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Raiders 10-6
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FIFA 16 is a horrible game smh
😭😭😭😭�@MarcusGoesHAMesHAM: "All These Niggas Do Is Play 2K & Cum FP55Bo
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Woman wears a very revealing dress, gets a lot of attention from men. Other women call her a hoe/slut because of the attention.
Lowkey true RT @p0pson: Women shame women for being sluts more than men do and if you disagree you're delusional.
Women shame women for being sluts more than men do and if you disagree you're delusional.
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If you think about it R&B is still the same.. Niggas just not falling in love anymore because only women they come across are jump offs
Anytime Twitter gas something. It's usually trash, like Chipotle
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Mike Tyson in it so it might be washed RT @ImLordMA52: IP Man 3?????
Annoying most of the time RT @JayZOverrated: Kendrick fans too fuckin funny
Sandra Bullock can have all of me.
RT @FastTimesAtRF: Difference between Blk/white women is no woman with a father would be supporting this "slut walk".
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RT @Adolfhibsta: Someone needs to drag these crackers.
Rockets. can Lawson and Harden play together? RT @SnottieDrippen: RT with your NBA team and a question they have to answer this preseason
now this one bold mothafucka lmao RT @WORLDSTAR: This guy is not having all the #SlutWalk BS.
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RT @ChefWaites: Really don't know anybody that's gonna treat me better than my xbox one and chikfila employees
RT @Its_Reece: Wipe with DWMTM RT @MeekMill somebody bring me some toilet paper i ran out!!!
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I was offended the other day because I had a Spanish coworker say a chick was pretty for a black chick. Step in quick with my cape.
.@1Omarion cancels appearance at DSTRKT after club denied Black women who were ‘too dark’
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"When you promised her you'll eat her ass tonight"…
LMFAO RT @StephGhost: nah this hilarious, even the artwork on the side RT @ntsnzy: -.-
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Bingo RT @The_Lion_: You didn't rape her because she was dressed a certain way. You raped her because you're a rapist. Simple
Word RT @_sirhampton_: I'm not fighting ya.. I love hos too.. Ya got my full support.
Being raised with only American culture is trash too be honest.
LOL RT @FlyoutChase: American women are wild trash man lmao
Ouch RT @ihaterooster: Only sluts understand sluts. Stay thirsty my friends
I'll actually prefer if some women were up front and said they just want sex, preferably the ones I don't wanna date.
No one said women can't sleep around more... But you gotta know that some niggas don't want to cuff that.
Deadass RT @NawRob: You females really wanna sleep around that bad?
When she shows her jealously/hate for other women when you're not around >>>
Real RT @__J_R: Should have went to Amber Rose slut walk today and bag some hoes
The Steelers will try out kicker Chris Boswell tomorrow according to a source. Josh Scobee is just 3 for 7 on FGs from 40 to 49 yards.
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Texas allowed 30 pts in the first quarter?!
"Yeah I'm ugly but I still got niggas that wanna eat my ass though 👏🏾💅oOsz
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Lmfaoooo RT @NittyGeez: SCREAMING!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂�@sbk55stsbk55st: People are cU1C1UDTR
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Sorry, but Lebron really fooled Trisha Thompson thinking he's worth 90mil.
Tyga being Mario RT @JayZOverrated: young money really like the 2010s heat outside the big 3 that roster is garbage lmao
RT @Pusha_TeeWat: If young metro don't trust ya i'm gon shoot you.
Kylie Jenner wants Tyga to have the same success as Drake so they can become the "it" couple.
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OMG LMAO! RT @uchihatril: When niggas smell a blunt
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Lmao RT @FLSColours: Me, when your man walks into the gym
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Who's posts Ima look at now when I'm hungry?…

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