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Jeremiah✳️Phase V
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Best album of the year goes to #NickJonas for sure!
Get to see @JessieJ tmrw! Couldn't have come at a more perfect time!
95 years! I'll make sure to live as rich and historical life like you. I promise to live a life of purpose and virtue like you did 💙💙💙
It's so hard being strong when you have no one to hold you up
Jammin to the #1D album! They've come such a long way!
Gahhh! 😢😢😢Just got news my great grandma passed away! She lived a long life! Rest in Paradise
I think I'm gonna gain 10 pounds next over thanksgiving food. And that's okay! #yummmm
Who's ready for our #YOUNOW tonight at 7? Be there!
New video! Check it OUT! #ASKJER! Make sure to like, comment, favorite, retweet and SUBSCRIBE! :) 😊😊😊
Let's turn up this DECEMBER #LA! #WinterLights2
All I want is hot chocolate and a bae right now lol
Check it OUT! A new #ASKJER! Make sure to like, comment, favorite, retweet and SUBSCRIBE! :) 😊😊😊
How's everyone's manic Monday?
If you haven't got the new single of @PhaseVMusic yet, go get it now on @iTunes It's da bomb! #NGGYUoniTunes
@ItsJeremiahNeil You are so adorable!😍& sexy too🙈I also love how u dye your hair different colors its cool😁oh & I love Lucy hale's Music!
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Check it OUT! A new #ASKJER! Make sure to like, comment, favorite, retweet and SUBSCRIBE! :)
Finally going to post these pictures! @ItsJeremiahNeil I loved meeting you. You are so sweet!
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I really need to give up soda... :/
Almost 8 Months Of Being A #Viber!!!😭 My First Retweet I Got From@ItsJeremiahNeill OMFG!!😍😭 So Glad I Met U
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Baby come over here, I just gotta tell you something something
Just spent 30 minutes songwriting 😊 I love being able to express my feelings through lyrics! 🎶🎶
The sun is out and I'm feeling okayyyy! I hope you have a really good day! ☺️
First @TechtonicPop event in a while! Gotta get my interview on Yall!
Headed to @EventFusionLive in a few! Can't wait to meet all of you beautiful people 😁
What's everyone up to tonight?
Flashback Friday because these guys killed it😍❤️✔️
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All around the world, people want to be loved☺️
Just finished filming! Thanks for all the questions TWEEPS! #AskJer
Negative comments or people are getting ignored and cut off! Don't have time for the hate ✌️😁
About to film #Askjer! Send me some last minute questions!