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Rockets 15' Champs
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RT @_soolavish: LOOK at Michael Jordan with his Mary J. Blige "No More Drama" wedge boots!
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RT @Trap_Jesus: Women just wanna see that you're clean and put together well. They don't care if you got a DS pair of OG Black Cement III's.
Niggas with low standards and rarely get pussy will call you gay cuz you won't accepting the box offering from 4s.
Dumbest shit ever RT @Shakez843: folks on here always say niggas gay for turning down pussy lol
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RT @Mr1738: I like when cute chicks think they fine....confidence is raw
RT @Smooth_Orator: #Fixed RT @Loski007: Shit wack RT @NancieEm: I'll never understand why anyone* screenshot.
??? RT @QB_Hitman: How? RT @ThisNiggaOJ: This Nigga GAY RT @RealKingCalii: bitches suck dick for 11's now πŸ˜―πŸ˜“
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Looks right to me RT @SavingNoHoes: Why Girls Dont Text Back Vs. Why Guys Dont Text Back
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If scoring was the main stat for a PG, Lillard will definitely be top 5.
There should be a PG top 5 and s scoring PG top 5.
Third time this week I'm eating Popeyes. Eating like a fat nigga for the rest of the year
Women that suck their men's dick without them having to ask and randomly never get cheated on... I saw that on '60 minutes'
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LOL RT @ABC: Woman, 27, arrested for allegedly slapping woman, 72, multiple times over a Facebook friend request:
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RT @Tripl3A: I woulda put 20 mill on me never eating pussy in life when I was 15.. Lmaoooo
A baby RT @FastTimesAtRF: What do you get a woman you spent a small fortune on an engagement ring for on christmas? I'm stumped
Lmaooo RT @RetiredFilth: Go DM an exotic follower and ask her if she like black dick. There. I just did half the work for you. Go get that.
Yall see my last RT? Smh
Black Men Say they Don't Like Black Women Because of Preference. But isn't It preference When White Cops Choose to stop you for no reason?
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😭 RT@drewskeeeett: Lmaoooooo RT@Umm_IGuesss: Wiz reaction when he seen amber rose dancing on Chris brown πŸ˜‚οΏ½
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Pres. Obama on race relations in US: "People are able to film what had just been in the past stories passed around the kitchen table"
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Mann RT @GhostwritaMusic: That was the most gangsta conference Obama ever had
😭😭😭 @RetiredFilthlth: You can't @Tripl3Al3A: Read this in a Korean accent without”
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RT @JeyTheVillain: He basically calling them faggots RT @ImToBlame: Obama heated that Sony bowed down like that
Dallas made trade and we made one right back on your fuck niggas.
!!!!! RT @WojYahooNBA: Minnesota has agreed to trade Corey Brewer to Houston, league source tells Yahoo Sports.
RT @ImToBlame: "Yall niggas aint wanna check with me? Fuck it. Deal with it." - Obama
Lmaooo RT @49ant: damn you really been a wack ho most your life RT @UrFaveLatina: @Shakez843 I'm under 23, u tried though
Sony some bitches tho
Obama on Sony hack: "We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship in the United States."
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RT @__J_R: White women in Jordans is top 5 most unattractive things. Defeating the whole purpose of U being white
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RT @SnottieDrippen: How you don't attach yourself to Klay and Curry the second they cross half court in transition is beyond me.
Mark Jackson gotta feel like when you lose on the slots all day and the next dude up wins the jackpot
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These nigga will shoot your ass out a game smh
RT @__J_R: Don't ask me if I got hoes bc it's gunna make me mad when I got to say no
SHOW HIM THE MONEY!! With a sack on the last play of the game, Sen'Derrick Marks triggered a $600,000 sack bonus
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-----> RT @LesFucks: First of all, if they have everything you want to order, in the Jamaican restaurant, the food is trash.
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Lmao RT @StephGhost: Reggie Jackson obviously shook over the whole Bobby Shmurda situation.
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RT @Tone314: Steph Curry the best shooter I've ever seen.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ R@IAMKRIS2424: Lmaaaao nigga put the ball in Steph's shoulder and he still hit the 3
How did Curry make that?
LMAO RT @HerringWSJ Jimmy Butler marked the 16th player to torch the Knicks for a season-high point total this year, according to Stats LLC.
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Niggas, 40-30 in the first quarter?!