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Rockets 15' Champs
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dwight too much of a pussy to come out tonight 😂@DwightHowardd
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RT @DwightHoward I didn’t play today because Kobe has my knees shook.
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Of course Harden takes a 3 and airball it smh
Fuck you you pussy ass nigga for deciding you can't play til minutes before the game @DwightHoward
RT @YourFavoriteZoe: I don't trust Joey Crawford
Or lose us the game RT @jailposejesus: James Harden step-back 3 to take the lead.
Lmaooo RT @klew24: All that shot does is ensure that Kobe ain't passing until the next game. Nice shit tho
Lmaooo RT @StephGhost: Lmao Kobe really don't give a fuck
Howard is out?! He's really a pussy
Told yall Lebron gotta work on his handles.. Niggas has not at all.
lmaooooo RT @iDntWearCondoms: That dadditaughtme chick a bird I'm mad my dick get hard lookin at her pics
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😭😭😭 @kat_keishish: When he says he's about to cum and reaches for the back of your
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Read the caption then look at the pictures. This is so sad and funny smh
On god RT @Al_Patron: Phelps at the very least, has to fight his ex-boyfriend.
I always wondered how a funeral is when the guy who died did some malicious shit that got him how does the Pastor talk about em
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Good night RT @FvckABae When you have to put back something you can't afford 😭
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Lmfao RT @BSO: Cam Newton: I Was Hacked Because My Password Was Camnewton1
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As hell RT @JeyTheVillain: U drunk? RT @BillzHereTho: Family matters > the fresh prince > Martin
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@JR4_07: Niggas wanted to fuck with candyDEEPTHROAT last year in NY right now they getting Ivs lmfaoooooo” lmaoooooooo
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Lmaooo noooo RT @StrangeKeith: Latinas are like McDonald's. Gotta be something wrong with you to want it everyday.
RT @tryna_be_famous: Steve Urkel wasn't real because Myra was a freak and he ain't even try to finesse the 3some with Laura.
Yall don't understand how careless niggas are with your shit during the shipping process.
Rather you shit come broken? RT @DaniFantastic: I fucking hate all this packaging. What I'mma do with all this shit?
Ain't no way he's marrying her RT @ChriStylezz: 300 Bodies & Bow Wow Still Popped The Question. Never Give Up Ladies.
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BREAKING: TV Land pulls "The Cosby Show" from its network indefinitely in the wake of Bill Cosby sex assault allegations.
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We then yall RT @lilduval: We really live in a guilty til proven innocent world now. And even then u still guilty....and yall cool with that
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So women can start sex cams RT @DosRivers: Why did snapchat add the option to send money? To pay for nudes?
I don't even wanna watch most shows I watched growing up cuz I don't wanna put too much thinking while watching it & ruin the show for me.