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jill ettinger
"you're not a real bear" ah! :( Muppet Movie 1979 camera test: The banter is so hilariously improvised.:
Because It's the Best Song Ever: Why 'Happy' Makes Pharrell (and Probably You) Cry [Video]… via @ecosalon
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Diabetes Drug Manufacturer to Pay $9 Billion in Damages for Cancer Link:…
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"time does not change us. it just unfolds us." - max frisch
What if You Woke Up Tomorrow and Cinnabon Was Vegan?…
and then at 7-months-old her eyes turned into slinkies. @bazanovic
'Mandatory' Hepatitis A Vaccine Discussion Spurred by Foodborne Illness Outbreaks… via @OrganicAuthorit
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i hate game of thrones. yawn, your grace.
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