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Jillian Lauren Tica
@cutevarda1 I want that whole day of sleeping to come faster lol
@JillianTica I know u don't get sleep bc of studies that's not good too. But atleast only 7 days left and also weekend coming
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@cutevarda1 I know it isn't and i know it'll come fast. I already died because all my teachers gave me so much assignments & projects
@JillianTica that's true it's ok ur trying ur best u will be inshallah
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@cutevarda1 I know i'm working as hard as I can and that's why I don't get sleep anymore
@JillianTica hehehe yes I am. I'm like proud how u guys working so hard in school to be successful
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@cutevarda1 I know i'm supposed to sis and its cause last year matters most
@cutevarda1 thank you sis, i'll find out on monday
I did so good on mondays english night schools exam. So proud of myself! 👏
Yes, tonight's the final day of night school. I'm going to try get all the answers right on the last day of exams. 😇
I'm now doing bad in my classes 'cause I can't focus. I can no longer sleep. I can't even think straight. Need my strength back.
Definitely not going to school tomorrow. All day homework type of day. 😏
@warriorgirlxo yes i hope we do really good on the multiple choice. I cant wait to see our marks lol
@JillianTica haha! it was actually good went well! and ikr! what about for you?
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@warriorgirlxo It was good too! 1 more day to go. Finally were almost done
Sometimes, spending time with yourself for a day is the best choice. You need to balance out with the people around you, but importantly you
@ZeinaFlower you're lucky you don't have night school anymore and it was easy. We did journals and Wednesday we're doing multiple choice
I totally miss the days, when I used to be good at sports. Now, sports isn't my thing anymore. Such good days.
More homework, when I get home. Here I go again with staying up all night. This time, I have food & drinks to keep me up! 😴
@warriorgirlxo i see you too lol. How was it? So much writing
@JustinSickness @mookdook615 Thank you, bros! I wrote way too much & did my best effort. 💙
So ready to ace this English exam. Here I go! 😊
Studying for English class night school exam like a boss. 🙌👌💪
Night school exams are tonight. Can't wait to get this over with. 😁
#Real lol RT @JillianTica All I want is food! If only there was a food bank nearby..
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Crying doesn't make a difference, but crying and praying makes a difference.
All I want is food! If only there was a food bank nearby..
@RakeyBanks @JustinSickness personal situations that can't be fixed.. It's a long story
@TheRealCooleo yes, there still is & that's good you're doing great!
If only certain people had the guts to show that they care, but some people will always be heartless..