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Jerry Seinfeld
RT @MrGeorgeWallace: You know if shit's actually on fire ain't no one calmly walkin'. Shit's gonna be Thunderdome. Stop swearing so much.
New Single Shot ‘Coffee Or Tea?’Oct 16. No line. No sleeves on cups. No crowd around the milk and sugar. Just laughs.
Christopher Reeve’s son is a superhero fighting spinal cord injuries. Here’s how to help him: #36for36 #JoinReeve
New Single Shot. ‘Real Jobs.’ We’ve got 23 hours a day to kill. Just need 2 minutes of your time.
Best time shooting Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee yesterday with @JerrySeinfeld. Thanks. New season Nov. 6.
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Please enjoy today's Single Shot with indubitable perspicacity.
Fun time taping @Letterman this afternoon, airing tonight. If you want a preview, here’s the set list.
New Single Shot ‘Pee-Pee Time’. Feel the warmth.
Seated uncomfortably close to MC Jerry Seinfeld at his wife Jessica's event for Baby Buggy. @LoveRecycled #stealthie
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Hold your calls! We have a winner!
Let's play "Guess the car & comedian." I will acknowledge the first to get both. You must be right to win. Nothing.
Here’s my crew RT: @LoveRecycled In honor of #BBFatherhoodInitiative post pic of you w/your kids/your dad #Dadicated
New Single Shot ‘Leno & Letterman On Each Other’ Sep 18. Two late nite giants in one tiny
New Single Shot up today. ‘Sexy Talk.’ Sex and comedy in one package. Does this even go?
#Repost from @spikeferesten with repostapp We cannot let developers close our local airport! Help…
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Gotham. Tonight at 9.
New Single Shot up today. "The Money" Seven comics. Each puts in their two cents.
Even another New Single Shot today. 'My Parents' Everyone's got them. Only we have a 9 comic mini-video about it.
New Single Shot up today. "The Money" Seven comics. Each puts in their two cents. @Acura @Crackle
Here's the KO New Baseball Commisioner sketch: Genius.
Why we wake and sleep each day: Nothing is more important than pure #Porsche @Porsche Porsche.
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KO still delivering from new remote outpost. @KeithOlbermann New MLB Commish speech best thing I've heard since my set on @jimmyfallon
New Single Shot up today on CCC. 6 comics: Marriage. Don't try to stop us. We got a lot of stuff. @Acura @Crackle
"Keep it moooooo-ving People. Nothing to see here..." -Cow from the backseat
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My friend Paul Reiser has written an incredible piece about his life in comedy. Unmissable.
Also, Full length, Star Studded Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee eps returning this Fall. Don't Freak Out on me! @Acura @Crackle
It's about the size. Smaller, Faster, Better New Single Shot today! 'Comedians Love Eating'
@JerrySeinfeld Very few absolutes in life but if your film has a Steely Dan song in it, your movie will be great.
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I can't believe the Catcher is expected to back up every throw to 1st Base. The guy is crouching up and down all game. He's doing enough
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New 'Single Shot' today. This week 7 comedians talk about gay stuff. We love it. We can't stop.
'Single Shot' is live! You wanted more CCC,we give you less. Quick hit that goes down easy.New version.Same
I am, once again, going to attempt to know everything. Noon today @reddit my 2nd AMA.…
Given some important news I learned today, I felt compelled to update my Yelp review of the Tick Tock Diner:…
This isn't the first time someone has left South Beach thinking, "I have to go home and get my shit together." #Lebron
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Loved doing the T&A today. Most replies were direct, but you can see them here:… Let’s do it again next week.
. Notice cameraman? RT @TYhigbie: @JerrySeinfeld what's up with this parking job? #T&A
.First one then the other. RT @babybuster3: @JerrySeinfeld If you HAD to go back in time, would you chase success or happiness?
Ok, I'm ready! Since AMA is a Reddit word and this is a Twitter only Q&A how about we call it T&A?
Let's do an AMA today at 3pm East. I will answer any question for 30 min. about this week's with Robert Klein.
Thanks, Greenery! RT @Espngreeny: 25 years ago. Today. Without question, the greatest show in television history. #Seinfeld
Thanks, Al! RT @Alsboringtweets: Best Seinfeld episode was The Chicken Roaster #KennyRogers #Seinfeld25