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Jerry Kapraun
#KendallJones is pure trash. She hunts endangered animals. Let us all pray she meets her maker from an animal attack
Retweeted by Jerry Kapraun
You want to save the animals but you >> @VoteMike2014 have zero regard for human life. Who is trash again?
Obama's answer,... Lets throw money at it,... Money we do not have.
BOOM!! so a federal judge just ordered the #IRS to detail in writing & under oath how Lerner's emails vanished.. next up: jail time
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Obama pays attention to #Beer #Billiards #Bowling and #Bongs but not the #Border.
Every government, throughout time, will use extreme prejudice to maintain power in the interest of self preservation.
HEADLINE: "Dems Strike Back" #NotMyBossesBusiness #HobbyLobby agrees. Not our business. Do what you want but we ain't paying for it.
To be successful you must surround yourself with talented people.
Since Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are too scared, Michael Eric Dyson invited me to debate him tomorrow on MSNBC--stay tuned for details
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Gay rights. Womens rights. Minority rights. Geez. What happened to #EqualRights?
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Do I need to check my side arm at the door? @Target
I have forgotten more than many will ever have the opportunity to learn. Still learning. Stay learning. Stay educated. Stay real.
There are an awful lot of people in this country that sincerely believe that their vote does not count. Lets change that.
Are you really that nuts? You can keep them both. "@rapIikelilwayne: Retweet for Lil Wayne. Favorite for Obama."
RT "@imsure: If fences are worthless why are the Feds fencing the New Mexico field mice in and ranchers out?"
Can't. The WH has a fence "@TapTex: @BretBaier #specialreport House the illegals in Washington DC, preferably the White House."
I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that #Liberals actually believe #Welfare creates jobs.
If fences are worthless then why is there one around the #WhiteHouse.
I guess if Washington DC thinks the #TeaParty and #SenTedCruz are radical, then radicals are what DC needs to #MakeDCListen #NoExemptions
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There was another radical group called "The Sons Of Liberty @CaptainJDavis and are responsible for the original #TeaParty.
I have never shopped there. Not a single day in my life "@BillPowers9: Imagine a world without Costco."
52 shootings and 14 deaths in Chicago this weekend. Police Chief: ' These are guns, they kill people." #GunFreeZone
Yep"@OneVeritas: And Morroco is the trade center from the first sale to this day!"
I do not take pills. I do not like pills. When I broke my wrist, no pills. Toothache?... Pills
I am loving @this When you cant sleep, this is it.
Cant sleep but Booze helps "@PatriotMom69: Ouch...feel better soon!"
Been having a time of it. Tooth ache reaching down to the jawbone. Cant sleep. Self medication.
Wqtching "Sea Hunt" starring Lloyd Bridges.
Some will say that #Americans are stupid, we are just lucky. 238 years of good luck. #USA
Does no one remember the #IronCurtain? #AxisOfEvil? #RedScare? Why does the #Left want to emulate these things.
#CoffeeTeaOrKoolAide? What's your favorite midterm drink? Come and see Be a part of the #Conservative movement.
Never a WORD from the left, none of the domestic race baiters even dare to mention this, ONLY the US had slaves.
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The USA @OneVeritas was responsible for a very small percentage of the slave trade. With the human trafficking at the border today??...
The pleasure is mine "@discus74: Thanks Jerry have a good week"
I am looking forward to the day I can wake up and feel confident that our Freedoms,our Country and our World are in balance once again.
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Freedom is always one generation away from extinction @discus74 we should for ever be vigilant in it protection.
I don't get this #2A debate. I know plenty of #Liberals that own and carry. They will not shoot an animal but will sure as hell shoot a man.
Remember when Democrats thought it was important to return Hispanic children to their parents? #Tcot #nerdland
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Yes @Ringo6 but one difference,... Cuba actually wanted Elian Gonzalas back.
#Freedom lives only in the #HeartsOfMen whom are willing to defend it. Visit for your #Conservative supplies.