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This guy they got to play John Stamos is a tragedy
Whew LORD it's already awful, the set is backwards?!
Time to watch the Unauthorized #FullHouse trainwreck on Lifetime.
Watching #WeDay in the states is so weird after working it twice in Toronto but I'm so haPPY ITS IN AMERICA NOW TOO
i'm listening to music on my tv and i wanted it louder so i started turning up the volume on my computer........ :/
do you ever hate yourself for finding harry styles attractive
there's a huge cicada right outside my room that's loud as fuck and i'm about to take a steak knife to my ears
when ur beach ready af #tbt
why is disney channel airing a tv show from 2 years ago on their "throwback thursday disney rewind" segment........??
why is zenon coming on... AT THREE IN THE MORNING? i'm already tired, disney channel. why you gotta do me like that?
kinda wanna get wine drunk and belt out some wilson phillips
my big sis is really runnin thru the 6 wit her woes @Drake
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shoutout to us girls who gave vaginas weird ass names when we were little
i bought a brand new pair of vans today for $2.50, that retail for $50, so i'm gonna resell them for $30 :-) :-):-)
"we. got. so. STONED" bill hader is fucking hilarious
zac efron the shark whisperer omfg
i'm in love w/ zac efron help
We’re excited to announce our first three hosts of Season 41: @MileyCyrus, @amyschumer, and @RealTracyMorgan! #SNL
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had to honor the man today at dollywood πŸ™†πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸ»
y'all my 7 y/o cousin just called me and it was the most hilarious conversation jfc
If you slit your finger open and you know it clap your hands
why didn't anyone tell me that pulling up carpet was such a workout? and WHY AM I DOING THIS BY MYSELF?? #adulthood #fuckinupmyfloors
(((sidenote: why do i share the last name of a species of weasels)))
they keep saying my last name on this hey arnold episode it's messing with me right now
i'm not seeing any of the meteor shower tonight i'm suing NASA
didn't catch any of the shower on my camera but i caught five of them with my eyes so i'm all good πŸ’«πŸ’–
OK BUT I've never had a successful meteor shower viewing and I've already seen 5 in a 10 minute span I'm so happy πŸ’«
how many more people are going to say i look like allyson pratt from @teenagersweb jfc
American Soldiers killed in Afghanistan from 2001 - 2015 = 2,361 Americans killed by police since 2013 = 2,599 #aWarAtHome
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i think i'm in love with booboo stewart. and i think i'm in love with him because he goes by booboo.
best smell πŸ™†πŸΌ
i needed to get rid of some film so selfies were the obvious option
this gets funnier and funnier the more i watch it
My time hop is all about Robin Williams today I miss Robin Williams
there's some kind of animal outside crying and i'm upset bc i cannot find it… oh my god why is my face on this website

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