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Monday + Bed Weather = a student's & morning employee's worst nightmare
If I'm straight, I'd marry a girl who looks like Sarah Geronimo. πŸ’˜ SarahPiolo On GGV
SarahPiolo on GGV! Ganda ganda ng Pop Royalty talaga. The ponytail made her face look more radiant and glowing. πŸ’–
Si Ryan & Franco ung mga typical na baklang tukling nung highschool. Maliliit na payat, parang mga baklang praying mantis. #PBB737Assurance
Stop trying to make Kamille-Kenzo happen, it's not gonna happen!! *Regina George voice* #PBB737Assurance
This season sucks. U ruined it after exploiting d innocent cast then putting d blame on ur viewers after being called out. #PBB737Assurance
Kamille-Kenzo naman ngayon? The level of promiscuity your show promotes to our youth is higher than my grandpa's hairline. #PBB737Assurance
If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you're gonna love somebody else?
If only the weather is more like this and less tropical. Plus, no flood anywhere. It's going to be a lovely country. #RainLover
Spending this day rewatching films I love, sleeping, cuddling, kissing and smoking after. Oh I love the rain. β˜” πŸ’‹
So fab ng musical playlist ng @Spotify_PH I feel like an aristocrata. πŸ˜„ Julie Andrews, Barbara S, Phantom of the Opera. Thank you!
Bagyong Egay is here, expect an increase in site traffic for Grindr, Scruff and Hornet.
But you were history with the slamming of the door, and I've made myself so strong again somehow....
Good morning rain wanderers. β˜”
Happy 25th anniversary @SKYserves! Free premium channels for everyone until July 11! Hooray! 🎠
90s kids! Which local teleserye villain are you?
Sa susunod na @PBBabscbn mga young or middle aged adults na sana. Nakakaumay na yung teen harutan at landian. Pweh. πŸ˜₯#PBB7372ndNomiNightt
Oh lawd, lakas ng ulan. β˜” good evening.
"Elephants kill 500 humans a year. Humans kill 20,000 elephants a year." @natgeowild
Marching Minion & Guard Minion Soldier #minions
In places no one will find, all your feelings so deep inside. 😐
There were nights of endless pleasure, it was more than any laws allow.
Weekend finally!!
Waley maeevict tonight dhl ibuibuild up ang "loveteam" nina Bailey & Barbie at bakas na lang ng nakaraan ang KenLey. #PBB7371stEvictionNight
Putting the blame on your viewers aka your customers just to save your filthy corporate asses. How convenient. #PBB7371stEvictionNight
Kawawa naman ang social media. Nasisi pa dahil sa pagiging ratings & publicity thirsty ng @PBBabscbn. #BlameGame #PBB7371stEvictionNight
We will be shutting down free 24/7 livestreaming of the program on cable TV STARTING TONIGHT. #PBB737Online
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If you weren't called out by MTRCB, you wouldn't be calling us malicious or immature. #SavingFace #PBB737 #PBBOnline #Plasticada #Ipokrita
Your gayness can be detected even from outer space.
He was in love with the person he thought you were.
He apologized but his ego is taller than him and didn't feel like forgiving. They are still not talking to each other.
Verbal diarrhea. πŸ’©
Lightning don't strike, the same place twice.
He wanted to tell him that he misses him but he knew that wouldn't change anything so he kept pretending he didnt.
Magandang umaga mga kaibigang oso! 🐻
Whatever happened to Jiro Manio that he became homeless living in the kindness of NAIA 3 employees? 😒
Hyaluronic Mask Check. Double Espresso Check. Cellphone with emails I wish not to read check. MONDAY…
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Will start watching #Sense8 πŸ˜„
Beautiful afternoon! 😊
It's unfortunate that we have incorrigible bigots inside the LGBT community.
I feel like more of myself with these spikes on my head. πŸ˜„
Back to basics. βœ‚ πŸ’‡
Good morning! 😊 en route to Cavite! 🐚
"The real story" aka our way to skyrocket the ratings. #PBB7371stNomiNight…
When your friend is hyperventilating but there's no brown bag available.
Eh yung todo hanash ka sa #LoveWins tapos bigla mong narealize, wala ka naman palang jowa. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel privileged in this lifetime to have witnessed the LGBT community and supporters shift public…
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