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Jeremy Cowart
Less & less do people fit into one neat career box. I don't. Here are 3 thoughts to help you out -->…
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I don’t get the whole #latergram thing. We don’t say #latertweet when we tweet about things that happened previously.
This is my "I'm listening to Michael Jackson" face.
High school reunion update: drunk class president has awkwardly and sexually been dancing with a chair for 3 straight songs.
I’m at my wife’s high school reunion which basically translates to me standing around, smiling and nodding a lot.
Asked my son what he thought about a girl being in love with him last night. He said "Eh. I'm not ready for that stuff yet." #smartkid
Just told my son “Dude, your feet stink.” He said “Well, at least my hands smell like apple cider.”
Incredible Photograph Taken Underneath a Breaking Wave off the Coast of Hawaii
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Listening to the smooth sounds of @katedmonson right now. It's making all things right.
Love this from my pastor: Don’t be discouraged when you suffer setbacks. You're being prepared for something.
Setting a personal record of images shot in a day = a record amount of hours you spend processing and editing those images. #sigh
The rumors are true... G-Tech has announced the G-SPEED Studio XL with up to 64TB of storage and 1350MB/s!
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“I can’t wait to die because I’ll get to meet God and I won’t have to do my hair anymore.” - my 6-y/o daughter
I shot all day yesterday with the @PhaseOneWW IQ280. OMG. That thing is pure beast mode. 80 megapixels of insanity.…
"Share each other's work. Share each other's accomplishments. Forget about competition. Celebrate community."—@jeremycowart
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14-hour shoot day. Started at 7am. It's a wrap!
What’s the most photos you’ve taken in a day? I’ve hot my record. Approaching 2,500 and still going today.
Big celebrity shoot today. Can’t wait to share soon! RT @tmsruge: @jeremycowart Dang! What are you shooting?
Slightly complicated lighting today
Slightly complex lighting today:
I bet being Bill Murray is so fun. Read this crazy story of a brand new director casting him for a movie:…
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Sent my tripod back to @manfrotto_tweet 3 months ago. Haven't seen it since nor have I heard from them. Awful customer service.
Here's what the rest of today looks like... Filling a huge room with a crap-ton of lighting equipment.
Big shoot tomorrow. Lots of pre-lighting to do today:
Had a dream last night that I sat behind Kevin Durant as Bono sang to us then launched his new free album to the world. Oh wait, was that real?
I got to meet Apple's woman-in-charge and Senior Vice President @AngelaAhrendts today. Was very impressed at how she treated others.
The man behind the design for the new Apple Watch says the device went through "millions" of versions.
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Thinking about submitting some ideas to @Quirky. I don't have the time to pursue them myself. But would love to see some idea-babies born.
In the end, they're just humans too but to see them all congregated like that for such a big cultural moment was something I won't forget.
One of my more memorable moments today was watching the celebrities be in awe of Apple. And Chris Martin rocking out to U2. #surreal
Watch will change an entire industry that has been fundamentally the same for generations. Interested to see the big watch brands respond.
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I recently shot the stills for @Oprah and @OWN’s new show #IfLovingYouIsWrong that premieres tonight. Oprah even showed up on my set!!
It’s not the camera, man. It’s the cameraman.
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What does everyone think of the new U2 album? Haven't been able to hear it yet.
The Art of Surprise.. "My new album drops next week."-Jay-Z "My new album drops tomorrow." -Beyonce "Our album drops now, for free." -U2
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Already headed back to the airport. So surreal. That all felt like a dream.
So @austinmann I both took portraits of each other in front of the apple stage. Not sure where the Apple Watch will go but seems like a historic day for them. I wanted to really capture today so I can have stories and images to show my kids. Hopefully they'll appreciate Dad being at this event one d
And a massive thanks to my friend @austinmann. He’s the reason I’m here. And it’s his birthday!! Wish him a happy birthday!
Can’t believe my tweet was on Thanks to all you who sent me screenshots. I saved them all.
Hands-on demos… RT @devinbalram: @jeremycowart what was in the white building??”
I was expecting to see a ton of geeks today but pretty sure I was the biggest one haha.
If there’s ever a day to take a selfie, it’s with Jony Ive on the launch day of the Apple Watch.
If there’s ever a day to take a selfie, it’s with Jony Ive on the launch day of the Apple Watch.
Insane. Blown away.