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Google on enterprise cloud computing via @ZDNet by @ldignan Andromeda networking stack looks good
Short range radio networks provide car-to-car warning system…
First look at reversible USB cable… Type-C connector, 10 gigabits per second
Germany investigates password theft of 18 million email addresses… (from @AP)
Updated Windows developer tool sets reinforces all Microsoft platforms Supports HTML JavaScript XAML DirectX C# C++
Here's why the House Intelligence Committee NSA "reform" bill may actually exacerbate dragnet NSA surveillance.
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Block hackers by learning the 7-step ‘kill chain’ method - For example, the first stage of the kill ...
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It's World Backup Day! Backups and hard drive encryption give peace of mind when devices get lost or stolen.
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Skynet rises! DARPA's CODE project pushes autonomous collaboration between drones
Want to ask one of the fathers of the Internet a question? Hangout with Vint Cerf on April 2nd!
Overtaking #Firefox Profiles: Vulnerabilities in Firefox for #Android
Android phones far more ubiquitous than iPhones here @coinsummit. Trend will continue as Apple continues to block bitcoin apps.
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Another happy server. All in a days work.
April 4th is 404 Day! Join EFF in calling attention to Internet filters, banned websites & censorship in libraries.
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Hackers preparing 'wild west' zero-day assault on Windows XP
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If you're not familiar with what "net neutrality" is, here's a quick explainer:
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Another way to mine cryptocurrency -- Botnets! #Bitcoin
printf "%d\n" {0..9} | xargs -n1 -I{} date -d "Friday + {} days" +%A # Days of the week 10 days ahead starting on Fri. For Vacation planning
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A free year of web & mobile dev courses. Sound to good to be true? It's not, just try New Relic and we'll hook it up:…
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Neiman Marcus Hackers Set Off 60,000 Alerts While Bagging Credit Card Data
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10 reasons some #Microsoft Windows XP users refuse to upgrade
Facebook deal sends message to #WhatsApp Asia rivals
Helping advance human #robot interaction with compliant machines
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." John Gilmore
New Silk Road hit with $2.6 million heist due to known Bitcoin flaw.
Today I took a stand against mass surveillance by the NSA. Will you join me? #stopthensa
The evolution of cyberwar Espionage malware may be state-sponsored, researchers say
November federal trial set in NY 'Silk Road' case
"I think that this present century will see a geat upsurge and development of this whole information business." -- Claude Shannon, 1959
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Visa's CEO: “There are certainly some interesting things about Bitcoin"…
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#Solar powered computers for Africa
Edward #Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2014
Two-thirds of Americans surf the Web at less than 10Mbps by @jbrodkin
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Coca-Cola suffers #data breach after employee 'borrows' 55 laptops