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Jillian Lauren Tica
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@PhoenixKnight15 I've been good as ever, how've you been & yes i do. I don't need you to help me though I already went shopping.
Wood shopping is weird. Lol unless you're building something like a home piece of art.
Rejection's another way to say redirection. You made a wrong choice to a road, you shouldn't take. It doesnt mean you have to stop & give up
@JillianTica I put out a new song called Picture Perfect, check it out and tell me what you think! Thanks…
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1 more month until my birthday! I'll probably bake myself a cake like every year as a gift to myself lol. 🎂🍰
It's good to keep failing and make yourself fall apart because it doesn't take one try to have all your goals achieved to be successful.
Congratulations @JillianTica! You made our list of the August 2014 Top 100 Twitter Users in Toronto, Canada -
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The best feeling in the world is having to find a song for years and one day you just happen to finally find it! :)
A chorus in a song gives me the chills & the butterflies the most. If the beat & lyrics are powerful & meaningful. 😍
People that will never understand will continue to judge and have high expectations, all you can do is not let them bring you down.
Sometimes, friendships & business don't mix together. Sometimes, it does & it can become a teamwork process that can make you both stronger
-> When you're trying to walk and look straight, but pass by someone who is madly staring and flexing beside you is the awkwardest feeling.