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"@jonasiology: @JETTYFIERCE Nice polo. It complements a nice face." - Awwww you're so kind to say that. 😊
"@jpatrickfiloteo: @JETTYFIERCE guapo!!" - Ikaw naman, maliit na bagay. 😊
#MasOkayKung tanggap natin ang pagkakaiba ng bawat isa. Hindi yung lahat na lang pinapansin at nilalait natin. #PayoSaSarili #ChosLangGaga
#FeelingMoNaman porket naka-bra, skirt at mahaba ang buhok mo eh babae ka na. Mas malaki pa kaya nota mo sa braso ko.
#FeelingMoNaman bet ka din nya. Bored lang sya tanga.
#FeelingMoNaman may papansin sa'yo kapag hindi ka na nakahubad at binabastos ang sarili mo.
#MasOkayKung tumulong ka muna sa magulang mo, bago ka maghari-harian sa twitter, eh ni hindi ka nga makahanap ng disenteng trabaho.
#MasOkayKung sasabihin mong BAKLA ka at di BISEXUAL. Di lahat ng bakla nagpapalda, make-up at long herada. Gumising ka sa katotohanan sis.
You're not a boss, you're a BOO. @mirjanapuhar #ANTM #ANTMCycle21
Mirjana is too short to be a model and don't lay the Kate Moss card right now bec she's definitely not a Kate Moss! Go home. #ANTM
Werkkkkkkk it queen of fierce slayage!!! @LenoxTillman #ANTM #ANTMCycle21
Shei looks cute in the panel. Love her! #ANTMCycle21 #ANTM
This bitch is a cunty mess. Lol. #ANTM #ANTMCycle21
Alright, see how Denzel indirectly called Mirjana a "whore"? LMAO #ANTMCYCLE21 #ANTM
I'm sooooo glad Kelly called Denzel's homophobic ass out! Ha! #ANTMCycle21
It's a good thing Denzel apologized to Will even if we know he just did it bec Tyra called him out. It's cool. #ANTMCycle21
Korina @EmmerichNY could learn a lot from Emily tbh. #ProjectRunway
Everybody thought Sandhya was the judges' baby this season but it turned out to be Char. Ugh. She didn't deserve that spot. #ProjectRunway
This is the most underwhelming season of #ProjectRunway ever.
"@cnni: Breaking the taboo: It's time to talk about mental health: #WorldMentalHealthDay" - @amandabynes
BRUSCO BAZAAR IN CGS libertad st Mandaluyong, Tomorrow and Saturday 10am-10pm! See you there!
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Happy Weekend! Oo, happy na ako dyan. 😉
Rihanna, Cold Play and Katy Perry? That's a no brainer. Def RIHANNA. #SUPERBOWLHALFTIME #superbowl2014
Expect a lip sync extravaganza in this year's #SUPERBOWLHALFTIME performance. 😑
Looks like many people are not happy with Katy Perry performing at the super bowl...
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Katy Perry is going to embarrass herself at the Super Bowl! You need to be able to sing...
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The higher the hair, the closer to God.
I am getting married and my boyfriend and I are going to be on the cover People magazine .
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So I'm laughing all the way to the bank because I will sue them all
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They continue to write lies about me and it really hurts my feelings because they are calling me insane and I'm actually really smart.
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We always bitch and whine about things we can't get that we forget to thank for those things that we already have.
Happy Birthday Lady @HausOfJam
Bitch. Cunt. Slut.
Happy Birthday Ry! @ryan_chua
"By far the most freakish thing of all tonight was your pathetic attempt at singing." #WeAreAllFreaks #AHSFREAKSHOW
I love how they maintained Jessica Lange's signature lit up a stick, puffs and throws her dialogue acting. So much win! #WeAreAllFreaks
The pilot episode was adequately weird, freaky, bizarre & strange. All of which builds up the concept of this season. Brava! #WeAreAllFreaks
"@BuzzFeed: This Guy Has Been Instagramming Himself Made Up Like Female Celebrities" @pochoy29
#MasHAPPYKapag magkasundo ang JaDine and KathNiel 😊 CHOS! Go lang mag-away away kayo. 😂
Simply the best interview ever conducted!
When we receive compliments we know we don't deserve, it automatically turns into an insult. - you're so pogi, I'm jealous. 😉