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tea is the only thing I need 💕
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Twitter at this time is just people whining that they're awake so early.
Kill yourself, come on do us all a favourrrrrrrrrrrrr.
And I'm feeling good.
dunnae get people who pretend to have no real life friends & think it makes them cool on the internet
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staying on skype with someone till this time>>>
ppl who genuinely care about you are great.
Curves on a girl> ye
What if in like 30 years they make a film about Leonardo DiCraprio and how he never won an Oscar, and the actor who plays him gets an Oscar.
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Ppl who make you feel confident are gr8.
I've not been this happy in ages, oh my god.
You were the straw to my berry..
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Sharing feelings with ppl is the one for me m8.
Talk about loyalty hahaha
Hahhhaahhaha omg cannot believe what I've just been told.
Hahahaha so you already like someone else. Compulsive liars disgust me.
Happy Easter! Or whatever you're up to!
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'I dont feel the same way anymore' yes but you're reading this and still stalking my tweets : - )
Hope you don't make uo a bullshit story about me like you did with everyone else : - ) lol
Wow I feel so much better now I know that I can forget.
Time to move on /:
I'm so lucky to have a family that loves me.
Why do people always leave me.
I'm going to be alone forever lmao someone love me 💘
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