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Jillian Lauren Tica
Start now or keep making the same excuses. You have to start with your own hard effort. No one should do it for you, they should with you.
I give big smiles, when women give me dirty looks. Thanking them makes them give more negative words & looks. Low lives is what I live for.
Birthday #ShoutOut to -> @TenilleSmiithh <- Hope you have the best day. πŸ˜πŸŽ‚πŸ°
My birthday is just an exact 5 days away. 😁
@TONI77303 lol, i'm already happy. I don't need to worry about myself & worrying leads to stress.
@TONI77303 You need to pull yourself together. You can't feel negative all day, if that's what you want to choose.
Never let yourself down, when other people are trying to compete with you. The only competition you have is yourself.
@TONI77303 The song actually sounds good. I thought I wouldn't like it. If I had lots of money, I'd totally pay the front row tickets.
@TONI77303 Yes, you do. Music definitely helps a lot. I don't know who they are lol. Maybe one day I can bring you to their concert
All you need to do is shake off your emotions & take your imagination with yourself where you can empty your mind to fill yourself with joy.
@beckyweckywoowo You're welcome. I know how it feels, when your TL is empty and no one's mentioning you. Now, it's not with me :)
@JillianTica thank you so much for following me I hope we can talk more and become friends
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@TONI77303 You're welcome & I'm so glad I did find you because you deserve the support. :)
Remember, true people in your life are there for you all through your achievements & struggles. Fakes are there for you occasionally.
@JillianTica If u have time check out my single #ThisIsMe on Subscribe+ThumbsUp if u liked! Available on iTunes!
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Can anyone explain why I don't squint like everyone else, when I look at direct sunlight? I dont even wear sunglasses
Forget those things that aren't worth remembering.
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It's already photo day at school.. Haven't done a selfie in a long time.
In this world, society calls it "bad" people. In my world, no one's a bad person. I call it "People choose to make wrong decisions."
It's not always about what you want for other people. If you have high expectations, you wouldn't want someone else trying to control you.
I haven't watched 106 & Park since AJ & Free left that was 2005. It will never be the same without the original hosts.
Never regret words/actions you cant forget. The most difficult test is fight off the negative thoughts/emotions to replace with the positive
@iwasehwhenkeem Haha, yes. Practice makes it better. I did have a photo shoot last year & it was apart of my modelling classes.
@iwasehwhenkeem Oh ok, at least you got caught up & yeah i do too. I don't do anything just yet. I want to clear myself up to do modelling.
@iwasehwhenkeem Oh, why did you have to delete it? & everythings almost okay. I'm getting there, being healthy is slower than becoming happy
If I continue to keep having a real big smile through all my pains & struggles, I want to see the day where I say to you "I'm finally okay."
Thanks @JillianTica for the follow! Only 4 more followers until we get to our goal of 600!
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@YoungClimate You're welcome & I hope my followers see my retweet so they can follow you. :)