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Air traffic controller proposes to girlfriend in mid-flight
V Stiviano says she never slept with Donald Sterling because he is gay:
Man uses dating site to rape six women, says he was expecting arrest:
Why do men on reality TV shows in tropical locations wear necklaces?
Here's a Tumblr of food so fancy it looks like Iggy Azalea
Nick Cannon reveals he and Mariah had been living apart for months.
Jennifer Hudson is very offended by the media
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Conservative Congress candidate poses with wholesome horse erection
Burdens of elder care fall on daughters, not sons
Mom feeds her daughter tapeworms to slim her down for a beauty pageant
This 100-year-old sex therapist is just as wise and awesome as you'd hope
Man leaves kids in car to go get drunk, gets beaten up by other drinkers
The rapid decline in the teen birth rate remains a giant mystery
Soon you can read Laura Ingalls Wilder's original, adults-only memoir
Stanford student compares rape to not locking up a bike
Rich people work out to lose weight, poor people take diet pills
Chris Pratt visits kids' hospital in Guardians of the Galaxy costume
Katie Holmes serves prim and proper justice in Miss Meadows
Another clinic closes, thanks to Ohio's shitty abortion laws
21 things I learned from 131 years of Ladies Home Journal
Dating Naked contestant mad that her naked body appeared on TV
Bigots use Robin Williams to support "ex-gay conversion therapy"
New Kia commercial features sexed-up lady hamsters
George R.R. Martin is ready to kill your favorite Game of Thrones character
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon already worked out the details of their divorce
Some white people still think Mike Brown's death isn't about race
Mo'ne Davis pulled as pitcher for now, remains queen of America's heart
Even more of the dumbest reviews on Yelp
Forget the hosts: The View is going to be all about SOCIAL MEDIA
Airplane TV screens might go the way of portable CD players
Lawsuit: People magazine is a "discriminatory organization"
Doctor accused of sexual harassment: that wasn't my dick, it was a bottle
Badass Texas Wendy Davis wants to end the statute of limitations on rape
American Horror Story: Freak Show finally has an official air date
Watch Justin Bieber shave his horrible little mustache
Fark to add 'misogyny' to list of bannable offenses:
Schools in Los Angeles to end zero tolerance policies:
Why do some men wear boxers/briefs under their swimsuits?
Nick Offerman reads the best posts from Reddit's 'Shower Thoughts'
Taiwan eatery very sorry for naming pasta dish "long live the Nazis:"
Same-sex marriages have been blocked in Virginia:
Drake and Rihanna hung out twice, 'proof' that they are humping again:
Coco Rocha is super chill
Stop giving losers trophies (especially if they're kids)
Your unlimited data plan is going extinct
Catch your horny teen dry-humping? Make it better with this amazing cake
Selfie is truly My Fair Lady for the social media generation
SeaWorld officially gives up having their trainers swim with orcas
Every outfit Shelley Long wears in Troop Beverly Hills, ranked