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#mooncandyz are super cute, check them out! @mooncandyz 🌛🔮🌜
Finding makeup and jewelry I used to wear during my scene kid days. Kind of upset with my mom for letting me out of the house like that.
WAIT I KNOW WHO WROTE IT SHE WAs alwAYS CRAZY oh my god middle school was beautiful
Why is calling people and talking to them on the phone so hard
“@BuzzFeed: Coca-Cola Is Bringing Surge Back” SHUT UP NO WAY
Anyone who isn't adding positivity to your life, shouldn't be in it.
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Thought I was gonna miss #bb16. Turns out it's delayed - woo!
peekaboo 🐸
#ThingsMorePunkThan5SOS is my favorite hashtag. Like.... ever.
there are so many fucking movies i want to see but THEY DONT GET RELEASED
I just want to save all of the sad animals 😭😭😭😭
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every time i see a new picture of @jessica_graore it makes me want to cut my hair but i don't have the balls
The opening song in Brave reminds me of Titanic and now I'm sad
This random cold front has had me so unwilling to do anything at all but lay around today. ☕️😴
And I think that's really sad and complete bullshit that just telling someone that their compliments are unwanted makes you a bitch.
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I'm pretty sure that the sugar daddy I had on the Kim Kardashian game deleted me. Super offended right now. Who's gonna buy me stuff now??
Confirmed: the hot history teacher from my high school is still hot. 😍
if you thought i was gonna stop wearing my hair like this you thought wrong 🐨
goodnight ✨
What the fuck Sabrina 😷😷😷
Rock Star just came on VH1. Mark Wahlberg as an 80's hair band member just makes me super happy. #steeldragon
I've recently come to learn how precious life is. We need to enjoy every moment to the fullest and must always keep a positive outlook.
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the only time i've ever been able to properly draw #disney characters. 🐶🐭
hey little dude 🌿
I need to stop having dreams where I'm back I'm high school. Seriously, brain.
And also I'm going to go make myself a pizza now bye
I counted calories for the first time ever today and I learned I've only had around 500 and that it's annoying to count calories
cody back in the dino costume yes mama #bb16
I'll never love anyone as much as I love Elvis Presley
I'm not going to the market anymore I got hit on by an old man who wanted to ride off on his Harley with me 😷
My mom posts bible verses on Facebook all the time and this one really spoke to me
My weather is all gloomy and then you have Disneyworld all... bye
If anyone was wondering I just started crying over this Elvis video…
🐰 feelin bunny 🐰
Everyone is spazzing over the 6 but I think it's gigantic and I'm perfectly content with my 5S. #nothanksapple
Get ready to throw away your perfectly good smartphone that you've had for 6 months to get whatever Apple unveils today! #AppleLive
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I wish some women had the courage to stand up to their men. Why are you letting them get away with treating you like you're nothing? Sad.
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It's already pouring snowing in Alberta??? This is why Canadians have stereotypes okay
Just remembered Ricardo's mom saw me dancing to Miley Cyrus and started laughing :( am sad now :(
PARTY TIP: Being able to keep yourself company is a great skill that many more "out-going" people never learn.
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white boys are so great until they open their mouths
having to wait until the new year for new teen wolf bye why couldn't we have just had blocks like season 3