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Jeremy Nicolls
I like to sing sometimes....🎤�kT
Free Tuition? Say no more. Make this man President #Bernie2016
Why do people brag about how much weed they smoke?..... Is that supposed to be an accomplishment? 😕
Life is about learning to appreciate the people around you, and finding a way to succeed despite people doubting you.
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This has been the craziest few weeks of my life. 😔
If you're reading this right now....Can you say a prayer for me and my family today please? We are really going through it 😔
Singing "I don't wanna Know" by Mario Winans
NEVER trust a man who owns a Selfie Stick.
This is when watching TV was fun! 90s to early 2000s had the best shows!
The first person to tweet "Drake and Serena is Relationship goals" is getting unfollowed immediately.
Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from certain people. They might be the reason you're not where you need to be.
All people do is Talk, Talk, Talk. No action! 😠
Just being honest...☺
Me Singing "Wait for You" by Elliott Yamin #repost
T.I. looking like he's thinking "This is an unequivocally Substantial moment of film with my Comrades, Partner" 😂h
God, I'm trying 😔
At some point you have to learn to say "Enough is Enough" and stop chasing that person. You need to move on. 💯
Okay. I'm officially done with the internet 😂D
I don't discriminate...I hate everyone equally. ☺
Happy Birthday to my dad!!! The best father ever! 😊😎
I hate that I feel like I can't trust people anymore. 😩
These are life!!! 😍H
You know they miss you when they hit you with the "Hey Stranger" or "What's up Punk" 😂😂😂
Bruh... I'm crying!!! 😂😂tJV
This is too funny 😂9
I wish I could get back all the time and money I wasted on people who didn't deserve it 😩
I can't believe its been a full year since Robin Williams passed away. Time is really flying! R.I.P! 🙏7
So Safaree's new girl cheating on him??? 😂 Damn, Cold worldD
Since I'm Single, I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight knowing that no one is cheating on me right now. 😊
This is too funny 😂
I'm crying 😂😂�5hWO
I'm always up late over thinking everything 😩
I miss 90s R&B! 💯
Never forget 😂😂6dq
I'm already tired of these "Straight Outta ......" Memes. Y'all really know how to kill something fast 😑😩
RT when you see it 😂😂YcL
This dude is playing Tupac in the new movie! He looks just like him!
Sometimes you just need a reminder.
Steak & Shrimp fries, Cilantro and shredded cheese 😍
Steak & Shrimp Fries... 😍9
2015 has been a rough year so far.

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