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Raiders 9-7
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Lmaooooooo RT @TAXSTONE: If you texting 30 niggaz you just as bad as the bitch fucking 15 you still sharing yourself
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Lmaooo RT @SirTrillington: Ya nasty ass attitude turns me off not that fro
when u accidentally left your phone on silent & now gotta call ur girl back after 10 missed calls..
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This RT @TAXSTONE You hang around 20 different crews of niggaz and bitches you a hoe
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"it's way more fun to carry around a gun than sticking people with needles" - one of my coworker'a students lmaooo
Speak RT @oogsBay: It's not the hair I hate. It's the elitist attitude that comes with it. RT @MsClark_: Why do you hate natural kinky hair?
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I love Attack on Titan because of the morbidness of the whole show. You have emotionless giants eating humans with no purpose but to kill
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Because meth RT @ReignOfApril: Why is the crowd so unbothered?! RT “@RealLifeKaz: Still haven't found the answers.
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😭RT@SportsCenterr: Team USA reacts to New Zealand's pregame Haka before their FIBA Basketball World Cup game today. »
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Period RT @TheOnlyReed: If we out mixing it up, if u fighting we fighting, we'll find out who is wrong later
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Derek* RT @EverybodyHatesX: he came back to the NFL? RT @Jerzz_truly: David Carr is going to take us to the promise land this year.
David Carr is going to take us to the promise land this year.
Coming home to ribs.. Living with my homeboy and his girl has it perks.
You: "Hey, you ate already?" Me: "yeah, I ate" lmaoo RT @esjimenez17: Hahhaha @Jerzz_truly had me dying 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Comment on every club picture of a single mom "who's watching your child" and see what happens.
Women will trick themselves into thinking a nigga wants more than just pussy from them..
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Lmaooo deadass RT @BlackGhandi: Women will trick themselves into thinking a nigga wants more than just pussy from them..
RT @AC_Hussle: Women are professionals at hinting and giving signs. Yet love to act like they can't read em.
Boy I think about u every night & day @KrisHumphries I'm addicted & I just can't get enough!!!!!
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RT @ToeKnee2GX: All I want to have in my hands right now is beer and titties
Depends on the girl and our chemistry RT @Bella_Italiana6: long do y'all wait to bring a girl around your fam?
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Huh? RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO: D Wade Says He Played The Bride Role in His Wedding
RT @Liberienne: I've learned to stop letting temporary/inconsequential things take me to a low point. It took a long time.
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😭 RT@TheFitGawdd: when you in the living room laughing at tweets while your girl sleeping and she poke her head
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The more and more I look at Kim K's ass the more it does look like an over filled diaper smh lmaoo
RT @EverybodyHatesX: RT @SicilianInHeels: RT @KingHorseDick: If women mature faster than men why most of yall still mishandling ur pussy?
RT @AnointedMouf: When you've been blocked by someone you've never spoken to
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Smh RT @TMZ: "Sons of Guns" star arrested again... child rape charge added
I've reported people for posting child porn and rapey tweets, and their accounts are STILL up. Fuck Twitter for that.
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Can't forget the "about" in there RT @bonafide: Women ALWAYS use "6 months" when describing the last time they've had sex
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When Bae say he's done & you're tryna figure out who tf he talking to..
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RT @YaboySkeete: No way ur right in the head if u go outta ur way to find things that will upset U & make u unhappy
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Lmaoooo RT @stretchd: So if you call me a cracker're gonna get suspended?
Just born bout a week ago! Week ago! You can call me pussy but I'm fuzzy tho! Fuzzy tho!
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A chick that's doesn't get on your nerves is boring? RT @DreAintShit: This y'all logic huh?
And I will continue to be single cuz I'm ain't shit.
RT @Melly2times: I manage to stay single all summer by the grace of not being shit
David Carr needs to start by at least week 3 IMO.
I want him too RT @EverybodyHatesX: Is Derek Carr really starting week 1?
RT @Scandalous_Mimi: Oooooo y'all getting suspended for RT'in celeb nudes. That means some more of y'all bout to be outta here
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RT @Nawshus: Love being black as shit in this country
RT @d_lac: RT @49ant: women's phones don't text out unless they want something or they're mad at you
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What? RT @TIME: Negrophobia: Michael Brown, Eric Garner and America’s fear of black people
Why are we even at work today? Lol
Wait, so Migos jumped someone?
I regret offering to work today now smh