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jaspreet grewal
I'm starting Greys Anatomy being fully aware that it's about to take over my life
If Obama had lost in 2012, we'd currently be discussing the CRomneybus. Just sayin'.
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So so so so so happy!!
My fav thing about getting my hair done, is getting my hair shampooed.... Relaxing as fuck
But I do need to get my hair done today, for which I shall pass through any storm πŸ’†πŸ’
I guess I won't leave my house today😁
Winds are starting to pick up now. Gusts could reach 50-80 mph during the height of the storm! #STORMWATCH
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Had a dream with @Arysucka12 in it... Must mean I miss her or something 😜
Mood after soa finale & realizing it's over for good😭
Sittin' by my tv. Count in' down. Final ride...can't wait! Love you SOA. You have meant so much to me. Here weeee go!! Haha!
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β€œ@tbhsassyturtle: all aboard the tortoise taxi entrance from the rear” @dividdesigns
Can't believe SOA is coming to an end tonight 😭 what is life?
I'm probably gonna get in a car crash one day tryna save these squirrels!
Most Expenslve Dog in World is Tibetan Mastiff with Price Tag of $2 million
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If I was a cop, I would take advantage of this fog for hideouts lol
β€œ@Gaming_Posts: The PS1 was released 20 years ago today! Retweet if you had one!” @LAnative08
Submission hold is not the same as chokehold by NYPD rules. Garner died of heart attack. Excessive force should STILL be on the table.
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Most Expensive Actor in World SHAH RUKH KHAN @iamsrk with Worth over $600Million
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This is the first time Jax has gotten blood on his Air Force Ones, ever #SOA
Reading the news to finding out my high school teacher passed away 😭 rip mr hallπŸ’›
I hate when your so hungry then you get food and your not hungry anymore
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that face you make when you're about to sneeze πŸ˜‚
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Ferguson protests are getting ridiculous. Being wreckless and endangering others accomplishes nothing except making your cause look bad.
My friends and brothers have died defending that flag. This isn't justice, this is disgusting #Ferguson .
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my date last night, he's pretty good lookin' 😜
β€œ@Fillionaire: Since when did the world revolve around you” since I was born?
I should probably stop thinking I'm a part of tv shows and the people on it are my friends.