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Jessica Verrilli
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Campus selfie. Couldn't resist. Fun to be back on the quad!
.@ConanOBrien Never get into a word war with a diplomat. We talk even more than comedians.
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.@ConanOBrien I'm considering going as hunky Conan O'Brien - but that might be too far fetched.
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.@madeleine YES - My first twitter war with a former Secretary of State! You're next, George P. Shultz!
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I'm committing at least $100M to #TackleEbola. Join me in helping those responding to this outbreak at
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No better way to start the day than eggs and toast with @aunder.
Happy Birthday @elleluna! You are a beam of light. Hope your day is off to a fabulous start. 🎂🎉👑
Phew, what a day. Immensely proud of the @fabric team and a special congratulations to @jeffseibert and @Wayne for laying the foundation.
Just restored my phone from a backup and it repopulated a bunch of old photos. A good one from a couple years ago:
CorpDev tips from @twang: "Be abundantly clear if timelines are only estimates." Yep, expectations are key.
Hey #TwitterFlight folks! 15 min countdown to our @CorpDev chat with @crashlytics co-founders. Come check us out at 4:45.
Twitter Seeks Developers and Acquisitions…
.@semil agree with @joshelman. Helpful for signaling to current employees + recruits.
#Fabric is about @twitter transitioning from a single product company to a mobile services company, elaborates @dickc #twitterflight
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Gutsy demo by @beardigsit #twitterflight I get fumblefingers starting a videoconference in front of people / she's building an app like NBD
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Forget passwords - use your phone to sign in to your favorite apps. Introducing Digits:
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Love seeing @jeffseibert unveil @fabric. Almost 2 yrs ago this was all an idea on a whiteboard #shipit #twitterflight
Want to understand more about Twitter's newest announcement, Fabric? See @mat's smart take in Wired.…
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. @dickc on stage at #flight: "we've built Twitter to be the best way to talk to your world."
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Today we'll tell you what we're doing to help you build world class experiences that connect your apps to your users.
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Fitting to run into this guy. Full circle from #chirp to #twitterflight!
So proud of all the teams that worked like crazy to make this come together. Let's do this! #twitterflight
#twitterflight is happening tomorrow! We'll live-stream the @Flight conference starting at 10am PT. Tune in:
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So many teams here for #TwitterFlight I can't decide what Tshirt to wear!!! @crashlytics @mopub @Gnip
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'Twas the night before #twitterflight and all through the house, every speaker was rehearsing for the keynote and sessions ahead. :-)
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.@TIME among the reasons why public company boards will be (or should be) quickly shifting to add tech expertise.
.@mattknox congrats on embarking on the next adventure! Going to miss your humor, intellectual honesty & utilikilt around here. #TwitterLove
"Calling all engineers: uncle same needs you." by @mabbott… And this is just the beginning.
Checking out the new @AugustSmartLock—it's a beauty. The temporary and recurring key functionality is awesome.
It's getting real. "The median experience for women is different than the median experience for men" - @triketora #womenintech
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Rehearsing for tomorrow's M&A fireside chat at #TwitterFlight. Come check us out!
Incredibly inspired by @heidiserene & @nlidow who are going back to Liberia to work on the #Ebola response. #Follow them for updates.
My 11 year-old boy needs our love and support today. He already has all the courage in the world. #TeamRiley
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Under stress, women make better decisions than men, gauge risk more accurately & are more empathic.…
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Thoughtful piece by @triketora applicable for anyone thinking: join a rocket-ship start-up or try to start your own?…
Open call for ideas to rapidly equip and empower the care community to fight Ebola Be a part of it @OpenIDEO.
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The "add to contacts" feature from Mail on iOS8 is simple and useful. Not revolutionary but well done (I've already used it a dozen times).