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Jordan Pruett
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Don't let it get that far. If you need help, ask. And if you can help someone, do it
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Man, the moon is humongous tonight!
Let's go Rays! #PrincetonRays #Playoffs
RT @_Snape_: If you missed the Hogwarts Express this morning, please do not take a flying car to school.
September is #ChildhoodCancer #Awareness Month. I encourage all of you to research and become aware of this disease. No child should ever have to experience cancer. Awareness + Funding + Research = A Cure
#DearResidents: Even with a fan blowing out the window & a towel at the base of the door, we can still smell marijuana in the hallway! #Yup
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RT @_Snape_: Hogwarts Express leaves tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Don't be late.
RT @partiers: Do i drink? Yes. Do i still get my shit done in life? Yes.
"Come on Sarah three dicks is funny!" "Idk, that seems a little crowded"
My life is full of a vicious cycle of letting everyone down and vomiting mid-blowjob. @SarahShrader #CardsAgainstHumanity
Apparently, a sexy black woman left this stain on my couch. @SarahShrader #CardsAgainstHumanity
Finally! Cards Against Humanity! This is much worse than I thought it would be! Bahaha! 😂😂😂
RT @_Snape_: Friendly reminder that you have no friends.
"We are all full of a mix of good and evil, the only thing we can do is live life and act so we don't look back with any regret."
It is 8:30 on a Saturday night and I am ready for bed. #OldManStatus
At least the Shawshank Redemption won't disappoint me.
I just can't handle this game anymore.
James Franklin: "We would have been happy to play this game at State College HS. It just happened to be in Ireland." #PSU
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franklin: "I don't know what the flight regulations are, but we're going to be partying all the way back to the United States." #WeAre
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Thank you @espn, for saying that we were all embarrassed by the "Joe Paterno" issue a few years ago. I think you meant Jerry Sandusky.
Join us and the entire state in "Going Gold" in September! If you own a business we ask that you put a message on your marquee. Something as simple at "Unite and Fight Childhood Cancer" or "September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month" will work! #ChildhoodCancer
Drive Ins on Sunday! TMNT and Into the Storm! If you want to come with us, let me know!
And it's pay day! What a great night! Lol
.@PrincetonRays have clinched first place in the East Division of the #AppyLeague!!! Let's go #Rays!
🎶I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist 🎶
I liked a @YouTube video College Musical Trailer!!
I really want to go to the lake this weekend
This is why we do what we do. I love to get messages from the families that we've helped. And I love the PS note at the bottom! 😊 #EmmasTouch #ChildhoodCancer
Working hard on this fine Thursday afternoon
I just love how I get snaps of people sitting on the toilet... 😑
I hate it when people pour my drinks. They don't know how much I want. They don't know my life. They don't know what I've been through.
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RT @SteveStfler: ice challenge... i haven't even finished my harlem shake video
1/2 of the people who run this account turned 17 today. Celebrate my birthday by spray-painting male genitalia on your school.
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RT @Earth_Pics: The Moon, Thunder Cloud & Lightning
RT @8_Semesters: Chipotle. More like Chipotlbae.
Singing "Stay With Me" under my breath and @junemariepruett says "NO" right as I'm singing the main line 😩�#toughlovetuesdayay
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RY @DailyCollegian: Student Jack Crean's death has been ruled a suicide, Centre County Coroner Scott Sayers said.
Why shooting to wound doesn’t make sense scientifically, legally, or tactically…
Wow. The Princeton Rays might actually make playoffs
Beyoncé's performance is creepy so far... #VMAs
RT @_Snape_: #VMA2014 I'm 99.9% sure Lorde is a Dementor.