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Good evening sweet potato.
Never talk shit about other people who work their butts off if your only source of income is that tired extra arm between your legs.
"@edsssssssss: @JETTYFIERCE taray! Antonette Taus! TGIS days ang peg! #90steenqueen" Kim delos Santos fayatolla days sis.
"@OhEmGIL: Matinee Idol levels ka jan Sisth @JETTYFIERCE πŸ˜†" - anong era sis? Today? Patrick Garcia? Or Wowee De Guzman?
"@marcgow: @JETTYFIERCE Umaapaw sa freshness! Dapat talaga JettyFresh na username mo. hihi :)" - ayyy grabe naman. Salamarse!
Yung ibang ariel, muriatic acid, eskinol etc transformation mas lumala pa ang fez after lumaklak nung product punyeta. Itigil nyo nga yan! πŸ˜‚
Anna Wintour, bridging pop music gaps together. Thank you momma Wintour! #MetGala #MetGala2015
I have to be honest. Those photos made me happy, and a lot of little monsters, katycats and madonsters as well.
Oh my fucking god. Did that really happen??
Good morning cupcake.
New building, new environment. Goodbye congested smoking area. YAAAASSSSSSS!
Introducing the newest PLDT HOME Regine Series with the best ndd and idd call rates. Happy to be part…
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I miss tweeting about Gaga to the extent that it already annoys people who are following me.
well I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway but I didn't mean for it to sound like that I apologize
Gay asf huggiinngggg
Mother's day na nga pala sa Sunday. Omg. Ano kayang magandang gift kay mommy dearest?
Good morning cutie patooties.
Aanhin mo ang katawang MASKULADO, kung kasing tangkad ka lang naman ng GASULITO?
You're not single by choice. You're single because you're nobody's choice. Echusera!
Are we down to the last 2 episodes of #RevengeABC starting tomorrow? Omg that's sad. #GoodbyeRevenge
Back to reality? Where da fuck did you come from? Narnia? Hogwarts? Encatadia?
No worries Pacquiao you won me πŸ™
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50% discount on @Jollibee CHAMPS today. Burp!
Call me old school but I like the fans getting their money's worth by watching an action packed fight.
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Do not reference Mayweather to us gays, it's offensive. Don't use Gayweather.
Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and the most judgmental go to church on Sundays.
This fight may not change their fortune but this will definitely define their careers and future. I'm wishing Manny to win this. #SugodManny
.@lizasoberano fighting like a girl means? Fighting weak? Fighting below the standards of being strong? #JustAsking
When Manny is not jabbing that's when he is losing the fight. #MayPac
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Floyd is so clingy like the random guy u met once online and thinks you're already his boyfriend. Yakap pa! #GoManny #MayPac
The sky is crying. Are these tears for Manny or for Floyd? We'll eventually know. #GoManny #SugodManny #MayPac #PacquiaoMayweather
Mayweather now warned for holding behind the head, 4th time he's done so
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Manny chose an Emmy Award winning host beside him during the entrance while Floyd had a Grammyless piece of overly drawn puberty. #GoManny
Power is back! πŸ˜‰

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