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jaspreet grewal
I love when my Starbucks drink is mostly foam... $5 well spent 😒
when you figure out who the killer is before the episode ends
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@Fillionaire: I'm so fuckin stupid” actually you admitting makes you smarter than most lol
@GSlocum92: There he is with his giants hat on. #poser” we watched him instead of the game lol
My goal in life is to be as happy as this nigga in this video lmao
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Apple’s iPad Air 2/Retina iMac event is now available for replay
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Those who can't own up to their mistakes won't change.
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When you show ur parents a pic on your phone and they start swiping
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When you're in class tweeting and someone in your class retweets it
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The nightmares I had after all the haunted houses last night... Were pretty darn cool 👻
The girl at nations laughed at me when I asked for a whole pie... Do people not do that? Why would you only stop at a slice?
Nothing is sexier than a freshly baked banana créme pie. Mmm
Freak show is the best season yet! #ahs
I've been counting down for AHS! Let the freak show begin!
So the Texas Ebola patient died this morning.. It's sad but really hoping that was the first & the last case in the US🚫
when your friend ask you to repeat your story again cause they were on their phone not paying attention
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When you and the squad drunk AF headed to the club and you see another squad just as turnt
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SOA just got crazy!
I watched this like 20 times and I'm still laughing
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Unfortunately my now ex husband can't say the same….
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Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this.....
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Nothing like enjoying my coffee & this beautiful weather.
Update your phone people!! #iOS8
Football is the real entertainment