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Jerome Collinge
Passed through @RevolutionBars earlier for some good food. Definitely one for the list of food spots worth hitting in Manchester ✌️!
Damn, I've been based in the library for the past 2-3 hours doing nothing but studying. The determination & hunger to succeed is very real !
What happened tonight was a big moment for everybody that's been supportive of Hip Hop & Grime, it was dope to see Kanye x BBK like that ✌️!
I love watching @TEDTalks videos, it would be nice to be able to attend some of their events in the future, connect and learn !
Get connected, work together and spread nothing but good vibes !
After those long but productive days, there's nothing better than getting home, getting some good food and relaxing in front of Netflix ✌️!
Real surprised to have seen your face today @ItsMeKorinnaa so unexpected haha ! I'm proud to see you doing so well at what your doing 🙏 !
Time waits for nobody, we're almost into the first quarter of 2015, hope everybody is happy with their progression and achievement so far✌️!
If you're looking for me, you can probably find me on my grind.
With the right amount of passion and determination, there's nothing that is too difficult for you to achieve.
Do what you want. Live how you want. Believe in what you want.
Some people get so caught up in the idea of being viewed as professional that they become fearful of expressing any type of personality !
Bumped into the homie @kylexpowis earlier, some of the plans he's scheming on at the moment are strong, proud to see my people progressing !
If you're passionate about something, make sure you go above and beyond in your efforts to make it happen and let nothing stop you !
Momma didn't raise no fool.
Today's motive is simple. Study hard and let those @Soulection radio shows play through in the background ✌️!
Can't wait to start helping people create empires by applying some of this accounting & business knowledge I've been learning !
Your outward presence isn't always the most important. Focus on how you operate internally, with yourself, with your team.
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Don't be half hearted in your efforts. Apply yourself, get focused and become the greatest that you can become !
Sat my first @YourAAT Level 2 exam today. Happy to say I passed and that's one down and another step closer to becoming fully qualified !
Kendrick Lamar is that type of artist you could introduce your future kids to when teaching them the art of what makes good music.
Kendrick brought those vibes once again with "Blacker The Berry", here's to seeing him shut down @WirelessFest 15 ✌️!
Experiences & Happiness.
i deserve everything, i've known it and i feel it in my heart and my gut. i put in work and i put in love..and i don't stop.
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Love your life, nobody can tell you anything because only you know what's right for yourself !
I'm waaaaay up, I feel blessed 🙏 !
People love to try and 'categorise' what you do and your lifestyle but fxck it, enjoy the things you enjoy, be happy and live your life !
Just got my tickets booked for @WirelessFest 2015 homie, it's about to be a vibe ✌️!
Love your life and do what's right for you !
I'm loving the look of that line up for @WirelessFest 2015 though homie, so much good music ✌️ !
Always keep in mind why you started following a certain path and allow that to feed your motivation and determination.
Wednesday night is going to be such a vibe with the @hitandrunuk family celebrating their 8th successful year, happy birthday homies !
Work hard but don't over work yourself.
After those productive days of designing, there's no better feeling than to sit down, relax and watch some TV series, Suits to be exact ✌️ !
Checkout the latest creative resource to be added to my @envato shop "Dark Summer" -…
You stop progressing when you stop learning. Forever remain a student and seek knowledge like your dying from thirst.
Just updated my @Behance portfolio with some new 'Hit & Run' event poster pieces, be sure to check them out homies :…
You only become as successful as you let yourself.
People are afraid of failure - they don't like to work so hard and have people keep saying, 'No.' I think that's what people fear most.
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Its always dope creating for the homies @hitandrunuk. Lookout for portfolio updates coming soon from their recent events I've designed for !
Your quality of life will greatly depend on the quality of your mindset. Think nothing less than positive thoughts at all times ✌️!
Even though it's easy to get cozy and do the same things, I gotta keep it moving.
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