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Jen Stacks
Back on that #fitness. 💪🏽
I just want to see you shine baby.. 🌟
I want to finish school already and graduate so I can focus on exploring this world.
Happy birthday to a good friend who always held it down @deekid
my future is on my mind so heavy... 20 years old and I feel like I'm not where I'm supposed to be.
I dead ass don't want to be studying
My background is everything 😁❤️@innerrGG4
hispanic moms got a rounding problem cause my mom always telling me it's 11pm when it's barely 10:15pm smh
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I haven't even realized how busy I actually am.
Why does this have me laughing so hard tho 😂�KE
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Old "friends" and I stopped talking because I found myself being the only one that was an actual friend.
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I dead don't be sleeping enough
my mum never raised no fool, a pyscho crazy bitch.. but not a fool
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mentally and physically drained
Me, myself & I. That's all I got in the end.
#LeaveThatPerson if they can't even come see you when you're upset.
"@JenStacks_: Jen Stacks 🌸 Part 2: empowered by: entertainment world Hd#aviiI" gorgeous
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it's always the same niggas in student center, it's like they come to school just to be at the student center lol smh
I miss those snowed in days/nights
where are some girl friends when you need it
sometimes I wanna just Netflix and chill by myself.
sometimes it's better to keep shit to yourself
life is stressful for everyone.
I'm over here starving
who are some good artist to actually listen too?
I've been sleeping all day & I'm still sleepy! #oneofthosedays
lol but I'm not a pussy so confronting things is the best thing to do.
you ever get in trouble and don't want to confront it.... like shit can I hide forever? lol
ain't this some shit lol
my step mom cooks so good.
smh I sleep late on nights I know I have to be up early, it's like my body fucks with me & tells me you won't be waking up early bihhh
How is it that school just started and I already feel like I'm a month behind?!?
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I don't want to be a negative Nacy anymore
"It's not happening here. But it is happening now"
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But then y'all see me in person and be like "omg I've seen your recent work I love it" like oooo kayy!
rise n shine mother fuckers! 😊
if chief keef became famous then anything is possible lol
"why you always lying" by far my favorite vine! 😂
stomach aches 😖
Hate me baby all you want 😛😛�Gf72
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i can't believe i made this masterpiece
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