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jill ettinger
Anonymous Declares War Following French Attacks… via @Refinery29
Home-Cooked Meals Best Line of Defense in Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, Research Finds… via @OrganicAuthorit
The Best Burger in the U.S…. is a Veggie Burger?… via @OrganicAuthorit
Former McDonald’s CEO Joins Vegan Meat Startup… via @eatdrink_better
Mark Bittman Moves to Vegan Meal Delivery Startup to Help Americans ‘Eat More Plants’… via @OrganicAuthorit
The World’s Top Pharmaceutical Companies May Soon Turn to Lettuce Leaves?… via @OrganicAuthorit
In Los Angeles, One Vegan Bakery Redefines Sweetness… via @OrganicAuthorit
Good morning! FYI, If You Move to Mars You Will Probably Be Eating Your Own Poop…
McDonald’s Franchise Owners Say the ‘Final Days’ are Near… via @OrganicAuthorit
Marine Species ‘Can’t Adapt’ to Climate Change and Overfishing, Study Finds… via @OrganicAuthorit
Drink, er, read up :) Art, Ayahuasca, And Climate Change: Can We Heal Our Way Back To A Healthy Planet? -…
My secret recipe is out! 3-Ingredient Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe (Kid Approved!)… via @OrganicAuthorit
U.S. Dietary Guidelines Won’t Consider Meat’s Impact on Environment… via @OrganicAuthorit
Joanna Newsom’s new LP “Divers” contains “all kind of love songs.” Go inside her sixth album
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The @NRA & the politicians they own must not know this T. Jefferson quote. The 2nd Amendment is a FUCKING BOY'S COAT.
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‘Whole Paycheck’ Goes No Paycheck: Whole Foods Market Cuts 1,500 Jobs to Lower Prices… via @OrganicAuthorit
Is ‘GMO-Free’ the Next Big (Meaningless) Marketing Gimmick?… via @OrganicAuthorit
PETA Calls Whole Foods Market’s Bluff on ‘Humanely Raised Meat’… via @OrganicAuthorit
U.S. Finally Pardons Chimpanzees From Cruel Lab Experiments… via @ecosalon
holeee fuck run the jewels
Federal Court Rules in Favor of Honey Bees, Blocks EPA-Approved Pesticide… via @OrganicAuthorit
Marissa Mayer and Maternity Leave: How We Parent in America…
From Cashews, Vegan Cheese is Guilt-Free Love at First Bite…
Note to self: Buy a puppy costume. Dwayne Johnson Jumps in Pool to Rescue 2 Drowning Puppies…
California Assembly approves right-to-die legislation
So Maybe Watch This the Next Time You Want to Tease a Vegetarian? [Video]… via @OrganicAuthorit
Amazon Wants to Replace Your Farmers Market With One Simple Click… via @ecosalon
Amazon Wants to Replace Your Farmers Market With One Simple Click
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"If we want any kind of livable future for our children, we have to make bold choices"…
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Americans Still Have Bad Eating Habits: Restaurant Spending Overtakes Grocery Sales… via @OrganicAuthorit
Undercover Animal Farm Investigator Turns the Camera on Himself, and You’ll be Glad He Did… via @OrganicAuthorit
It’s Definitely the Pesticides: Study Confirms Honeybee Deaths Linked to Agrochemicals… via @OrganicAuthorit
Kids ARE Pure Evil: They Throw Away Healthy School Lunches, Study Finds… via @eatdrink_better
From Fast Food to Hospital Farms? Hospital Food Gets the Ultimate Makeover… via @OrganicAuthorit
In the Race to the White House, Bernie Sanders Brings Cheers and Tears… via @ecosalon
Consumer Reports Finds All Ground Beef ‘Potentially’ Loaded With Fecal Matter… via @OrganicAuthorit
Factory Farm Toy Parody Will Make You Swear Off Big Food Forever… via @OrganicAuthorit
Jonathan Franzen is now gleefully enraging feminists, considered adopting Iraqi baby:
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On the Quest for Healthy Carbs, the Debate Continues: Should We or Shouldn’t We Eat Grains?… via @eatdrink_better
Breastfeeding exposes babies to water- and stain-proofing chemicals — Environmental Health News
French Farmers Find a Home in Vending Machines as Nation Battles Over Food Prices… via @OrganicAuthorit
Can Hampton Creek Foods, Inc. Change the World With Mayonnaise? Behind the Label… via @ecosalon
Bulletproof Coffee ‘FATWater': The Ridiculously Tragic Sign That the Apocalypse is NOW… via @OrganicAuthorit
Your Red Meat Addiction is Killing More Than Just the Cow: Widespread Extinction Linked to Beef Production…
“Those for whom words have lost their value are likely to find that ideas have also lost their value.” ―Edwin Newman

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