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Jetty Fierce
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The fact that you needed to announce that "you don't give a fuck" is already a proof that you indeed gave a fuck.
Season 1 FINALE was 😨😨😨�#QueerAsFolksFolk
Happy Birthday to one of the most hardcore and loyal @JustSarahG fans - @juncipriano 🎂 🎈 🎊 😍 enjoy your day and have a bla#Popstersters
I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
And it's eating too much time dedicated for sleep as well. 😢#ClashOfClanss
#ClashOfClans is eating too much of the time dedicated for my US TV series. 😣
Good Morning Queers! 😈
"@Szham: @JETTYFIERCE and Justin too, super sexy attractive twink. LOL" - I'm too old to be a twink. 😂😂
I'm a little bit of a Michael with a pinch of an Emmet and a touch of a Brian. Totally not a Ted. Ha! #QueerAsFolk #QAF
I know I'm a decade and almost a half late, but #QueerAsFolk is LOVE! Why didn't I give this a try when I was still a teenager?
Working from home tonight. 😉
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars. 🌟 😘
I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just a touch of a hand. 💋
Grabe this episode! Can't wait for next week! #Revenge
OMG what just happened with that interview??! #Revenge
This ungrateful bitch called Charlotte. #Revenge
I hope Carol intentionally infiltrated the hospital and blasts the entire building after saving Beth. #TheWalkingDead
I love that Beth's not weak anymore. Girl's turned into a cold blooded sneaky fighter. #BadAssBeth #TheWalkingDead
"'s easy to make a deal with the devil if you're not the one paying the price." #TheWalkingDead
Oh that bitch. #TeamRick is gonna get your ass for doing that to Beth! #TheWalkingDead
Oh. Season 1, Episode 1 Rick's hospital scene nostalgia. #TheWalkingDead
You don't realize how much you care about someone until they don't care about you.
We just have to accept the fact that some people are going to stay in our hearts... even if they don't stay in our lives.
Sometimes, when the phone rings and its from you... I still get butterflies.
Bongga talaga ang opening dahil hindi ikaw ang kumanta noh! @vicegandako hahahahahaha hahahahaha! #GGV
Hoy @Bamboomusiclive wag kang pakipot dyan, humarap ka! #VoicePH2
Parang fresh from the set of @randyblue si Bradley Holmes. *insert batang bakla laugh here* #VoicePH2
Ay may pamilya na si Papa Bradley Holmes. Sarap sana niya i-take holmes. Chauze! #VoicePH2
Sana yan na lang kinanta mo ate. Punyeta ka. Chauze! #VoicePH2
Parang hindi bagay yung song sa boses ni ate miss saigon. Parang lang huh. Opinyon ko lang huh. #VoicePH2
Bagay sa #TeamBamboo ang boses ni Karlo. Sana wag sya mapunta kay @apldeap jusko! #VoicePH2