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Jessica Wagner
Buildings in Amsterdam tilt inward to make it easier to lift furniture and other items up into them.
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Good luck to our soccer boys tonight! Better get that W! 👌✊⚽️
#AmericanHorrorStory is another example of how white people always have to go investigate something when they shoulda left!
Test at 7am followed by 4 classes and then a workout. Thank you coach for the day off! This couldn't have come on a better day 👌✊👍
Done with the makeup exam that I took at 7....AM..... How did I wake up this morning. 😁😔
On my way to UT with @LeighButtner , just spent the past 5 1/2 hrs coaching 10-14 yr olds. Idk how I'm awake right now.
Won 3-0 tonight! Game tomorrow in Miami against Barry univ at 4pm.
Hotel life is the best life. I love not having to sleep in a little dorm bed.
Off to Fort Lauderdale for our game against Nova! #UTVB #YASSS
"If I wasn't a science major I would work on my rap career" - @Jessica__Wagner
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Throws a pass out of bounds... Asks why you didn't cut. #Division6Bound
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Long but great day! Started off with going to a new church and then a bit of retail therapy at International mall to follow it up.
I look at these girls and all I want to say is: "You have terrible eyebrows"
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If I don't get back an extremely high grade for my physics test I will be very disappointed because I straight killed it today! 👌👍
Coffee is the reason I can somewhat get through being a premed biology major, while playing volleyball in college.
(651): He said he wanted to have kids with me so they could grow up to be professional linebackers. Not. A. Compliment.
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(503): If he doesn't give you the same feelings you get when the pizza guy arrives, he's probably not worth it.
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It feels good to have a winning weekend at home! #UTVB
when you're stalking someone's twitter & accidentally favorite an old tweet
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So now Thursdays at 10 I guess I'm going to be watching How to Get Away with Murder....🔪@DrOsE_UTgirll@ellennurmii@MeganMConroyy@BeN_wAh211
Two home games this weekend! One at 7pm on Friday and another at 4pm on Saturday! Come watch #UTVB Turnup 💪👊🎉
Literally just saw the most fabulous older ladies in Plant Hall....legit Michael Kors and Tory Burch everything. #ohyoufancyhuh
when someone calls ur best friend their best friend
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