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Jerry Kapraun
To set the record straight, @RepLipinski is a cosponsor of #HRes620 and agrees #Tahmooressi must be brought home #BringBackOurMarine
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Yes and thanks "@OneLungMcLung: @GerardKapraun sorry. Were you close? Did u get to see her a lot as a kid."
#BringBackOurMarine "Failing our veterans: We cannot leave US Marine Tahmooressi behind in Mexico"…
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LOL "@samiamincali: Unless it's Common Core math."
Seasonal adjustment?... Manipulation?... "@ssbn601: @ginny_cw figures don't lie: liars figure @RedNationRising"
Math is, without a doubt, the universal language. You could be in a different galaxy or time and two plus two will still equal four.
Unemployment drops below 6% yet nearly a third of the working class is out of work. Correct me if I am wrong but the numbers don't add up.
Worst in 36 years "@ConwayMiles: And he continues ignoring the fact that labor participation is down. 92.6 million Americans out of work."
Just got word. She passed last night."@OneLungMcLung: sucks"
LSB announces unemployment below 6%. First time in Obama's presidency. Obama is ecstatic, says it's better than when he took office.
Just got word from my cousin Jayne. Her Mother, my Aunt Barbara passed last night. God rest her soul.
Sgt. Tahmooressi is an American hero who fought for us and his imprisonment is unjust. Mr. President, do your job and #BringBackOurMarine.
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Fuck. Heard my Aunt Barb just got unplugged today,... Won't make it through the night but, her sister, my Mother has been prescribed chemo.
Prayers for my Aunt Barb. Suffered massive stroke a few days ago Took a turn for the worse today They unplugged her this morning God Speed
I have a parody account @AnObamanation. Check me out over there also. If you don't, I'm gonna tell #LoisLerner you are a #TeaParty activist.
I'd like to thank my colleagues on @HouseForeign for today's hearing. It's been way too long. Time to #BringBackOurMarine
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Very Scary was 25 yrs ago, but now?"... @sueinwny: very scary, so sad....OMG !"
I guess the #CDC will be pretty busy this next few weeks. #Ebola in #Texas. One,.So far, has been diagnosed with #EbolaVirus #AnObamanation
They are here. Just had a visit from the #BLM rep giving a bunch of #EnvironmentalCases a guided tour of our logging operation.
Its back. Only half a rainbow but beautiful.
Be smart do your part. Know your candidates,... And #VOTE. We as a free people still have obligations
I'm a home grown #Citizen and #Patriot @JihadistJoe In this country, I am not the infidel. You earned a follow.
.@burpthekitten in the name of multiculturalism each mosque should have a sex shop built to its left and a bacon butty shop to its right
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...and a 24 hour baby back ribs across the street. We dont mind a tofue joint as long as they have bacon.
OMG! The climate is changing! The leaves are changing colors and!... OMG!... They are falling off the trees. Thats why we call it #Fall.
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. We do not like gimme more, we like, "What can I do to help?"
If they found out the culprit for the OK beheading was a #TeaParty activist, would it still be called #WorkPlaceViolence?
@GerardKapraun @gamma_ray239 The definition of workplace violence in America = Administration cowardice. #ccot
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I just heard a large tree come down on its own. Hope it didnt fall across the road or in my camp. Got to go see.
RT "@gamma_ray239: Oklahoma beheading: Workplace violence Fort Hood shootings: Workplace violence Tea Party: Domestic terrorists"
WOW! Another incident of #WorkPlaceViolence in Oklahoma. First time a beheading occured at the workplace in USA that I know of.