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The real story inside the happy image. 😞
Hello, hello, hello! πŸ‘
Toxic week since last week. I've never been this excited for the weekend to come! 😱
It's happening! #GagaOnLetterman in the next 15 min! Trend it Monsters! We perform 'G.U.Y' and 'DOPE' from our Roseland 7 night residency!
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"@TomyKMonster: Lady Gaga’s FULL OUTFIT while arriving at her apartment in New York City today!"
Dozing off. πŸ’€ Goodnight Pretty Creatures. 🎠
Since last week, I shower 3-4 times a day. Nakakaloka ang init.
Why are people still afraid of pranks? It's April 2 Pinoys! Wag feeling amerikano.
Til this week pa ako toxic. Omg. 😩😨
Mayong Buntag sa nag iisa at walang katulad - may iba pa ba? @JETTYFIERCE hahaha!
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Lady Gaga as you've never seen her before. On sale Friday.
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it is a mantra for people who are creatively inclined. It speaks deep to your soul, or not at all #ARTPOP.
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She has a good heart and an extraordinary talent. Bye Milk! @bigandmilky #DragRace
I really loved @bigandmilky at the start of the competition but I've developed lactose intolerance watching her. #DragRace
Congratulations @AdoreDelano you did really great this week! #DragRace
Me singing Bad Romance to legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic #ARTPOP moments happening in real life πŸ‘―
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Awwww the most beautiful side of Queen @TheBiancaDelRio πŸ’˜οΏ½#DragRacece
"She's overthinking. She's thinking about a sandwich." - @TheBiancaDelRio to @dariennelake #DragRace πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Bianca is doing amazing. She's fuckin' hilarious. She's everything I wanna be when I'm 57." - @AdoreDelano πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#DragRaceace
Hip Hop Drag Queens! #DragRace πŸ’…
You are the fiercest. I got your back @JETTYFIERCE
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@JETTYFIERCE nope! Not yet! Your tweets are entertaining!!! Haha
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Get ahold of yourself girl, before it's too late. You're not god. @annecurtissmith
If in any way my tweets make you feel uncomfy, diabetic, or feverish, by all means, please BLOCK me. It's FREE. πŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊπŸ˜Š
If people don't give a shit about u tweeting who you date, what you eat or whatever basic fuckery you're doing. Take a seat and do the same.
See? Here they are. LMAO.
I'm sure, a lot of basic brainless bitches are unfollowing me now bec theyre itching to argue but they know they can't back it up. Idgaf. πŸ˜ƒ
Remember when Anne Curtis tweeted "Learn the art of dedma"? Maybe that's the reason why she never learns. SMH…
.@sam_concepcion I am sorry for whatever happened at Vice Ganda's party.
I wonder what kind of juice diet or any physiological imbalance will she use as a lame excuse this time? We'll see. LMAO.
@JETTYFIERCE She is wreaking havoc amongst her co workers in her station. sad! i really used to love her so much!
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Magsosorry sa tweet. Lungkut lungkutan sa #ItsShowtime Tweet ni Vice. Damage control. After a few months, BACK TO MALDITA. REPEAT!
ABS CBN Management is surely off their feet, planning how will they execute another effective damage control. πŸ˜‚
"@EMANNcipated: @JETTYFIERCE pang hall of fame na siya. Hahaha" - More like HALL OF SHAME.
@JETTYFIERCE mukhang may nangyari nga kahapon based sa tweets ni sam and friends nya.. Nakakaloka. 😱
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"Kahit anong mangyari mahal ka pa din namin Anne Curtis!" - ansabe ng mga walang utak na fantards. πŸ˜‚
Kasing LANSA ng ugali mo ang bago, pero non original mong teleserye. Pweh! #DYESEBEL
These self entitled celebrities reveal their true colors when they're under the influence of alcohol. Some of them never learn. Sad.
PEP SCOOP. Anne Curtis reportedly tells Sam Concepcion at Vice Ganda’s party: β€œYou’re not even classy enough t...
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As if Vice Ganda is classy enough to hold a party like that. Gahd.
I wonder in what way will her voluntarily stupid fantards defend Anita this time? Hmmmmm..…
Sis @NaomiCampbell pakiconfirm mo nga kung totoo 'to. 😜
"@OhohFylGo: @JETTYFIERCE kmukha mo po tlga hehe kala ko nga knna ikaw yun eh :)))" - Anlayo ehhhh. 😩
Tisay version mo @JETTYFIERCE! Kyot haha :D RT @iamPoGay_: ☺️✨✨✨✨ CONGRATS TO "KENJiE" !! <3<3<3 #iampogay <3<3<3
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