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Jennifer Lawrence has a bad case of the Mondays
Downton Abbey dog's life might be in danger, thanks to ISIS
What no one tells you about your BRCA mutation
Iggy Azalea falls victim to the SNL curse
Court upholds conviction of Dr. George Tiller's murderer
Watch Dame Jane Goodall show John Oliver how chimps eat bananas
Beyoncé is launching an activewear line with Topshop
Mama June let Honey Boo Boo hang out with her molester boyfriend
Quarantined nurse's boyfriend: Chris Christie "messed with the wrong redhead."
Walmart's website features a special "Fat Girl Costumes" section.
Impressionist performs Forget You" in 25 different celebrity voices.
Man chokes woman he met online because she didn't match her profile description:
Kelly Clarkson gospelizes Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off';
Gamergate's 'ethics in gaming journalism' claim debunked by use of journalism:
Oklahoma witch arrested for meth claims it is part of her religion:
Ebola is apparently making people afraid of African cuisine now:
Proof that cats are the absolute worst to work with:
Asshole drunkenly throws Chihuahua puppy at a Starbucks window
Taylor Swift's album will include polaroids with handwritten lyrics
It's a cat dressed as Princess Jasmine riding a Roomba
Book by legal scholar gets the chick lit cover treatment
Old fart known as Gene Simmons wants women to quit depending on men
Please put me in quarantine: the sexy Ebola Halloween costume is here
Chef responds to bad Yelp review with unhinged, racist FB messages
Female lawyers group asks NBC to put 'Bad Judge' out of its misery
CA police officer stole nude photos from female DUI arestee's phone
LeVar Burton makes dreams come true, reads "Go The Fuck To Sleep."
Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Recreate Sia's "Chandelier" Music Video
Nurse placed in quarantine despite testing negative for Ebola
Usher is finally going to show Justin Bieber some tough love
That one time a drunk old man thought Mindy Kaling was Malala Yousafzai
Iranian woman executed for killing alleged rapist despite global outcry
Kate Hudson's impersonation of Matthew McConaughey is perfect
Rainn Wilson drops Vine star Curtis Lepore from comedy series
Man tries to obtain addresses of strippers so he can pray for them
Husky is very suspicious of fake rat Halloween decoration
Lululemon partners up with the Dalai Lama in odd charity pact
Quitting grooming won't get women anywhere
NY Craigslist dude seeks woman to accompany him on Ebola getaway
This KFC sandwich is a portent of the end times
So help me Hera, the Wonder Woman movie will have a female director
Tragic Washington high school shooting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured
Gwyneth Paltrow is 'openly' dating 'Glee' producer 'behind closed doors'
Julianne Moore takes a brave stance against hickeys
Magnificent '80s Oprah counsels a woman who had sex with a ghost
A bass singer covers "All About That Bass," just like you asked
Report: Mama June's sex offender ex molested her own daughter
You are YouTubing Halloween make-up tutorials right now
Kiesza's clothes become dancers in her "No Enemiesz" video
L'Oreal buys Carol's Daughter following bankruptcy