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If you were awarded $800 Thousand for a book contract,... What would you buy?
#MarcoRubio has a wife that is hooked on speed. She has been busted for speeding on several occasions.
#SelfRelience is the #KeyToFreedom. Without it, you will never truly be free. I'll put it to you in my Fathers words,... #HardWork
You could hang #MarcoRubio's boat on the side of #JohnKerry's boat. Hell, you could float it in #HillaryClinton's swimming pool.
MVR (driving record) required for presidency,... Birth Certificate not so much.
My shit, by definition is organic. All you liberals that only eat organic,... you know what to do. Bon Appetit
This one goes out to #BruceJenner and your Alto Ego #CaitlynJenner. Your So Vain-
If #BruceJenner looks like #JessicaLang then I would say Jessica is actually a man.
The world respects the USA more now than ever because,... #CaitlynJenner ???
If I had a son, he would look just like #BruceJenner Um,... er,... Wait,... #CaitlynJenner ???
From #Wheaties to #FruitLoops Now that is courage. i see #Obama has his priorities in order.
Obama awards the medal of honor to the family of 2 WWII hero's family's but #BruceJenner uh,... er,... um, #CaitlynJenner is courageous.
World wide, USA is more respected since the Obama administration ended two wars. Really? #ISIS agrees.
From flake to fruity. I sure am glad I never ate Wheaties as a child.
Well you know,... when the inmates run the insane asylum,...…
Less government intrusion just makes sense.
Less government intrusion just makes sense.
Listen @misfitkronos I will be happy to continue this debate tomorrow but like most Conservatives, I have a job and must go to work.
No @misfitkronos not anti immigration,... anti illegal aliens that, FYI take a large portion of the middle class away from citizens
Duh @misfitkronos Who pays the highest taxes?... 35%?... Corporations and the rich.
Wow! @misfitkronos Talk about caricatures.FYI, the rich are what support the middle class not to mention paying for welfare.
Yet we manage @misfitkronos If memory serves, you were telling me how you think I define Liberalism
Really? @misfitkronos I find that hard to believe. So just blow hard and not willing to converse?
In other words @misfitkronos you are unwilling to have a conversation even though I presented you with an excellent platform to do so.
You've heard the term "Misery loves company"? Same thing applies to Liberalism.
So your gay and want a child?,,, guess what,... that child will need a Mother and Father for you to have a child. That's how it works.
Incredible. Just heard this. "No Mother should fear for their child"s life every time he or she robs a store."
Best shot? @onepoliceplazza Pictures and memes are nothing more than that. Can you find resources? Otherwise, nothing more than propaganda.
Anything to back this accusation? I don't think so but I will give you your shot. Give it your best shot.…
Are you even old enough to remember the "70"s? I am and that does not offend me, it is just not the truth.…
Tired of folks crying "Help Me, Help me!" Help yourself! Give that a shot and I may consider standing with you so we can help each other
#WhateverUSA You won’t believe what’s happening in this town that #Democrats built. #Baltimore
Fifty years of Democrat leadership has finally achieved the Liberal dream in #Baltimore
#Texas could use some help. #Baltimore needs a change of leadership.

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