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Jeremy Stoppelman
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Google camera now in Play store, more unbundling of Google apps from the OS as it asserts control via @BenedictEvans
White House event for young/future heirs to fortunes? Ick.
Google's search bias settlement still under fire in EU…
Glad to hear Yelp is helping your biz, @amsterdamdc! Great piece by @USATODAY on the benefit Yelp brings to small biz
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Thank you @mayoredlee. Overall employment in San Francisco is within 200 hires of an all-time high.…
Sex or indecent exposure in SF City library gets you a 30-day ban, good to know…
@jeremys Sorry not following here. It's a home-based business; clients bring their pets to her home. How is she a "bad actor"?
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Yet again @WSJ and @angusloten sided with bad actor. "Pooch Coach" biz owner has some explaining to do @BloombergTV
Yelp is hiring in Business Development! We have two highly influential roles open now:……
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SpaceX to Attempt Daring Reusable Rocket Test During Dragon Launch Today…
Yelp iPhone app reaches #1 in the travel category for Japan according to @appannie…
Naked Android: Google puts the hammer down on Amazon and other Android spinoffs
Hadeed Carpet Cleaning’s sketchiness found on Angie's List as well… bummed @WSJ and @angusloten didn't do homework
I just earned the Japan badge on #Yelp!
Yelp Platform is Growing: Did Someone Say Spa Day?…
Assessing complaints that Yelp sells immunity from negative reviews
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If we want more affordable housing in SF, we have to build more housing. We are causing crisis with with our votes -…
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HBO Go crashed during “Game of Thrones.” People were furious. They said, “My neighbor pays good money for this!” #fallonmono
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1/History will view folks who are against gay rights (marriage) same as those who didn't want women to vote or integrated schools.
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Having (too much) fun playing with @Yelp's incredible new emoji search. Perfect timing for LA weekend!
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.@angusloten/@WSJ give a platform to a biz that prefers weaponizing courts to silence critics over giving 5* service
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The pull to refresh in @Yelp is on point. Elements like that make an app a total joy to use. iOS 7 done right. #FunUI #theLittleThings
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