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shit it's august!!!!
Y'all this is why I don't have friends
y'all know that TLC song unpretty? when i was little i always thought they were saying "damn i'm pretty" and i was like YEA TRU
helga pataki saying arnold "makes her girlhood tremble" will never fail to make me cringe
shitty stick n pokes 4 lyfe
Can anyone recommend some kind of vegetarian/vegan pulled pork substitute? Does that exist???
kitty kitty kitty do you want to pet the kitty
When you flip your pizza over just in time to see that a bug was cooked into it. Thanks, @pizzahut!!
this was a whole diddly darn year ago
#BackToBack is h i l a r i o u s oh my god
This is how real men shoot animals: take a picture, not a trophy 📷#CecilTheLionn@WWFF@NatGeoo@rickygervaiss6
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who needs a sauna when you can go outside and be dripping sweat within 10 minutes not me
the read team sucks
Okay but why does @twitter look different on all 3 of my separate accounts
am i missing some kind of secret society where people collectively agree to say that beer tastes good, or.....
the episode of rugrats where stu becomes a "baby"......
i was going to be productive but i just ate a potato and now i am a potato
giving a shit is exhausting
do you ever think about how you have hot friends. i'm talking about you @kaitlynohhh
wait fuck i'm gonna be in socal for part of winter thank jesus
thinking about winter/snow gives me hives
i have no concept of what sleep is anymore
well there's like a 95% chance i used to talk to azealia banks, i guess…
when u leave @matt_talife speechless so he can't even make his own insta comments 💁🏼Fel
i guess i should sleep
Will media and law enforcement see the #Lafayette shooting as an act of domestic terrorism? Probably not, because shooter was #lonewhitemale
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one time my eye exploded in high school #tbt
add me on snapchat for quality snaps, like this one right here
when you have a limited edition pin that people are bidding 40 bucks on but you also want to keep it so ur conflicted…
When u wanna get out of bed and eat breakfast but he's still desp for cuddles so ur stuck
when ya pooch is desperate for some cuddles
i need.......... yellow cake...... with chocolate frosting..........
*uses my laptop as a heating pad for my period cramps*
*yells at everyone* please wear sunscreen

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