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all the good vibes in the world to this woman today, please. 💗
Good vibes to this one today, please. 💜v… this is so funny and now i can't stop looking on their website at the ridiculous things oh my god
adulthood is like soggy cereal
i got called 15 the other day
When you think #LastManOnEarth couldn't up their show but now Jason Sudeikis is going to actually be a thing.
Hospitals can't stop the weekly Walking Dead watch with Nanny. 💕C
it's basically the equivalent to giving yourself a haircut when you're drunk
if i seem like i'm in a bad mood tomorrow it's bc i told myself that reshaping my eyebrows at 2 in the morning was a good idea
i ripped my fave pants :(
me at 12: functioned on 3 hours of sleep a night me at 22: needs at least 15 hours and also probably 3 naps to function
look who graduated puppy school #chorkie
my hair this length makes me feel like joining hanson or become an extra in lords of dogtown. maybe blade w/ brink.
it's three in the morning and i'm craving spaghetti :/
is nick jonas even real or is it just a guy i imagined 10 years ago and fell in love with
This was a mistake
I don't know why YouTube recommended this for me, but now I gotta watch it.
Pizza was invented by god praise the Lord hallelujah
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Okay, but like WHY is Star Wars being put in the Magic Kingdom? Like, why? Why not CA?…
It's rainy, it's windy, there are dead leaves on the ground....... My spirit is aliiiiive.
John Boehner resigning is the best news I've heard in awhile. Haaaaate him.
the episode where they combined suite life of zack & cody, that's so raven, & hannah montana is on omg omg omg
Every time I hear I Wanna Dance with Somebody I just keep thinking about that time we were stuck in QEW traffic @JustbeKray
Y'all it warms my heart to see #KenanAndKel working together again. Especially on a #GoodBurger skit. LIKE. I can't.
#Survivor 31: The Season of Yoga.
Savage telling Joe about how his daughters were fawning over him. Same, girls. Same. #Survivor
When your heart is already racing because of #Survivor and it's barely started. TRUUUE.
Almost time for #Survivor :))))))))))
the first day of fall is tomorrow, so that means i expect all bugs to die tonight at 11:59 sharp :-)
i accidentally had my macbook charger under a blanket and now it smells like it was on fire whoops
the episode of boy meets world is on where shawn dresses up like a girl and realizes how gross guys are :') my fave
*kills mosquito* *takes back my blood*
i kinda sorta maybe wanna do this to my hair again… So many of the concerts I'd gone to from age 13-16 were here. Lots of memories at this venue. :(
i just really love pizza
every time i look at my ankle i'm gonna be like "did i really give myself a pizza tattoo when i was 22?" and then congratulate myself
honestly why have kids when you can have dogs instead
i can't lie when i say that every time @EhrenKassam posts a new snap to his story that i hope it includes maurice
*eats ice cream for breakfast at 1pm because i'm an adult*

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