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Retweeted by Pugs™
I have nothing planned this Sunday. Maybe we should have a way to earn Free Gems. RT if you agree.
Retweeted by Pugs™
How to use twitter Step 1: Cry about your miserable life Step 2: repeat
Well I was warm in bed but now I'm fucking frozen.
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Literally the only time I ever cry is at Supernatural.
So relaxed at this time.
why do people always complain about their life on social media sites. Stop doing that you absolute twonk.
Why do I feel so detatched from reality.
I feel emotionless.
Frappechino's are fabulous.
My twitter is so broken, its favouring and retweeting shite on its own. Stop. That.
Cosplayer girl appear in my life right now.
Why do I never speak to anyone on my twitter wtf. Dm me please.
Got to be up for college in 4 hours. Brain can you turn off.
Need someone to spoon at night m8.
You caught my words in mid air, the silence hung as you caught my eye.
Someone come on skype later on pls - odizzyzz
Dean: Don't you think that if angels were real that some hunter, somewhere, would have seen one, at some point... ever?!
Retweeted by Pugs™
Supernatural is my fav like.
Someone to watch #supernatural with. Only if deans your favourite.
Was walking to college this morning and a bunch of around 6 cats lay down and just stared at me.
Dixy chicken is rough as hell.
My cat looks dead. She's not I promise.
Wake up in the morning feeling like winehouse.
Wow when you're talking to someone perfect and you're like 'can you stop looking like that'
omg hahahah wtf did I see in you man.
My nights consist of debating whether or not I should make noodles.
Some girls: 'not had sex in basically a month, so I guess I'm practically a virgin'. You're stupid.
Why does nobody who's gr8 stay up this late.
Someone dm me please m8.
Just seen someone whos cleavage literally started at their neck. What's gone wrong there.

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