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donald dump
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump tonight which is basically Republican porn.
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I don't even have to worry about a murderer killing me because I'm probably gonna accidentally kill myself somehow.
One more pic. No, I won't act my age because I'm a teenage fangirl and I'm disgusting. #1dfansaregorgeous
Ok im going to join even tho I posted these like last week oops oh well btw you're all beautiful #1dfansaregorgeous
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Why did Twitter turn white? White supremacy? Also why is it the opening screen a different shade of blue? Also WHERE IS MY LATTE??
I like to spend my Sunday night wishing it wasn't Sunday night.
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#Regram #MFYeezysBlack @matches_man UK8
When my cat falls off the bed, it reminds me that I'm not the only fail in life.
I actually love diarrhea because it cleanses my anal cavities.
#RobinWilliams passed away a year ago, but his legacy will live on and we will laugh until we pass away.
New video!!! You can see all my sexy @TheEllenShow undies. 😏
Kill me please because school is in like two weeks.
Celebrating #InternationalCatDay because cats will always be better than friends or family.
#GOPDebate is giving me a headache. I'm Dr. Seuss now apparently. I bet Dr. Seuss is glad he's dead during these debates.
Old white men on a stage discussing how they want to control women's vaginas is never not going to be repulsive.
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RT if ur a soft-spoken nice boy who likes me
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I saw a bunch of celebs AND was touched by a drag queen. My life is complete.
You have more dick in your personality than you do in your pants.
I feel so much better now that I have decided to never do anything again
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NEW VIDEO!! I was molested by a drag queen...sorta.
As a guy and non-Directioner (soon to be convert though probably), #DragMeDown is pretty good--good enough to listen at 3AM. I NEED TO SLEEP
New video is LIVE!!! I hiked and I ended up getting my legs amputated because hiking is hard.
The iPhone 7 is trending while the iPhone 6S hasn't even been announced. Meanwhile, children in Africa are starving & I'm eating ice cream.
Hormones? More like whoremoans.
actually my cat wants this to be his tinder profile pic because he is all made up. (PLEASE SWIPE RIGHT ON HIM). thanks to make up artist @eriicakono.
my cat is my only friend and the only living creature I will hold like a baby because human babies are devilish. also he forced me to bring him because he is setting up his tinder profile (@mrkinkyklaws) to hook up with pussies. please swipe right on him thanks
I'm about to go on a hike. If I die, please tell my mom to feed the cat.
It's raining in California which means it's time for me to hibernate.
Think Disney movies are innocent? Think again.
Guys I got plastic surgery and started using makeup and now I feel better than ever! I'm finally confident enough to leave my house and hang out with friends now! Except I won't because I'm a lazy cunt. Thank you makeup artist and doctor @eriicakono for making me into what I've always wanted to be.
Crying yourself to sleep. I still do that everyday. #GrowingUpWithStrictParents
Red wine in a capsule. Now I can discreetly get drunk on the job. #PrimeDay #PrimeDayFail
I want to go to @realDonaldTrump's house, eat some authentic Mexican food, and then leave a trail of shit behind.
After asking Siri what 0÷0 is, I've committed suicide and have gone to the dark side. Now, I have many demon friends and cookies. Take that.
If @realDonaldTrump wins presidency, I'm moving to Mexico and hoping I get scalped by the Mexican cartel. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Caitlyn Jenner is Bruce Jenner's new name. Caitlyn with a 'C' and not a 'K' to diss the other the Kardashians. #CallMeCaitlyn
Funny how we hated naps when we were kids but all we want to do as adults is nap.
I want some chicken tenders. Or cock tenders. Basically the same thing. Only difference is you can eat one raw and not get salmonella.
Does that mean I can browse all the good porn that's been taken down?…
Pubes "on fleek." Did I use that right?

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