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Jeremy Piven
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@FriedlanderMarc: @jeremypiven @JackyGrossman huge fan piv. please don't go all Mel Gibson on us” I made a self deprecating joke all love.
@WizardOfHaaS: @jeremypiven ari why the heck weren't you on stage with the crew last night at the mtv awards?” Promoting #mrselfridge
@JimBiancotweets: It's hard to find your own path in life, but even harder to stay on that path. WTFF?” Stay the corse my man...
@JackyGrossman: @jeremypiven Today of all days, tasteless to make a "cheap Jew" joke. Disappointed in you." You are right, my apologies
@Baabaalu: @jeremypiven @masterpiecepbs I wouldn't miss #mrselfridge & plan my Sunday around it!i hope those boys are safe!" Stay tuned!
@CANCYN @jeremypiven @MrSelfridge @Selfridges Another great episode of #MrSelfridge Thanks again Jeremy! Getting better every week!
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@MrSelfridge @Selfridges @jeremypiven ..the Barnum of retail was a real stand up guy.....Salute #mrselfridge
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From Chicago and living in NY I'm Conflicted at the Knicks game...
Living in NY and bring from Chicago# # I'm conflicted at the moment..
@Philly19114: @jeremypiven I've never seen #mrselfridge .Can I jump in middle and not feel lost?” Binge it on Amazon prime or iTunes 1st
@suziecuez: @jeremypiven yaaa you should prob come over.Is Morgan Freeman still on "The Electric Company?" He is now God so it's just us..
You guys watching tonight or do I have to come to your home and show u where PBS is located? Tonight at 9:00 For the low cost of NOTHING...
@Sethbryan: @jeremypiven hey now. I watch your show along with zombies and medieval porn!” Excellent choice my man
@FayeRee_: If you don't watch #mrselfridge you need your head testing! 💕” My Country is distracted by zombies and medieval porn,soon come!
@yodaofdagobud: @jeremypiven just hearing about #mrselfridge. Anywhere I can watch the first season to catch up?” Amazon prime and iTunes
@Heather8522: @jeremypiven How did I not know about this amazing show until now? #mrselfridge" All word of mouth #bestshowurnotwatching
@BriHollon: @jeremypiven I'm ready for my Sunday night date with Harry #mrselfridge” Our date is confirmed,Tonight at 9:00 on PBS...
its 8 a.m. On the East Coast and I'm already looking forward to tonight's Mr Selfridge @MrSelfridge @jeremypiven #lovethisshow #mrselfridge
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@dorothy_warren: @jeremypiven was it because she asked or that the handle was 'BigboobsChrissy' I'm such a dummy, didn't see the boobs