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Jessica Northey
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Who else is SUPER excited to spend some time w/ the INCREDIBLE @wadehayes1 tomorrow during a #CMchat video #Twangout?! 5pmPT/8pmET-be there!
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@JessicaNorthey I'm in sewer, I'm wearing orange holding my nunchucks...
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Hey hey what do you say? We have @wadehayes1 this coming Wednesday! #Twangout 5pPT/8pET. And @mgunderground next Mon at 6pPT/9pET! #CMchat
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We're cutting @chuckwicksmusic loose! Keep sending questions his way :D. #CMchat
Hey @EricDecker87, you didn't tell us where you are and what you're wearing. It's a necessary evil of coming to #CMchat. Speak up, buddy.
COMMUNITY Q6 What is something you would want others in this community to know about you? Use #CMchat & CQ6
Thank you to @chuckwicksmusic for taking time to hang out with us tonight! RT to show Chuck some Country Music Chat love! #CMchat
@JessicaNorthey @chuckwicksmusic I thought I'd finally check it out. I love what you're doing here Jessica #CMchat
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@chuckwicksmusic what has been more difficult: the traveling schedule as a musician or conditioning your hair? #CMchat
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.@JessicaNorthey best way to keep up with me is here on twitter. Or follow @EricDecker87 cause he's my calendar b*tch. Lol
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Thanks to @JessicaNorthey for putting this #CMchat on tonight!! And everyone who chimed in.
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COMMUNITY Q5 Think back on your summer...What song best defines summer of 2014 for you? Use #CMchat & CQ5
..happen without the fans. And Country music fans are the best. #CMchat
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Q10 @chuckwicksmusic What would you want people to leave #CMchat knowing about you?
@chuckwicksmusic is hilarious! And obviously drunk-which I love! @JessicaNorthey #CMchat he brought is A game
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COMMUNITY Q4 What was the best summer concert you went to and why? Use #CMchat & CQ4 in answer
Q9 @chuckwicksmusic Best advice anyone has given you regarding your career & who was it? Via @sneezeguard #CMchat
Q8 @chuckwicksmusic If a movie was made about your life what would it be called & what actor would play you? #CMchat
CQ3 @JessicaNorthey I LOVED @MarySarahMusic's video with her and her dad. So much running and shrieking! #CMchat #ALSIceBucketChallenge
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Q7 @chuckwicksmusic If I gave you a yacht what would you name it? #CMchat
COMMUNITY Q3 What artist would you like to see do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge? Or whose vid has been your fave? Use #CMchat & CQ3 in answer
Q6 @chuckwicksmusic What is something most people *even close friends* would be surprised to learn about you? #CMchat
@CMchatLIVE @JessicaNorthey We want to see Jessicas' behind-the-scenes life mixed in with country stars! #CMchat
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Q5 @chuckwicksmusic If you were judging a Reality TV Competition would you be mean judge or overly nice judge? via @brittwv #CMchat