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Jerome Collinge
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@JeromeCollinge hey Jerome, love your logo for @LaurenKFaith - looks great across all media, but then, we love clean + slick.
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Just updated my @Behance portfolio with the latest creative project I've handled for UK musician @LaurenKFaith :
Dre had the highest yearly earnings total of any musician we've ever evaluated:
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Don't second guess your thoughts or actions. Make a choice, stand by it and know that you've done the right thing.
Where creativity meets business, that's the spot I'm trying to be within.
Simply enjoy, have fun and always be curious to learn more.
Don't forget to take a read of my latest feature interview when you've got a spare couple of minutes. Good vibes ! :…
Learn to be more open minded as opportunity can present itself at the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected forms.
Got some new updates coming to the design portfolio soon folks, look out for those updates.
So much opportunity and so many good people supporting my efforts. I'm blessed and I'm forever thankful.
Feeling very positive in the progression I'm making with my studies, the hunger and determination to succeed is real !
Sunday study sessions.
Be sure to pass through the @TheCr8tives website and take a read of my feature interview we just recently done :…
It's important to find your balance between work and life.
If you're embarking on something new, make sure you've got really supportive people around you:
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A clear uncluttered mind is always the one that will take you to your highest heights.
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Mindset is everything, positive thoughts will bring you positive actions.
Love my Canon SLR but what I really want is that Olympus OM-D E-M5 for my street photography, definitely an investment for the future !
Take a read of my interview feature with @TheCr8tives please be sure to spread & share the good vibes and knowledge :…
Went out extra early this morning. Wanted to shoot some visuals just as the city woke up. Be sure to follow my Instagram : @JeromeCollinge
Really finding my taste in photography recently. I've been enjoying these street style shots so much, the sense of freedom is real !
Keeping everything bottled up inside you isn't healthy. Learn how to express yourself.
Digging the new look of Twitter on the iPhone homie, shame I can't say the same for the desktop version !
The art of creativity and business.
Know your direction, know the things you want, be focused and always be determined to succeed !
Creative hustler and my bro @JeromeCollinge has been uploading some powerful photography shots onto his @instagram today.
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When I've set my mind towards the thing I want to achieve, there's no other options available to me. I'll either achieve or I'll achieve.
More exploring and photography later today but first it's time to hit these books and get a little studying in ! #GeekMode
Tonight has been a vibe, lots of exploring and lots of photography. Be sure to follow me over on Instagram "JeromeCollinge" !
The dedication and hunger is real, we can all be great at whatever we want. It's all down to the mindset and how much you apply yourself.
Experienced the @Airbnb service for the first time last weekend, love the whole concept and can't wait to book through them again !
Thoughts become things. That's why it's always important to make sure your mental is in the right frame and you hold a positive mindset.
Went into college today and got my student card and all my books for study, the course starts later this week. My determination is real !
New beginnings this week, love that feeling of progression !
It's always emotional leaving London behind and travelling back home, this weekend has been love though !
Never worried about "not being successful". I've got good people with me that won't allow it to happen, motivation and love !
Got something cool coming up with @TheCr8tives team, I'll release more info about this soon, look out !
I'll never let anybody kill my vibe, I'm forever great, doing great things, surrounded by only great people, it's all love !
The German worker's philosophy is to get in, do your work, and get out. They end up with more done in fewer hours:
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Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can't fail until you quit.
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Love seeing the people around me succeed and achieve the things they set out to achieve, many productive & positive vibes !
Kendrick Lamar is being sued for $1 million as a result of "Rigamortis"
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We all deserve happiness, I'll continue to spread positivity and good vibes, even if nobody is listening to me.