cheaper in the US then Australia, i live here, i cant speak for the other countries though.
This! This is your freedom America! This pic isn't from middle east this is #Berkeley, California! #berkeleyprotests
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We are all misfits living in a world on fire
Just got my hands on some cock
@DerpTrolling You were a script kiddie, not a black hat..
@DerpTrolling you were a script kiddie, not a hacker..
Lol, I look ridiculous..
Americans have been taught to think of speeding as a victimless crime. It is not. Speeding kills 10,000 Americans a year.
I can not look into another's eyes and see the same look I see in yours without justification, it is to painful I cannot bear it.
Yes I have risked, I hope I am always able to risk EVERYTHING for the just and right cause.

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