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Jillian Lauren Tica
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I think i'm going to die tonight. I'm such a multitask pro, i'm doing an all nighter to do 3 essays. #LastMinute 😭
Re-take. @hitchinstsar 3 songs that I can't stop listening to. 😄
@JillianTica oh Jillian, don't worry, you'll get your voice back in no time.....i promise
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@stereolove1997 i know, i hope so too. I have to wait to know when the next appointment will be.
@JillianTica I could only imagine your anxieties! We'll all keep you in our prayers!
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@JustinSickness yeah, it seems scary & i appreciate it 💙
@Hitchins_Tsar lol, i forgot the word stop & it's really good. 😊
I'm getting sick again. Lord, why? 😢 This surgeon waiting list is going to take time.. I cannot wait to get my voice back.
#ThrowBackThursday #TBT to my photoshoot last year. 😃
My hope for a miracle is it's never too late to start something new or start over. From my experience, opportunity may be your only chance.
@JustinSickness Thank you, I'm nervous for surgery.
2nd doctors appointment, 1 more for laryngoscopy examination then to fix whatever's wrong with my voice.
@JillianTica say it my sister I agree with you a lot think I'm stuck up
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@TONI77303 You shouldn't listen to what people say except if they're positive because you're powerful than worthless people.
@JillianTica “You know, like when you look in the mirror and the thing you see is not the thing as it really is.”
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Peoples criticism & judgmental opinions & actions towards you doesn't define who you are. Your opinions and actions shows who you truly are.
The amount of people who's asking me to get a skype is outrageous. Tell me your usernames! :)
There's so many appointments to do before I get this voice surgery done. 😒
@stereolove1997 Thank you, I got so many appointments. 💙
Sometimes, you have to fall apart hard until you reach your breaking point in order to repair yourself back up.
Another Twitter break. Hopefully, the surgery on my larynx goes strongly awesome. Then I can finally have my Canadian accent & sing again.✌️
I dislike all of the types of essays. Can anyone explain why it exists? 😭
Good people come in the right timing. It's your choice to become a good person, if no one else is. It's never too late to choose correctly.
@TONI77303 i don't sleep til like 4 in the morning & i'm still stressed, so you're not alone & i love you too sis <3
@TONI77303 it's okay, you don't need to tell me then
@TONI77303 oh, what have you been doing?
@TONI77303 @wakarogugucip it was probably one of the tweets you agreed to
@JillianTica One day when were touring Canada we'll have a TSAR tournament!
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I look so different with those small eyes lol.
@JustinSickness Yes! For sure we'll do that! That'll be so much fun
I need to go to another The Killers concert. It was the best night.
Some things are meant to be only for yourself. More people need to realize there are boundaries & limits to reach.