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Retweet if you are #Redneck and proud.
Retweet if you are a #HardWorker and proud.
Tomorrow is Halloween. Today is #FreakyFriday
#Spooky You may see this image over and over again in your dreams,... Or in your nightmares. #HappyHolloween
Oregon: Drought exposes woman missing since 2007.…
So. Man made #GlobalWarming is partially caused by rotting Jack-O-Lanterns after the #Holloween celebration. Is that why they are so scary?
My first selfie. Scary huh?
It's my rugged good looks.
And now for some unabashed, Capitalistic self promotion. #ThatsConservative
I'll leave you alone as long as you leave me alone. #ThatsConservative
We look for work, not ask for money. #ThatsConservative
I do not need someone to spoon feed me and wipe my bottom. #ThatsConservative
Sure @bcwilliams92 The labor force provides them with free phones and healthcare, rent and food stamps.
My Cuz in Texas contacted my over her concerns. We do not know who is coming across our border. My only advice,... Stay Armed.
Disorderly Conduct. Resisting Arrest. Assaulting a Police Officer. Could the cop handle it differently? Yes Could the girl? Yes
Are you high @AberdeenBlimp Man I hate that crash when you come down.
Check out @AberdeenBlimp for continuous updates. Where oh where did it go?
Really? Body Slam? #NBC Video Shows Cop Body-Slamming Female Student in S.C. Classroom via @NBCNews
Teachers tired. Deputy fired. Lawyer hired. What a good daughter am I.
This >> @308saiga Why is it --that every time Tragedy is carried out by Bad People -Stupid People start taking rights away from Good People?
In my family, you do not disobey the teacher, principal, or cops. Period. Most importantly, do not resist arrest or assault an officer.
Go figure. Parents seek a payday instead of teaching their daughter proper behavior. My kid would lose all internet privileges for a month.
If she was my daughter, I would be very disappointed with the way she acted. Shameful. She would lose that phone for a month.
The Blimp has a twitter account >> @AberdeenBlimp
Illinois has a Republican Governor for the first time in like 50+ years. Vote local. It makes a difference.
Public nuisance. Resisting arrest. Assaulting an officer. Go to jail.
You know it took several years of prep work to pull it off. That all took place in the Clinton administration.…
ACLU quick to play the race card in South Carolina. Give it 24 hours and the place will be on fire. My prediction.
Gee Lee @stranahan utopia,..., um,... er,... communism has never been successfully achieved. @bertobambam
GEEZ! Now it is #Racist to call someone a #HardWorker?
More poor folks in Democrat controlled Oregon now than in the Great Depression. Those Liberal policies are working so well.
We're happy to announce a new line of t-shirts designed to honor each branch of the U.S. Military!…
#WHOKnew #WHO My parents don't smoke but they eat bacon At 83, its time for an intervention
#WHOKnew Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener. I need a cigarette.
Truth is not all that funny but levity is. Thank you .…
I reckon I can keep smoking and try to quit eating bacon. #WHOKnew NOT A CHANCE!! #DontMessWithMyBacon
My Father's Aunt lived to be 98 on the farm. Eggs and bacon is breakfast. #WHOKnew. Never smoked a day. Bacon killed her.
Yeah,... Right?. I did not know until #WHO told me so.…

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