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Everyone seeks a better life. Everyone deserves a better life.
At some point we all were immigrants. This country is full of immigrants from all over the world.
I'm 100% American & so is my entire family. I've visited & lived in many Latin American countries, all these people want is a BETTER life.
Talking all this smack about undocumented people, how about you go pick crops & do the landscaping, & also pay tons of taxes.
Talking about them "stealing your labor," if you think THAT'S something they're doing, then YOU go pick YOUR fruit/veg. for minimum wage.
For example if you're parents are Italian or whatever, stfu about immigrants not belonging in the States.
If your parents, or grandparents, or gr8-grandparents, weren't born in the U.S., then u shouldn't be talking all this shit about immigrants.
There's so many hate towards undocumented people.. It makes me sick!
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Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy. Focus on the things you do have, and the reasons you should be happy.
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"The rockets may be above us, but they have forgotten that Allah is above them." #pray
My Name is Tamour Shahid I live in Atlanta.Im from originaly from Pakistan me and my people #SupportGaza and #SupportSyria and many more.
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Does anyone have any idea what we can do to help Gaza?? I am open to pretty much everything
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This Mad Respect! So glad to see this someone is standing up for the oppressed.
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Thought you were doinggg you, so why ya watching me?
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Always in my heart.