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Jennifer Stacks
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I just want a best friend I can fuck.
I always get what I don't deserve.
I'm the happiest when I'm wrapped in your arms.
Dream felt so real that it fucked with my mind.
I'm about to get right on you hoes, no more pouting and hoping for better. Ima do the change without any help.
snapchat: jenstacks
I've lost a lot of friends, crazy thing is they ain't even dead.
I want to be the person people look up too not down on.
I just wanna know when I get out of work I'm coming home to someone that loves me just as much as I love him
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A toast for a new beginning 🍷
I'm tired physically and mentally.
yo @JenStacks_ we just kicked it up a notch!! remember that i song i released called "JEN STACKS" (Bounce)?? Updated
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Back on this shit, so put your name downlow and I'll add some of y'all.
"@JenStacks_: Jen Stacks bitch! Remember the name." Dat ass is like a stack of pancakes! Oww!
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can't wait till I start decorating!
first night in my new house πŸ‘πŸ’•
I don't get this whole drake and niggas girl thing, what am I missing?
ahhh I need to stop going out in public looking like shit lol
I hate texting people who don't make conversation.
#2 I do shit when I feel like it!
y'all be so caught up in relationships. I'm worried about being caught up in success.
I hate cigarets. I can't date/mess/marry someone who smokes them. #Sorry
☺️ Bored shit
but I ain't the type to tell you that "I miss you" shit 😝
I wish I had some more 😩
and that's why I hate niggas and will never take them serious ✌️
I saw my ex best friend today, and she got really fat. Back in the day I was trying to motivate her to get in shape. Look who's laughing now
Will always be one of my faves #Tb to Texas 😁
Life is unfair, suck it up & deal with it.
I am ready on committing to be a better me.
it's the only reason why I need a boyfriend you know? lmaooo
Ahhh! Dudes are such a waste of time!
lmao can y'all hear me tho???
I've never had mangu and I would really like to try some.
I don't even have a "you" anymore I just miss you lol whoever you are
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