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When the Hotline Bling skit was funny but then they had to put Trump on it and you're just like ........... k....... #SNL.
Why did Lorne Michaels think that having Donald Trump host was a good idea? Why is this even a thing? Why???
leave my stuff aloooooooone god
like, no. it's not there. listen to me & stop going through my things when i tell you it is not there.
my biggest pet peeve is when i look for something and it's not there and then someone else continues to go through my stuff to look for it
I can't make him move his lil feets
why are my grandparents so racist
my mammaw thinks that attention deficit means attention-seeking
look at this lil cutie 😍
Whoa wait what a Savage vote??? #Survivor
I need a gif of Ciera's face during tribal, pronto. #Survivor
wheeeew a 3 way split? #survivor
Spencer vs. Joe for the first individual immunity NICE my boys #Survivor
Individual immunity challenges stress me out so hard. #Survivor
Joe's alliance with Ta Keo is like, super great. Until you remember he's turning on Bayon. And that they'll gun for him. :( #Survivor
That little clip of Spencer and Joe talking though. :') My heart. :') #Survivor
I'm so infatuated with Joe Anglim it's embarrassing #Survivor
*chants* MERGE! MERGE! MERGE! #Survivor
shoutout to all my other november babies who were accidents from valentine's day <3 <3 <3
This whole "dark by 6pm" thing is really fucking with me
wow fall is great
i fixed it cuz why are scorpios always associated with sex
Brian lost it tho yikes !!
I don't even remember if it was Howie or Kevin who like stopped being with them because both were irrelevant but...... nice..
omg wait??????? they actually have all of the Backstreet Boys together? (besides Nick who is doing DWTS stuff) but like ?!?
Wow my two fave things
I just heard an ad on the radio use both "on fleek" and "bye Felicia" for a store..............
oh my god i just realized my birthday is soon why do i always forget that's a thing
i'm finally hoooome and in my own bedddd
Georgia smells bad.
it's all just a bunch of hocus pocus.
happy halloween from wayne, garth, & a couple of disney pals.
pce out florida, it's been real but now i gotta sit in a car for 12 hours ✌🏼️2
Update: I have packed my makeup bag. That's all.
it's halloween so all i'm going to do is post photos from our #mnsshp today πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
I have to pack today but my body just isn't feeling this whole "moving" thing
park 4 down. 0 to go. i think my body has officially given out. ✌🏼️
park 3 down. 1 to go. i'm not adult enough for epcot.
park 2 down. 2 to go. tarzan said my hair is yellow like bananas.
"You have yellow hair like bananas" "You have a shiny boogie in your nose" Tarzan is a lady charmer, guys.
park 1 down. 3 to go. the sun makes me look angry @ the world.
When you get picked as the rebel spy on star tours... #MommaIMadeIt
When ur girl is getting too turnt at the club and u dunno what to do about it

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