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Just remember, I cared when no one else did.
Lil Fizz getting his fans back lmao
When you Fall, but you fresh as hell so you try to play it off 😂
When you Fall, but you fresh so you try to play it off.
This girl told me the only reason I can sing is because I'm black.....Wtf does that mean?
This is when you know you're bored as hell lol
This is when you know you're bored as hell lol!!!!
This is EXACTLY why I don't trust Girls who are ALWAYS going to Parties!
"If 9 of your friends are'll be the 10th one...." - @IAmSteveHarvey One of the realest things I ever heard!
This is How you respond to those lame Scammers talking bout "I'll flip your $500 to $5000" lmaoooo
I swear I give everyone else the best advice ever....But when I have my own problems I have no clue what to do.
Damn...this girl was just in labor with Twins and both babies died while in labor....thats crazy...smh
If you've never seen this movie.....Something is wrong with you!
The first fight was much better though! #MayweatherMaidana2
Round 12 and Mayweather is Starring in "You Got Served" right now. Amazing Dance moves! #MayweatherMaidana2
11 rounds in and Mayweather is clearly in control. His counter punches are stinging Maidana! Maidana better bring it #MayweatherMaidana2
Maidana knows he's losing so now he's doing whatever he can to win! Biting, pushing, punching like crazy! #MayweatherMaidana2
9 rounds in, and this fight is clearly getting frustrating to both Mayweather and Maidana. Its getting chippy!!! #MayweatherMaidana2
Floyd, that was a GREAT way to catch your breath lol
Maidana Allegedly took a page out of Mike Tyson's book and Bit Mayweather!!!! This ia crazy!!!! #MayweatherMaidana2
Round 8, and Mayweather seems to be in Control. Maidana has to step it up NOW! #MayweatherMaidana2
The only way to Beat mayweather is with a Knockout. Mayweather will win by decision everytime because of his accuracy and defense.
Round 6 and Mayweather is Making Michael Jackson proud with this moonwalk lol
Maidana won round 4, Mayweather clearly won round 5.....this is getting intense!
Maidana starting to turn it up!
Floyd's footwork is CRAZYYYYYY!
Mayweather doesn't look as confident as he usually does. #MayweatherMaidana2
If Floyd Mayweather loses, no one going to church tomorrow lol
What Floyd? No Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber this time??? #MayweatherMaidana2
Okay doing way too much! STOP!
Black people always stretch the national anthem with runs lol #MayweatherMaidana2
Nigga just did a Collab with the flute lmao. #MayweatherMaidana2
This ain't American Idol dude!!!!! #MayweatherMaidana2
Bruh, how many National anthems they gonna do? Was the Flute Necessary? Start the fight!!!! #MayweatherMaidana2
Let's go!!! It's fight time!
8 Mile is such a Dope Movie....All this time and it still never gets old.
Why are Passport, license and ID pictures always so ugly????
J.Cole is mad underrated! Dude is Dope!
I either care too much or I don't care at all.