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jeremy scahill
Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations
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In the watchlist handbook, "law enforcement community" is graphically represented by a fart.…
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<interior N train> "Hi I'm a journalist. May I interview you?" "Ok" "I can't help but notice that you're clipping your nails here. Why?"
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.@lhfang catches the FISA judges stocking up on Verizon stock.… Interesting.
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Wyden Ponders Release of CIA Torture Report Without White House Consent… via @rollcall
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The NSA’s New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police…
What?: Book Lamp Blackwater Hardbound Book by MoonshineLamp on Etsy…
"It does not appear that a particular swagger by itself can be watchlisted."-- @attackerman…
Overheard in our office: "live-tweeted a dead child's funeral"
"guidelines are so secret they can't be challenged in court, but so broadly distributed they aren’t even classified"…
Being played by Ben Kingsley? RT @CharlieRoseShow Tonight, @ashrafghani is on to talk about vote audits, grassroots, and the future of Afgh
Watchlist guidelines @jeremyscahill & @rdevro broke: "incitement" is "engaging in terrorist activity." Awkies for FBI…
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In addition to civ liberties concerns about watchlisting, former FBI agent @AllThingsHLS makes strong point in our piece from LE perspective
In all seriousness though, Pete Williams' report on our story is quite good:…
I'm going to be discussing Pete Williams' latest Friendster post
@jeremyscahill next @NBCNews @msnbc will be referring to him as a "Palestinian blogger"
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That shit is like spelling your name wrong on a test
"NBC’s Pete Williams discusses Glenn Greenwald’s latest blog post"… // Haha. Seriously, @NBCNews what's wrong w/ you?
Q for @USAID: What info do "USAID intelligence analysts" share w/ Terrorist Screening Center?
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"We do not target civilians," @LTCPeterLerner tells Wolf Blitzer on CNN just now, above chyron "SHELLS HIT U.N. SCHOOL IN GAZA"
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Over Government Objections, Rules on No-Fly List Are Made Public
A 36-hour flight ban on Tel Aviv drew more Senate opposition/U.S. media coverage than a 7-year land/air/sea/economic blockade of Gaza.
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Leaked Guidelines for Placement on No-Fly List (published yesterday by @the_intercept) Show System Ripe for Abuse
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What I take exception to is the elastic reasonable suspicion standard for placing people on any government list.
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We had an amazing crew on this story: @rdevro, @joshbegley, @LynnDombek, @johnjcook & an incredible story editor @maassp
For late crew: We obtained & have published the entire US Government rulebook for watchlisting
Big new story from @the_intercept shows blacklist system arbitrary, convoluted, ineffective… via @jeremyscahill
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NCTC tells WaPo White House's "categorical watchlisting" upgrade is "rarely" used. Wouldn't answer when we asked.…
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I'm haunted by the words of #EricGarner on the day he died when he said "It ends today". He meant the harassment instead his life was ended.
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State Department: We condemn execution where prisoner gasped & snorted for more than an hour before dying. Oh, wait. That was us? Nevermind
Our system of state murder is pure barbarity, whether the murder is "botched" or not.
This is beyond horrifying RT @ACLU #JosephWood has been pronounced dead. It took 1 hour and 57 minutes for the state of Arizona to kill him.
We obtained & have published the entire US Government rulebook for watchlisting (re-up)
Blacklist: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist
hahaha. "Glenn Greenwald's Blog..."… // Should we call NBC, "Barack Obama's YouTube channel?"
Even uncorroborated social media posts can be grounds for putting you on a terror watchlist…
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Don't ask. > "It also allows for dead people to be watchlisted." @jeremyscahill:
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Neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” are necessary to designate you a terrorist:
Follow my amazing colleague @rdevro, who worked his ass off on our story for months.
Dead spouses of "terrorists" can be watchlisted AFTER they have already died: //Yes, you read that correctly
A single, senior White House advisor has power to unilaterally upgrade "categories" of people to the watchlist:
We obtained and have published the entire US Government rulebook for watchlisting
EXCLUSIVE: Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist
Where did you go? RT @DarrellIssa These illegal border crossings are incredibly dangerous.
Awful wording w/ nbr of Pal civilians killed.Kerry:"concerned abt consequences of Israel’s appropriate/ legitimate effort to defend itself"
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Gunshots fired at #Al-Jazeera bureau in #Gaza, comes a day after #Israel said it will work to close down the network:
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Three paid #FBIinformants pose as Muslims to spy on Muslim communities in the US |
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Text of the Senate resolution on Gaza supported by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul and 97 other senators:
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