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John Resig
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Today was @khanacademy's highest traffic day ever, next week will be even larger (as more schools start). Super exciting!
I guess it's official: @ChristiesInc has no Asia Week Japanese art auction. Follows @Sothebys' shutdown. Interest in the art is dying :(
Amazon buying @Twitch makes a lot of sense. I put a lot of hours into watching Twitch streams/VODs. The future of media is weird and great!
Really excited to be keynoting at @fowa Boston in October! You can use promo code JOHNRES to get 15% off -
My brother Steve did the cover illustration for today's @roccitynews! Go and pick up a copy if you're in Rochester!
3 days left to apply for our first Net Artist Residency!… cc: @ElectricObjects
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A bunch of board games are on sale on Amazon:… Including King of Tokyo, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, and Power Grid!
The incomparable @AllieBrosh is on Spellslingers! (The Magic the Gathering show with @day9tv):…
A month ago we (@brianbondy + @pamelafox + I) released peer reviewed projects on @khanacademy - here are the results!…
Anyone in NYC have a D&D group looking for a new, inexperienced, member? Or looking to start one?
Weekly all-hands update in the brand new @khanacademy offices! Finally we can fit the whole team!
excited to officially introduce p5.js! get an intro at created by @scottgarner and @shiffman.
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This cafe is actively engaged in chemical warfare, chopping large vats of onions in the open kitchen. Everyone's eyes are watering.
"Your donation to Wikimedia Foundation, Inc for $20.00 is complete."… I'm so, so, happy. Someone just made my week!
Reptilians Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives…
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I will donate $20 to a charity if someone can land an edit to or… in @congressedits
It's really easy for any cafe to win me over: Just play a good 80s mix and make sure there's a lot of Depeche Mode.
... The grant is to fund the production of open source tools for analyzing art photo archives. The results are already extremely promising!
Happy to announce that my computer vision work with the @fricklibrary has received a grant from the Kress Foundation!…
Our first @khanacademy collaboratively coded music video is complete! "Let it code":…
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If you're in NYC you should try Museum Hack: they're doing an epic all-day tour this weekend!
Getting ready for the 3rd annual (internal) @khanacademy healthy hackathon. So many people involved, excited!
Trying to break the habit of saying 'guys' for a group of people. 'Folks' is odd, 'Y'all' could work, but I'm not southern. Suggestions?
That evening where you code for five hours, make little progress, do an accidental git reset of your work and just give up.
"30 files changed, 583 insertions(+), 9594 deletions(-)" Yesss delete delete delete!
Ice Cream > Cake + Ice Cream > Ice Cream Cake > Cake. Exceptions: Carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting or Strawberry Shortcake.
The evolution of body lice helps to predict when humans first started to wear clothes:…
Just launched peer-reviewed programming projects at @khanacademy!… @brianbondy's first project since joining the team!
Incredible "Google Maps" of the Roman empire: optimize routes for speed, price, or time of year!
What are you doing this #summer? Learn programming on KA and earn your Summer of Script badge and JS Mastery one too!
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The email my friends and I received when we were rejected from the first @ycombinator batch. We got in the next year.
I realize that this might be fighting words but, after extensive testing, IMO Super Duper > Shake Shack.
Viewing La Traviata at AT&T field with about 20,000 other people! Who would have thought (free) opera was so popular!
Fireworks at Ikenohata, Kobayashi Kiyochika, 1881.… Happy 4th of July!
Fantastic mini apartment:… a split Eames chair is the wonky kerning of the interior design world.
Between aggressive browser caching, Varnish layers, and CSP issues @pamelafox & I have resorted to casting lots for who owns the next deploy
Happy Canada Day at @khanacademy! Maple treats, Canadian beer, and Tim Horton’s coffee to celebrate.
A joyous day: at @khanacademy we're dropping IE 8 support today! It's only 1.2% of our traffic. So exciting!
It’s July, 2014 is half over. It’s a good time to think about the projects that you’ve been wanting to release this year and finish them!
At the @khanacademy offices - I honestly think there are more new employees than "old" employees. Growing so fast, so many new faces!
In the Tenderloin, watching a seagull kill and eat a pigeon. Beautiful, scenic, San Francisco!
Heading off to SF until mid-August! Will be working at @khanacademy in-the-flesh. Will miss NYC and my friends so much! Be back soon <3
Speaking at a Princeton symposium today on my work using Computer Vision to improve art history study. Excited!
Two TV shows that are way better than I originally thought: Adventure Time and Parks and Recreation. So glad I re-visited them!
With the news that Rian Johnson is directing Star Wars films 8 & 9 I finally watched Looper. Really good, as was Brick. I have high hopes!
Steve Jobs had a Japanese print and @SusanKare used it to design the MacPaint box: the print:…
The amazing Jazz pianist and composer Horace Silver passed away yesterday. A fantastic song to remember him by:…
RIP spring. Finally buckled and installed the A/C units. Summer has won… this time!