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Jessica Veronica
Flying back to Australia………. You all know why.
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Tchaikovsky and Brahms, yes; Bach, no
.@Lisa_Veronica reads her tweets & Instagram captions before she sends, then says out loud "wow I'm embarrassing.." "send!!".
Hey, we're still alive. We love you. Rebirth is close X
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How do I do an evil smile on here…..
I find spirituality in spicy foods
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Hello, I miss you all!! Sorry Ive been MIA. Meditated for you all last night & then ate 12 vegan cookies in 1 sitting in your honour though.
Half face Jess. Better than two face Jess.
Happy 20th birthday to Jeff Buckleys Grace album. You make my everyday.
Backstage lastnight with @lisa_veronica 👽👽 @thetylerbryant killed it on tour with Jeff Beck & ZZ Top 💀 Some serious Rock & Roll went down man!!!!
Breakfast date with @thetylerbryant @BadflowerJosh @Lisa_Veronica I win at life, being seen with the 3 biggest babes on earth.
TV show winners rarely transition to artists. They stay shortly lived glorified Karaoke singers. How. fucking. boring. Stay weird kids.
Robin Williams, thank you for raising me/ all of us with your light and talent. May you find your peace now X
Anyone who can see this, you're my kinda people.
Every artist needs a muse
Late afternoon Hike over Hollywood ✌️🌲🌵
Also, I've stopped road raging at people who beep me, I now simply roll down my window & tell them I've cursed them &their entire family ✌️💀
Also a 85 year old woman beeped me and gave me the middle finger, while mouthing FUCK YOU. And now all I want is to be her friend..
In the car for less than 5mins & been beeped at twice already! Oh LA! I've missed your horn heavy impatient drivers, & standstill traffic🚦✌️
America'ing with @lisa_veronica🇺🇸