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jeremy scahill
Fixer recounts how #ISIS abducted him and Steven #Sotloff - says #US never bothered to interview him…
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DOJ/ODNI announce another 90-day renewal of the Section 215 metadata program #fridaynewsdump
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reTweeting can really come in handy when you want to pass the word about something.
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White House repeatedly threatened James Foley's mother with prosecution if she paid a ransom to free her son.…
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Secret Surveillance Battle Between Yahoo and the U.S. Government Revealed (by @coracurrier)
Hold on. Who on God's green earth has had "casual sex" with Michael Hayden?…
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Two days ago, officials testified ISIS had 10k members. After the speech, that figure tripled.
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Seriously, when @NaomiAKlein writes a book (it's been 7 yrs!), it is an incredible, definitive work. @thischanges is powerful, exhaustive
Been reading my friend @NaomiAKlein's new book on climate change. It's amazing! Get it!…
The Uranium Sting: Did Homeland Security Catch a Smuggler or Create One?…
The US will increase its support to the moderate opposition in Syria, and also help the tepid opposition. Possibly the lukewarm opposition.
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Perhaps Obama meant the success of this Somali model:…
Shh. it's a MODEL! MT @BaFana3 Are we really expecting current gov't, whose control over the capital Sanaa worsens by the day, to run Yemen?
This discussion of Barney the dog on 9/11 is... um...…
Obama's strategy in a single headline: "Saudi Arabia Will Allow anti-ISIS Training Program"…
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This is my favorite Lanny Davis tweet:…
Dear all - read this comment. This is exhibit A of the level of discourse the occurs from critics on the right. Thank you Mr. Gandolfi.
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@HillaryClinton I rarely reply to the compulsive haters on Twitter. But this is a false statement - and as usual ignores the facts.
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Hey John - Keith Ohbermann used to be a great reporter who cared about the facts. Then he got angry and finds facts inconvenient. Sad.
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#thesixtiesCNN makes me sad and sorry that President Obama didn't see the wonder and importance of our space program and returning to moon.
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This is Lanny Davis, FP. A game for the ages. And I appreciate your skill - could have used your talent in White House.
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@morningmika @zbig Dad Zbig is always thoughtful - look forward to his insights. Hope you are well Mika. Lanny
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Were any Iraqis or Syrians interviewed tonight or did I miss something?
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ISIS is horrific. But US strikes in Yemen & Somalia are on contested legal grounds, have increased enmity against US. Hardly a model.
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Somalia: Great success. US kills Shabaab leader. Shabaab responds with twin bombings.
@jeremyscahill Which has allowed ISIS to pay a lot better than other rebel groups, which helps recruitment. So...yay capitalism?
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We need more allies in the region like #Bahrain who arrest human rights activists like @MARYAMALKHAWAJA. That. Is. How. We. Win.
LOL. Sean Hannity concerned about "sending Americans into harms way & not finishing." Col. Ralph Peters response: Let's whack those suckers.
Jay Carne has been deployed to a CNN studio to fight ISIS as a private contractor.
@jeremyscahill "Now guys, before the Americans show up, I just want to remind you: don't laugh when they make you promise not to join ISIS"
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What would indicate Obama was serious about confronting ISIS? Confronting Saudi Arabia & Qatar.
LOL. Saudi Arabia, as part of US coalition, is hosting anti-ISIS training. HAHAHA. Wow.
. @ggreenwald yeah. But Bush and Bush used Republican missiles. These are Democratic bombs.
Obama inherited a HUGE mess... from Obama's first term.
The intellectual dishonesty of partisan Democrats is amazing. (Flashback to same statement about Republicans under Bush).
Remember how awesome our Libya intervention was?
If Obama had said that the US plan was to drop hot dogs on ISIS, Al Sharpton would have praised it on MSNBC
All of you doubters criticizing Obama forgot how amazingly successful our Syria intervention was.
Assad is watching this shit, saying, "Why would I want a billion dollars when I could have a million dollars?"
What's the tooth to tail ratio of US military personnel deployed? #NeverDiscussPrivateWarIndustry
Another awkward fact: You know who funds a shit ton of this? Saudi Arabia, a major US ally.
Here's a crazy fact that makes Obama's speech about ISIS's origins ridiculous: ex-Baathist, non-Islamists are ISIS military commanders
Now @ChrisHayes blasting AUMF & expansion of such blank checks on MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell changes subject
What Obama didn't tell you: this US airstrike "strategy" will require US forces on the ground to paint targets
Al Sharpton helpfully tells Chris he is comparing the airstrikes in Yemen and Somalia, not the *results* of those airstrikes. BRILLIANT!!
. @chrislhayes is ruining the MSNBC party by pointing out the failures of US policy in Yemen and Somalia. Maddow cuts him off