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#????_????_??? تتوقع لوانك طالع محتشم فيه احد يتعرض لك؟ والله البنات مايتعرضون الشاب المستتر الشاب المحتشم فخر لأمه كنز لزوجته قدوه لابنائه
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Just never tell a secret to someone who isn't comfortable sitting in silence.
ابغا أحد العب معه شطرنج. ☺
إعلان ترويجي من شركة هونداي تبين الحاسة السادسة للأب
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It's a beautiful day to not give a shit.
Feels like I haven't felt happy in a long time.
I wonder who was the first person to see a bird soaring high above & think it a good idea to capture it and lock it in a cage
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Eating healthy is probably most difficult thing to do in life.
لما اتجوز كل يوم و انا راجع البيت هجبلها شيكولاتة
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Might go back to watching mad men 👌🌸
حقيقة الفتيات اللاتي يظهرن في اللقطات الإخبارية !
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"كيم" مصور افلام وثائقية كان يقوم بتثبيت الكميرا لتصوير حياة وحيد القرن الأسود فهجم عليه فجأة فتخلص منه بحيلة بارعة
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إيش اسوي في حياتي الآن ☺
Officially a graduate 🙊❤
Congraaaaaatttsss beauty from a success to another yarb ❤❤❤❤…
Its impossible to go wrong with black clothes
When I was 7 I begged my parents to get me a panda........ I still do #DonTjudge
The longer you wait to do homework the older you will be... Therefore wiser
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Want to lose weight but not have to work out? If you do meth and cocaine at the same time it creates a chemical reaction, pounds fall off!
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My whole life was built on a lie .... *smh*…
when u get home from school and see how ugly you looked all day
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تبغا تلهيني عن المذاكرة أو أي شي اسويه ؟ حط قناة ناشونال جيوغرافيك ☺
اللهم اجعل قلبي معلقا بحبك ثم بحبك رسولك ❤️
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Lmao. How to kill a trend 😂#enoughh W/ Leslie
If you want something just do it yourself, things are that simple.
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I feel like Jon Snow in most of my finals.. I know nothing 😭
ههههههههههههههههه. ذس…
Met a girl who supposedly watches Arrow cause Oliver is hot basically
أحب أن أُهدي الـGPA أغنية: خذ راحتك ما عادها تفرق معي 🎶
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In the mood for a good movie and snacks.
And my bank is about to freeze my account and idk why and it makes me wanna sit and cry cause I'm not in the mood to spend a full day there
To the "Shut up and take my money" I present you this.... -
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مستحيل تدخلين صالون ومايصير لج هالموقف😂😂
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Gimme Ice cream and hugs
When a boy says "what you talking about?" after sending him a paragraph explaining why you're mad
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