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i'm getting into that deep, dark place of being in love glam metal/hair bands tonight i hate my parents for this
sebastian bach was such a babe in the 80's
but nikki sixx spit fake blood on me in las vegas so i mean i guess that kind of makes up for it? sort of?
sometimes i think about how i saw motley crue twice and get sad because that isn't gonna happen again
apparently they haven't been a thing in like, four years. oh. awkward.
what ever happened to the band the bigger lights? are they still a thing?
the white man is gonna protect the white man let's be real here regina #ahs
dandy looks good naked but i still hate him #ahs
jesus christ dandy is gonna kill an entire group of 50's housewives hosting a tupperware party #AHS
that 50's housewife sucked a dick for a new stove from sears. same. #AHSFREAKSHOW
i love this tribal council. so much. #survivor
Jeff Probst 100% hates this season and I am 100% with him on that #Survivorโ€ฆ This dude was always a creep, as are a majority of the male teachers at that high school.
actually i lied you have to dramatically lip synch any journey song when you hear it to be my friend
if you don't dramatically lip synch journey's "don't stop believin'" every time you hear it, we can't be friends. sorry. it's in the rules.
Last night I had a dream about the first townhouse I lived in in Toronto. Oh geeeeeez. Rexdale probz
"20 human women" as opposed to.....?
my cheeks are in pain from laughing so much at this jimmy fallon/ricky gervais mouth swap #FallonTonight
omg these black lacy outfits lord help me jesus #VSFashionShow
these outfits ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜#VSFashionShowhow
we didn't get to see her get whacked in the head i am honestly upset #VSFashionShow
ariana's voice is honestly one of the craziest things i don't understand it she's so tiny #VSFashionShow
"when i'm singing, can i like interact with you guys?" ariana that's why you got whacked in the head #VSFashionShow
that girl walking down the runway singing is me lmaooo #VSFashionShow
they're so pretty i'm so gay right now #VSFashionShow
i would honestly probably bust my ass just trying to walk on that floor lmao so many lights #VSFashionShow
i hope we get to see when ariana grande got whacked in the head #VSFashionShow
time for all the ladies out there to become lesbians #VSFashionShow
Steve Perry's voice tho
I'm 22 and I still don't know the difference between "paid" and "payed"
do you ever just get really disappointed in people?
I love Andy Samberg's style of comedy
ed sheeran could be singing about how he was going to brutally murder me and i bet i'd still find it beautiful
oh my god this Canadian slang in Skating to new York
I totally forgot that Skating to New York got released yesterday so guess what I'm doing tonight
side note: my old high school psychology teacher is in this nutcracker production so i guess that's what he's doing now ?
the best part about ballet is seeing all the boy butts
am i supposed to think the lost boys are cute? #peterpanlive
Christopher Walken as Captain Hook right now is so golden
i'm not saying i've become obsessed with keeping up with the kardashians or anything but like....................kinda
raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by ana golja ๐Ÿ™‹
the aaron carter episode of lizzie mcguire is on disney channel right now !!!!!!! oh my god