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that a good leaf, buddy?
Who told this woman that this haircut was okay
One of these things is not like the other
So basically I'm the best daughter ever bye
(Please note that neither of them had full feet/legs so I had to add to it + various other spots missing concrete)
My mom's birthday is tomorrow and she was obsessed with this yard ornament of our late neighbor so I fixed it up 😈
macaroni and cheese is my reason for existence
Can that girl at least sing /with/ the backing track..?? #SNL
so i'm not a jack of all lanterns!
drunk uncle god bless america #snl
Michael Che droppin truth bombs on Weekend Update #SNL
jim carrey mentioned scarborough on snl and i just had a mini heart attack. i don't even like scarborough. #etobicoke
alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllrighty then! #SNL
Maybe one day I will have an understanding of people's obsessions with Jennifer Lawrence and Lena Dunham. Today is not that day.
My mouth just tastes really bloody 😷
I just need it to be summer again so I can be back at @frendlyg, jamming out to Twiddle with new frends.
yaaaaaaaaas ricardo post pictures of your babe cousins
somewhere on the mountain, it’s said that there’s a potion that makes you truly happy and infinite in wisdom :)
But what if you want to be more than a slutty pirate for Halloween :(
Super stoked on an update even tho nobody plays this damn game anymore πŸ’
this bum only visits my room when it's cold outside. 😾
I throw a lot of my clothes all over my room and when I'm cleaning I just put them all in my hamper and I feel like 75% of them are clean ??
#tbt to that time i met jake gyllenhaal looking like a hobo, but lost the photo and this one was posted in an article to save me πŸ™Œ
Can Twisty just kill Dandy already I'm so over that spoiled white boy
I see you on #AHSFREAKSHOW Jesi, now I know why you're so weird
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Shut your PIEHOLE, DORA!
Dandy is the epitome of white fuckboy #AHS
And now 5SOS is on... Are you frigging kiiiiiiiiidding me please stop
One Direction's "Steal My Girl" just came on the radio..... More like "Stole That Song from Journey"
This is probably the funniest thing I've heard in awhile.
I remember when I got to see the Jonas Brothers perform at We Day last year before they broke up 😭😭😭
Nick Jonas oh my gooooddddddddddd
omg that girl sobbing when Selena sat next to her hahahahaha same #WeDay
I'm supposed to be working but I have the #WeDay broadcast playing in a minimized window because.. why not?
5 seconds of summer more like 5 seconds of fame after riding one direction's coattails all summer :-)
wedding photography is always so cheesy.
I love that I'm still being harassed by men in public just because I'm a woman. Beautiful. Love this progress.
"Dangit!" "Who says dangit?" "..people who grew up in the south?" Oh my god I forgot how much I loved Zoey 101
I actually just laughed out loud though so thanks for that, Ricardo
.@jasonavp this a baby Kirkland in a super old Rocket Summer video............??? @joekavp
bashful little mantis dude πŸ™
Flight delayed because lavatory door has to be replaced. The shit has hit the flight plan.
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My period is late and I got lightheaded for like 2 seconds today so naturally my mom is trying to rush me to a doctor lmao