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Jessica Verrilli
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Countdown to #twitterflight tomorrow!
Incredibly inspired by @heidiserene & @nlidow who are going back to Liberia to work on the #Ebola response. #Follow them for updates.
My 11 year-old boy needs our love and support today. He already has all the courage in the world. #TeamRiley
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Under stress, women make better decisions than men, gauge risk more accurately & are more empathic.…
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Thoughtful piece by @triketora applicable for anyone thinking: join a rocket-ship start-up or try to start your own?…
Open call for ideas to rapidly equip and empower the care community to fight Ebola Be a part of it @OpenIDEO.
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The "add to contacts" feature from Mail on iOS8 is simple and useful. Not revolutionary but well done (I've already used it a dozen times).
Happy birthday to a wonderful friend and colleague, @KatieS! No one makes Twitter brighter every day than her.
"As Larry Brilliant, who helped to eradicate smallpox ~40 years ago has observed, ‘Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are optional.’"
"Even before the current crisis killed many of Liberia’s health professionals, there were < 50 doctors working in the public health system"
When is Apple going to (re)introduce Angela Ahrendts to the world?…
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Between our commerce initiative and this new audio card, Twitter is now THE platform for artist-to-fan distribution:…
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Coming to Twitter's @Flight Conference? Check out our M&A convo w/ Crashlytics co-founders @jeffseibert and @Wayne:…
"Think of every hire as a million dollar decision." - @danjyates on the fully baked cost of getting hiring right or wrong.
"The challenge in this market is not access to capital, it's access to great people." - @jonsakoda
First time I've heard Nick Woodman (@GoPro) speak. He is certainly the real deal (well said, @JBoorstin). Candid, energizing, and authentic.
"The fact that the only professional quality video we have in our lives is our wedding is ridiculous." - Nick Woodman, @GoPro at @NEAVC.
"Our best ideas come to us when we're pursing our passions." - Nick on his passion for art and adventure and @GoPro.
Facebook and Apple Will Pay for Employees to Freeze Their Eggs… whoa, nice.
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Mark Zuckerberg is donating $25 million to the CDC to help fight Ebola…
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The Y Combinator application deadline is tomorrow, Oct 14: (It's not too late; half apply the last day.)
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Watching the videos from the #Tesla #D launch. Elon is unbelievable.…
"This is the evil genius of the US insurance system. No one has any information, and no one is responsible"…
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A good start to the day: breakfast toast at @TheMillSF with @anm! Welcome back, buddy.
Congratulations to @MalalaFund "Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." #NobelPeacePrize
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The bravest, boldest, and hardest working GC out there: @vijaya!…
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Thrilled to see @vijaya on Fortune's 40 under 40. She's exceptional, through and through.…
Congrats @VilliSpeaks! Figured it would only be a matter of weeks before you go to work. @med_xt joining Box:…
Really proud of the design of @quip Spreadsheets. Not a separate app - an integrated part of an elegant experience -…
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I first heard @vivian speak in '10 at D8 & remember thinking "that woman is amazing!" Extremely lucky to have worked with her at Twitter.
"Twitter has become the central nervous system for public communication... from the Pope to Pres of Iran." --@pmarca,…
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This is @JeremySF's version of a morning coffee.
Today we're taking legal action to provide more #transparency to our users about requests from the US government.…
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.@jeffseibert definitely do @BloomThat or @farmgirlflowers instead. They're always stunning bouquets, ever time.
“Two kinds of big companies in the US. Those who have been hacked by the Chinese and those who don’t know it.” - FBI Director on @60Minutes
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Glow is a fascinating tech company. Excited to see them continue to grow:…
....and somedays you don't have it in you to finish 20 miles so you walk and hike and end up on the side of the road at a local fruit stand.
It's a HOT day out and I have absolutely nothing planned. Packing a back pack and heading out on my bike to see where the day takes me.
Chatting with the Stanford @BASES students. Thanks for visiting Twitter!
Not saying our dough was the best but he did choose to demo with it.