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@GerardKapraun I have no problem with that. Trust, my daughter is nowhere near even thinking about having sex.
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@GerardKapraun I'd take my daughter to Planned Parenthood to get her BC. Teach her how to be responsible for her healthcare.
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@GerardKapraun My daughter is 11. But when she's ready for sex, I'll take her myself to get birth control.
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Ted Cruz as President Ben Carson as Vice President Donald Trump as Treasurer Trey Goudy as Attorney General. What say you?
And the #Parent might never know what happened and/or why. Scary. #DefundPP…
If my Daughter was in trouble, I would want to know. #ParentalRights not #PlannedParenthood…
Yes. I control my children. Maybe you are one of those that allow your 11yo to run amuck in Walmart.…
I know. That is #PlannedParenthood job. Oh wait,... They do not give parental advice. #StandWithPP has options.…
I suspect you are a very good parent @micahsgrrl but kids make mistakes. Mistakes that can seem terrifying. To Horrible to tell Mom and Dad.
Okay @micahsgrrl I'll get behind that. Problem is that your 11yo daughter does not need your knowledge or permission. Might never know.
I take it you do not have a daughter getting her monthly contraceptives. Oh, they don"t tell the "Parents"…
Heart, Liver, Kidney, Brain,... Sound like clumps of cells to you #StandWithPP? Parenthood is a responsibility not a commodity. #DefundPP
#PlannedParenthood does not plan anything but Preventive Parenthood. #DefundPP What say you #StandWithPP
If you #StandWithPP you turn your back on parents. #PlannedParenthood is anti-parenthood. #DefundPP
Pregnancy is not a disease or an illness #StandWithPP It Is A Choice. Your choice. The baby has no voice. #DefundPP
Okay #StandWithPP Tell me one thing #PlannedParenthood has done for parenthood? #DefundPP
The left has been pushing that "Do It For The Children" excuse for decades. It's time they owned them words. #DefundPP
This is our biggest and best t-shirt sale ever! Now, get any 3 shirts of the following shirts for only $25!…
Do It For The Children #DefundPP #PlannedParenthood has nothing to do with parenting.
CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!! It was chilly this morning and the climate changed. Now it is 80 degrees. #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
Tonight's moonrise. Out my front door
Understand the difference. The #Vatican does not practice #Christian values they prey upon it. Richest Nation in the world.
One big happy family,... With #PapaFrankie at the head of the table. #PopeFrancis could write a song,... Imagine All The People,.,. Wait,...
Beware the false prophets. Is #PopeFransisco the #Vicor of #Christ? Is he looking to be the Vicor of the world? One big happy family?
Makes even your teenagers wonder @patriotmom2911 but if Papa Frankie wants to play politics, ...
We need a new speaker and,... We need a new #Conservative to take his seat in Congress. #Beohner
#KimDavis moving to the right side of the aisle. Dems do not support her ideals.
Yeah well @patriotmom2911 he could have if he had the #GOP camp behind him. #Boehner
That is a shame also. The country is still at risk.…
What a shame. Trey Gowdy would be something.…
"social normality"? Okay @ReficooI What other letters are included in that + sign?
When is the all inclusive #LGBT going to include H for #heterosexual to the people of #OtherSexuality
#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTAQ, We accept all sexuality's,... except #Heterosexual The 1% has spoken!
I would make bets that little girl was choreographed. The Fiat Pope or the Pope in a Fiat?
How is it that the 1% can dictate the populous through the courts without legislative process. Code word/hashtag #LGBT
The next Sesame Street song. ABC,... LGBT #LGBT
"other sexualities"?... Heterosexuals included? #LGBTAQH+ Not bashing, just Q, Questioning. More letters coming soon…
If you do not exercise your rights, they get flabby and useless. #Vote #BeSmartDoYourPart
Look @ReficooI I will answer your questions. I just wish to clarify exactly what the question is.

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