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Me Singing "KISSING ON MY TATTOOS" by @AugustAlsina (WITH MY OWN TWIST)........What do you think????
All these Nudes that are Getting exposed were taken from an iPhone. Get an Android, Keep your nudes safe. Lmao
If I have to beg for your's not even worth it!
If you have to force it...It's not meant to be.
😭😭�@JeremyNicollslls: We all know who's Leaking all these”
Retweeted by OCTOBER 8TH!
This Nigga got on a Lace Front Beard.... 😂
We all know who's Leaking all these Nudes......
Rihanna's Nudes don't count....When does she ever have clothes on? Lol
Imagine if Beyoncé nudes Leaked.... the internet would shut down lol
People were in church Praising God, then as soon as they walked out, Meagan Good nudes dropped.... Time to go back to church lol
I'm not too sure what "My Type" is.....But I know whats "Not My Type!"
Everyone else in a Relationship and I'm just layin here like......
This Nigga recording the fight with a Laptop....I'm done... LMAO!
People hating on Gabrielle Union's Body........When you hit over 40 and you look that good, Holla at me.
Just saw Gabrielle Union Naked.....My life is complete.
OCTOBER > Every other Month
I LOVE COOKING! - Mozzarella Bow ties with Papaya Sauce marinated Shrimp, Spinach and Mushrooms!
One of my Favorite Creations.....I LOVE COOKING!!!! - Mozzarella Bow ties with Papaya Sauce marinated Shrimp, Spinach and Mushrooms!
People act like being Faithful is so Difficult.
I hate when people waste my time!
God always hit me with the "She might be the one.... SIKE nigga! Try again!" lol
Everytime I think I found the right one, God is like "Nah, Try Again"
Yall females doing WAYYYYY too much nowadays.....See all this fake booty walking around... yall can keep that. I don't care what anyone says, that is DISGUSTING.
Yall Females doing way too much nowadays. All this Fake booty walking around. Smh.
What we put our time into is what we love the most. So if someone constantly tells you the reason they didn't hit you up is because they've been busy....Move On.
No one is ever "TOO BUSY" ....If they want to, they'll make time for you! I work 4 jobs and go to school and I can still make time.
Never had a Ex who didn't want me back!
People are so fake....They'll talk to you, and get as much as they can out of you, and when they're done using you they leave.
LOL Momma Dee asking a Nicki Minaj fan page to do a song with her lmaoooo
God removed so many people from my life lately.....I guess that means I didn't need them.
People are too temporary these days.
August Alsina - "Nobody Knows" (Jeremy Nicolls Cover): via @YouTube
Just remember, I cared when no one else did.
Lil Fizz getting his fans back lmao
When you Fall, but you fresh as hell so you try to play it off 😂
When you Fall, but you fresh so you try to play it off.
This girl told me the only reason I can sing is because I'm black.....Wtf does that mean?
This is when you know you're bored as hell lol
This is when you know you're bored as hell lol!!!!
This is EXACTLY why I don't trust Girls who are ALWAYS going to Parties!
"If 9 of your friends are'll be the 10th one...." - @IAmSteveHarvey One of the realest things I ever heard!
This is How you respond to those lame Scammers talking bout "I'll flip your $500 to $5000" lmaoooo
I swear I give everyone else the best advice ever....But when I have my own problems I have no clue what to do.
Damn...this girl was just in labor with Twins and both babies died while in labor....thats crazy...smh