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Jerome Collinge
Confidence in every action.
Can't wait to celebrate the year with my people and bring in the next with some good & positive vibes 🙏 !
I'm into my style & fashion but to line up outside a shop for 2-3 days for some kicks, that's something I can't get behind.
You're a product of your own thoughts, that's why everyday I wake up and think nothing less than positivity and great thoughts 🙏 !
Females that have the confidence and determination to become something, to not depend on others and in themselves know they are great ❤️ !
Make me want to get to know you more, what's so interesting about you, what's so different ?
Two more days until it's test time for my accountants course. I've been ready for this test since October though, the confidence is real 🙏 !
These days I'm extra thankful for those rare individuals that can really hold a good conversation and bring something interesting 👌 !
Experiences & Memories
.@drdre is named as @Forbes' highest paid musician of 2014 with a net worth of $620m USD
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What's up @TreyGunnx I was told you're looking for a web designer for a project, I would be able to handle that for you ✌️ !
Who can I talk to about cancelling & being refunded, I've sent two emails requesting to cancel yet I'm still being charged @freelancerclub ?
She gives me nothing but those good vibes when I'm around her or when we're talking 👌😘 !
Next week is about to be greatness, the confidence is real and as always I'm feeling very positive in everything ahead ✌️ !
Adidas are coming through with all types of sponsorships and collaborations right now, that Pusha T EQT 'Guidance 93' drop looks clean !
Surrounding yourself with the right types of people is so essential.
Nike is suing the sh*t out of the three designers that left the brand for adidas:
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It's all in the thinking and the feeling homie, when you think and you feel good there's no doubt that you'll live good too !
Everybody put your peace signs up ✌️.
Anytime somebody doubts me and my actions I don't even consider it because that's just them doubting themselves and sharing their own fears.
Play some good music and start each day feeling great, you are great !
Black & White 'Hustle' Snapbacks can still be picked up from the web store for Christmas ✌️ :
Anytime you feel like your slipping, don't even stress, just look back on all the obstacles you've already overcome and keep it moving !
Focus and channel your energy on only the things that matter to you, the things you want and the things that help you become more happy.
Portfolio updates coming soon to the @Behance including some new flyer artwork I've been working on with @LEVELZMCR and other names !
This year has been full of nothing but productive vibes. Can't wait to move into the new year, I've already been setting projects up ✌️ !
That 20th Anniversary version of the Playstation 4 looks cool and I'm a little tempted but I'm still stuck on the White version ✌️ !
Finished the final design project last night for 2014, not accepting anything until the new year. Time to focus fully on these studies ✌️ !
Rapping up a little creative work and then getting back into this '50th Law' book by Robert Greene & 50 Cent ✌️ !
Can't wait for the homie @Ellis_Dagnall to return home from his creative trip to Copenhagen, so many vibes to catch up on !
Be sure to follow @thegoodhustlr, that's the new platform where I'll be pushing all the good vibes and showcasing everything creative ✌️ !
Checkout some of the photography visuals from today's exploring session over on ✌️
Good vibes today getting out on the bike and exploring, time to head home and get some revision in though. Productivity always !
Charging the clip and then I'm heading out on the fixed gear bike to shoot some photography and explore places, it's been a while ✌️ !
Reading is timeless, I'm forever educating myself further !
Got my first accountants exam coming up, I'm feeling a little nervous but it's nothing because I've really been on my study hard flow ✌️ !
As you read this, understand that you are great, you can become great. Pay no mind to negative vibes, you can achieve whatever you want ❤️ !
Jurassic World is going to be a vibe for sure but it's emotional that it's not releasing until June 12 !
Push good vibes daily, no matter how big or small the effort is that you make !
Didn't we say LOVE yourself? They don't LOVE u. The world don't LOVE u. Worldly things don't LOVE u. The master will serve justice.
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Zero in on what's in front of you today and then stay in that zone
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Man, I've been so focused & determined with my studies, my first accountants exam is coming up and the confidence is real !