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Isang kotse pinaulanan ng bala sa lungsod ng Mandaluyong; mga pulis,nag-iimbestiga na at inaalam kung may nasaktan. | @VargasMannysen @dzbb
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Girl, ang panget mo pramis
I was there for you, remember that.
It's fine when people put a little bit more pressure and expect a little bit more out of you, after all, pressure makes diamonds, carry on.
Funny, while other people are busy talking shit behind my back and minding my life, I'm either sleeping like a baby or having a good time.
I'll run away with your footsteps, I'll build a city that dreams for two and if you lose yourself, I will find you.
The truth is, I can't hate someone I don't care about.
Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. And you’ll sleep better.
Those who call other girls sluts when they themselves are known to others as even bigger whores, pathetic shit.
Even selfless bastards are selfless because it makes them feel good. Fuck off.
The root of love is acceptance. But its fuel is kindness. And kindness means you make it easy for the other to accept you.
There's nothing left for us than us left dangling just a little shamefaced. #np
"All desires are valid for a man with a full purse."
50 shades of I can't believe I still have to do this shit.
"Uso po ang tinatawag nilang 'pressed powder. Magbaon po tayo minsan, ha?" Repeat until hindi ka na mukhang endorser ng Minola.
One line I remember from Memoirs of a Geisha is said by Nobu: "I do not like things held up in front of me that I cannot have.
I remember every corner of your room.
This week on twitter: 2 new followers, One new unfollower and followed One person via
I refuse to be rejected. I'm a strong, intelligent, and attractive young man who never gets anything done.
Kung may ibang dumating, Sino ang iibigin? Ikaw pa rin.
Girl, wa kaming care
do you ever talk to the person you like and your heart starts doing some dubstep shit? me? yizzzzzz
why brag about being down to earth when you can brag about being smart
buy your own night out. buy your own lifestyle. and if you can't, have something to give.
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