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Jeremy Cowart
I just downloaded @jeremycowart's "Photographer's Toolkit" for FREE at You should too!
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One of the strangest things about adoption is the way it seems like I've always known she's always been our daughter...
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Visiting my childhood home for the last time today before it sells. Going to shoot portraits of each family member in our empty bedrooms.
Digital media etiquette: If you're going to ask someone to do an interview for your site, dont also ask them to do all the marketing for it.
You can run over Kanye's head and get a turbo boost
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Joy is an attitude. A disposition of the heart. It’s about being open to and seeing goodness. #LoveWell
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In case you missed it, I blogged one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. It was shot 3 days ago w/ @fleuriemusic.
Another image from the @fleuriemusic shoot. Check them all out on my blog at
Great time in Seattle last night with the Chase Jarvis and the @creativelive team. #iPhone6Seattle
Having one of those no-sleep-but-ton-of-ideas kinds of nights. It’s been a while.
Move over, Adele. @kariseeden is here and she is OMG ridiculous. Best performance in a singing competition ever.
Super fun night with @chasejarvis @NickLaparra @benjhaisch @solsticeretouch @CreativeLive. Love being around inspiring people.
- @jeremycowart made me tear up during his @CreativeLive presentation. It's important to film/shoot the people you love every chance you get
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You all should look at @jeremycowart's shots of my friend Lauren. Beautiful portraits of a beautiful person.…
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A look at my marriage: RT @GottmanInst: Meet Jeremy Cowart the Most Influential Photographer on the Web…
iPhone 6 Plus. Awesome for viewing, reading, shooting. Love it. But very hard to manage with one hand. Hmm. Will drop a lot due to size.
The freedom and breaking of rules. :) RT @BradshawLaw: @jeremycowart What made this particular shoot so magical for you? #Fleurie
So 2 days ago, I did one of my favorite photoshoots of all-time, creatively speaking. Check out the results at
So 2 days ago, I did one of my favorite photoshoots of all-time, creatively speaking. Here are the results:
Slightly excited to open my iPhone 6 Plus. #iPhone6Seattle
I always have to decompress after speaking. An hour ago, I was live on @CreativeLive and now I'm in my hotel room bed. Quiet after chaos.
My LifeFinder DVD was originally $250. But today it's only $49 as a part of the @CreativeLive #PhotoWeekLive!…
In other news, I just received my iPhone 6 Plus. I was worried about the large size. No regrets! It’s perfect!!
Thanks to all who tuned in to @CreativeLive! Really appreciate it. That was quite the emotional journey haha.
I’ll be live on @CreativeLive at 9am pacific talking about the power of photography and sharing some heavy stories. Whew. Wish me luck.
I love it when someone texts you "Hey call me. It's urgent." Then you call and they don't answer. That just happened.
@jeremycowart I'm thinking about opening up every program I have, just because. I feel like I almost have too much battery left.
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My 15-inch Macbook Pro is at 3% battery on this flight. @JonAcuff's macbook Air is at 32%. He wins. I shall awkwardly mourn in silence.
Watching @JonAcuff write a blog in the seat next to me on this plane. Words just flow out of him. That does NOT happen for me.
Forget the other features, THIS is the iPhone review I was waiting for. (Thanks @jeremycowart):… @austinmann
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Wanna see the best look at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus photos? My friend @austinmann took them both to Iceland!!
I just got called "old" for texting as my form of communication w/ @JonAcuff. Was the better option to snapchat selfies with him?
Spending time making the best work you can > spending time worrying about likes & followers
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I’ve been texting with @JonAcuff all morning, trying to find a good time to connect. It turns out we’re both on the same flight to Seattle.
My inner fashion photographer came alive yesterday. Might be my favorite shoot ever. Hoping to show you soon…
Tomorrow, I'll be live on @CreativeLive telling stories and talking about why photography matters. Tune in!
@jeremycowart You helped push me to do this with my family by your beautiful post about your brother. God bless you.
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Do any of you other photographers overeat after a long day of shooting as a reward to yourself? Okay good. It's not just me.
@History_Pics: Last surviving gold-plated Leica ‘Luxus II’ 1932. Sold for $620,000 / @jeremycowart Check it out!
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And more importantly, thanks @TShawsTruth for the super inspiring article:…
Super fun to see my first shot for Sports Illlustrated posted!…
Having way too much freaking fun today. This is the most experimental shooting I've done to date.
Filming another class all day. Teaching every experimental trick I know how to do. Releasing online soon.
So @johnlegend is right across the hall from my studio, rehearsing for @CMT. Hey CMT, don't you guys need some publicity photos? :)
Just taught 2 hours of lighting. Almost fell asleep. I really don't like talking about lighting for long amounts of time.
Shooting @emiliapare today for a lighting class that I'm releasing soon… we have all the lights out.
@jeremycowart speaking of @HelpPortrait, just watched our video from last year and can't stop smiling #cantwait
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