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Jerome Collinge
I'll announce the official release date of my snapback collection & web store launch on NYE ! #CreativeHustler
This isn't about being rich, it's about the freedom, being my own person, making my own rules, seeing the world !
Get up off that slave ship, build your own your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs - @kendricklamar
Under 21's talent any region, send us your music. If you got what it takes, we'll put you on. Holla. (Youngers sessions) RT
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What's up @CiaoNeen if your still needing a designer for the clothing hit me up, I can assist, I recently branded @justicemack88 !
One shot at life, don't spend it doing a bunch of things you have no passion for.
Currently speaking with Maybach Music Group, some possible news coming soon ! #CreativeHustler
Thank you all for supporting my small creative shop, can't wait to start this giveaway tomorrow, right before Christmas too !
“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela
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Positive movements in my life. I can't embrace any negativity or let it affect or consume me. My life has purpose
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Good news is that one might be from the team over at Creative Market so tomorrow could be the revealing of something cool !
Up extra early tomorrow to go pick up two missed deliveries from Royal Mail, really can't be bothered but it has to be done..
Build a circle of like minded and motivated people and together do great things !
Just out here, having fun, creating, living my life ! #CreativeHustler
I'll be announcing a release date for my first fashion collection January 2014, look out for the updates ! #CreativeHustler
Not everyone will make it to your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.
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More news on my snakeskin snapback collection as we enter into the new year, thank you to everybody showing love & support !
This month I'll be working on the third & final edition to the Cinematic Pro actions pack family on my sites store -
Focused on only that what matters.
Watched the new Jackass movie tonight, Jackass never seems to get old !
Hustling to the top, greatness awaits.
Busy day ahead tomorrow, waiting for a delivery to arrive, barbers, Christmas shopping then food & cinema.. 🙌🎥
Updating the blog, making some big changes to how things are run over there, lookout for the updates..
I'll keep going until it's not fun anymore.
Keep it simple and don't over complicate that which doesn't need to be complicated.
Apartment lifestyle next year, feeling so excited, this will be my first place and I can't wait to stamp my personality on it !
For premium creative content for use in your projects head to my websites creative store -
You've already failed if you're trying to be someone else
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Tomorrow could have been the day booked off work, playing some PS4 in my pyjamas but oh well, I'll grab mine soon enough..
Some people can't be told, they've just got to experience and learn from the mistakes they make.
Don't waste time thinking and feeling down about what isn't happening for you, focus on what's in front of you right now.
Why haven't Netflix got Walking Dead up yet, I've still not checked it out and I hear nothing but good things about it !
The power of simply speaking to others is one that's underrated, something as simple as conversation can bring a lot of opportunities.
Thanks everybody that's been enjoying & using my creative resources, lookout for the upcoming giveaway competition to show my appreciation !
Birmingham is home to some of my favourite music producers !
I'll be ordering my Playstation 4 after Christmas, it will be my own moving in gift when I get my apartment, that and Watchdogs !
Dear @SpikeLee, Do the right thing and make things right with this designer. |
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Dope to see my brother @itsOLIVERHAYES kicking it literally at the #PS4 launch event, check him out !
Positivity & Determination
I feel Kanye. I really hope he succeeds at what he's going for. All forms of racism need to be made aware of & eliminated.
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If progression isn't involved I'm not interested. #CreativeHustler
You lose when you focus more on what others are doing and thinking rather than your own actions and thoughts.
Surround yourself with nothing less than like minded people.