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Jeremy Cowart
It is! RT @Tennessean: Dave Grohl says, "Everybody now thinks that #Nashville is the coolest city in America."
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Genius - “Uncropped album covers reveal the bigger picture”:…
Offended cause no one has complimented my “tired, out-of-shape Dad who hasn’t shaved” costume.
Emojis Take Manhattan. All done in camera using the #pixelstick
I was starstruck last night, meeting another photographer. I had dinner with Gregory Crewdson. That man is a genius.
Thanks to @mattlaverefoto for shooting this Polaroid of me today. He's taking Polaroids of all kinds of amazing photographers out there. Very cool series, check it out.
Thank you @jeremycowart for standing in for a Polaroid portrait this afternoon at the PDN photo Plus…
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Its cool to break the rules, just know them first! @jeremycowart on Creative Warriors #Podcast
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Best part of conventions, spending time w/good friends - even for fast lunches on the javits ctr floor @jeremycowart
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Cool to see my work hanging in the Epson booth at #ppe2014...
My friends @Mike_Vogel @itsryansmith and @sleepingatlast are working on a great project and they need your support!
Note to self, when you borrow someone else's camera, make sure it's set to RAW instead of small jpg!! :(
Just finished shooting a little personal project on the streets of NYC. Huge thanks to @bmoorevisuals and @petecphoto for all the help!
"Dysturbing" street artists are pasting harrowing images from around the world in NYC
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I just got to chat with @ronhaviv for a bit at #PPE2014. He’s a legend. #mustfollow
Someone needs to make an @instagram video game where you shoot everything for points aka “likes”. Oh wait, that’s just reality.
I just walked into @BHPhotoVideo if anyone needs anything.
Off to NYC for #PPE2014!
Must read. > RT @JonAcuff: Your identity is not up for grabs, your art is. Never confuse the two.…
“Your kids are your rainbow. But your grandchildren will be your pot of gold.” - my incredible cab driver, Miles, this morning.
Can’t quit thinking about my new studio. Beyond excited to finally have my own space.
And by “Apple Boxes”, I’m not referring to computer boxes. I’m talking about wooden boxes used in photo studios. :)
Is anyone out there looking to sell some old, beautp apple boxes? I’m looking to buy some…
There are 2 VERY famous people sitting in my studio right now that I don't get to photograph. It's creative torture, basically.
Bob Ross would have been HUGE on Instagram with all those mountains and trees. People love them some mountains.
I miss you, Stockholm #CowartArchives
The most subtle of selfies. See me?
That Chuck from @Shirock is so handsome.
What questions would you like me to address or answer in video format? (I'm about to film the answers). Submit here:…
Crazy excited and honored to join @DaveRamsey and the @EntreLeadership next May in San Diego:
Two more for the night: @BrandenHarvey and @benjhaisch. Incredible dudes, incredible work.
Another one is @RaviVora. Follow him on IG. Incredible stuff.
Selling some film cameras to fund some other adventures.
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Also @jeremysnell. Really, really love his work.
@matt_lehman @jeremycowart yeah. Thanks Jerm. I've been using the XPro filter lately and it's really taking my stuff to the next level.
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My friend @caleglendening is one of those friends where even though we rarely see each other, I love him like a brother and always will. This guy is wicked talented too. Follow him and check out his work!
So many new, young, great photographers out there that are inspiring me lately. Love it.
“The dog just pooped in the floor!! But at least it’s in the shape of lightning.” My son just now
Loved working with these rockstars and their entrepreneurial spirits... @abigailspencer @joylenz @jccoccoli.
Get the shirt - Join the Fight with @HAFProject on Orphan Sunday!
What's that? Oh just my new photo studio coming to life! Last week, they pulled up the carpet to reveal the concrete floors. The windows were also boarded up so I'm just now seeing the natural light for the first time. Agh! Can't wait!
Photoshops "content aware" tool strikes again. Impressive.