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Raiders 10-6
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Yeah, Black ops gotta fix there servers.
Still weak yall said they gotta take Kobe out back and shoot him like Old Yeller
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Harden about to drop 40.. Only 40pt game we need to acknowledge tonight
Shit unbelievable RT @SNXVPY: yall deadass?
Curry with a Westbrook/Kobe attitude and he'll shoot any team straight out country.
Because he's doesn't have too. Ai had to score at least 30 if his teams had any chance to win…
You did mad work and a nice crossover to hit a layup and Curry take 2 dribble half court and drills a 40 ft 3 with ease nahhhh
Curry can out score just about any player. Never wanna go into a shooting match with him.
Curry would drop just as much. He's one player you don't wanna get in a shootout with…
"John Wall is just a more explosive, a tad bit better shooting Rondo" this might be true.
Yes, as a team but AI isn't doing anything with Curry. Even he knows that…
Playing the passing lanes, double teams, strips, bad passes, tipped passes etc…
Steals are like the most bottom stats when it comes to defense because most are from dumb passes and double teams.
No way he's really meant to say prime AI would lock down Curry. Nope
Nigga shoot 3s like lay ups.
Yeah, I'll let Steph Curry shoot a 3 for my child's life anyday. It makes no sense.
RT @YeIIowbang: Looks like a prom pic RT @Kizzee913: Ain't no way you can hate on this pic... This looks so vicious.
Rudy Gay really went from a top 30 player to shit.
Sure would. Especially with our big ass bitch center out RT @notwadewilson: Boogie Cousins would shit on this weak ass Rockets front court
Yeah, we getting these kings outta here.
Nigga, Kobe, AI and T-Mac all on one team? Shooting percentage will be under 20%
Top. Bottom going 50-500 from the field RT @samstaydipped: Who y'all think wins in a 7 game series??
Both Lebron and T-Mac my niggas, but T-Mac would drop at least 30 on Lebron.
BBQ chicken easily RT @ItsMeGrizz: Bron is not clamping Mac I don't care what u say to me. 2002 Mac is eating Bron like ground beef patties
RT @NoWomanIsRight: Females expect you to spend 100 dollars a date and you don't even know if you like them enough yet
RT @missleighcarter: RT @DatAinoDamPuppy: Y'all still too petty to text somebody first if you wanna talk to 'em?
RT @MsMyaG: 😭😭😭✌🏽️ RT @Banco_@MsMyaGMyaG how many jobs did you ha3LVB”
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!!!!! RT @KaylarWill: Stop making your pets & kids an Instagram 😒
Anthony Davis got overrated this whole summer and him and the Pelicans are 0-5... Get them the fuck outta here.
I haven't enjoyed a COD since whatever the one was before Ghost.. BO3 has some promise now.
Never got into Fallout so don't see the hype in this new one.
Good luck out there fellas RT @LolitaDiallo: Haven't said yes, Haven't said no but, it sure is beautiful 😳�
😂😂😂 @TheFitGawdawd: What a fuckin bird.
LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO RT @LolitaDiallo: Haven’t said yes, Haven’t said no but, it sure is beautiful 😳�
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Don't be pretty and have a boyfriend and be around me. Ugh
White boys play non stop RT @_sirhampton_: Niggas already 300th prestige on the new COD?
Look the same, eh. That's a double aunt andre if I've ever seen one.
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RT @iHitModelsRaw: RT @haztv: That acapella app gotta have the OG beat boxing niggas mad as fuck
What Bill you want paid this month?…
Lookin like a 2002 penny "@RAYCHIELOVESU: Melanated being 🌸j"
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Seriously. Don't flirt with me unless you're ready for love
He would of shot him RT @DosRivers: White people in my mention saying “but if it was a white cop…” Shut up hoe
If she likes a finger in the batty, she'll like the your manhood in there too.

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