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Drinking water while chewing mint gum be like
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I'd honestly rather be friends with a murderer than a slow texter.
I need a break before I would break.
"Anything that's worth having, sure enough worth fighting for"
Zoom in on every bodies face😂�Ur
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You can never have enough ice cream.
🔻 وَقُلْ رَبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيراً "صور مؤثرة لأب وثق بها مراحل نموه مع ابنه على مدى 28 عاماً".u
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#growingupwithsisters when you hear your sister walk in the door and you're wearing her shirt
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One of #Gemini's favourite thing to do is "people watch", to sit back and analyse peoples behaviour and try to figure them out
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I would forgive every Spider-Man reboot ever if they actually cast Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson.
We don't give Vine celebrites enough credit for making us despise someone in as little as six seconds.
But I mostly really love when my teammates on cvc in RnG loses their shit and starts throwing rockets 😂�#ptp#GTAOnlinene
I love the lag in #GTA I love how the enemy respawns behind me. I love how the helmets work great for some ppl more than others. #poem ☺❤
I can't take #GTAV seriously because of the lag. Period.
Niggas be complaining about helmets in RnG then be wearing em *smh* #GTAOnline
Where is my Windows 10 you promised 😒
This song is such an inspiration... #PS4share
Well I just judged a book by its cover because screw you.
Thanks people on Twitter, for your inspirational tweets. No wonder we have lesbians.
wow oh I didn't know jim carrey was against both vaccines and good movies
The modern definition of "peace of mind" is actually by deactivating WhatsApp.
Bring back Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & Friends and I might bare the universe again
There is a difference between being funny and being a complete asshole.
I gotta say watching house of cards and the blacklist right around the same town was a smart move.
Sounds like my life
Pokemons are real you noob 👋.2
It's a jungle out there.
The less people in your life, the less problems you would have. It's simple math.
Actually fake people don't surprise me anymore... loyal people do.
Then there is cleaning the dishes part.…
إذا كنت في جزيرة معزولة، فكيف ستقضي وقتك؟ — بأسوي جبل من الرمل لين ربي يفرجها
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شكراً للناس اللي جنبنا دايما بدون سبب، بدون شروط، بدون مصالح *
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Also I like how you snapchat all your food choices all day it really is worth my internet data plan. #pt
You're so cool on snapchat your 45 seconds story of your kids is so worth my battery!
No amount of rage control techniques can prevent u from losing yours shit when u deal with slow fothermucker internet.
من عافنا عفناه وأن كان غالي.
But if u took the time to actually record a song with the lyrics, “I don’t give a fuck about you”, I feel like u probably give a huge fuck🐸☕
Yes plz gamer girl take a pic with the controller and ur cleavage yes plz so the whole world gives u all of its attention #attentionwhores

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